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Hello, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC some of you may have seen us before if so thank you for checking out our site we currently have 2 games in development now and are also working on building 2 more teams. We also want to expand to adding an ALL female team as well. These are exciting times if you have been looking for an indie studio that is stable and funded and has a well laid out structure our studio is right for you. Join today apply on our jobs page today. www.masondoggstudios.com

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Programmers located USA.

Posted by Masondogg Studios, LLC on

Masondoggstudios, LLC is looking for highly motivated programmers self taught or academically trained and the willingness to learn and push for greatness. We understand how difficult it is to move up or get started in game development. Which is why this studio was founded in 2016 to help with the stagnant game market of new fresh innovative developers.

We currently have published two games Otto The Odd Ostrich which is on steam and also Battle of the Broadsword on Itch.io feel free to look them up. This is a registered business not some teenage garage startup we are professional and structured.

We have tons of IP's and are making new game designs everyday. However we are short on programmers. So that's why we need you today!

If you are interested then apply at www.masondoggstudios.com..

We are a down to earth and friendly studio with over 30+ developers in house. We are also working on a new division as well code named (MAO) and using Fiverr to help our develops grow even more soon. We play hard and work harder so be prepared to be pushed beyond your comfort zones.

We are a small indie studio that is focused on getting further off the ground, since we have accomplished which most dream of getting a game on steam and selling.

If you are not excited about being part of something new and innovative and want something already established and hugely accomplished then I suggest you wait for being hired at a AAA studio good luck.

But if you like the idea of having your ideas heard and being liquid and willing to try new things then this is your studio. Apply now go to www.masondoggstudios.com.. Please complete the form and you will be contacted as soon as possible and in the order of which your resume was received. Thank you

CEO Mitchell E. Faulkner II

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