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Hello, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC some of you may have seen us before if so thank you for checking out our site we currently have 2 games in development now and are also working on building 2 more teams. We also want to expand to adding an ALL female team as well. These are exciting times if you have been looking for an indie studio that is stable and funded and has a well laid out structure our studio is right for you. Join today apply on our jobs page today. www.masondoggstudios.com

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Programmers located "USA" Only Please.

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Hello, We are a indie team of 30+ developers who are on an amazing journey of learning and pushing ourselves to the limits. We have been in development on a number of games two of which are nearly completed. Our first game to be released on Steam "Otto the Odd Ostrich" will be releasing very soon we are still doing testing and adding final polish. Our second game "Battle of the Broadsword" will be releasing on itch.io.
We are very excited and humbled to have the support of everyone and to continue to strive to make fun and interesting games.

We are currently looking for all types of developers with varying knowledge, skills and abilities. We ask that only serious and self motivated individuals apply. We are very busy and serious and passionate about what we do!

If you think you are interested please visit our website www.masondoggstudios.com..

We are a family and work together and learn together and motivate each other. We focus on communication and a positive laser focused attitude to get things done.

We are currently a Revenue Sharing company for now but with our games about to release around the corner its possible that could change very quickly.

If you are interested please apply and we will contact you.

We are looking for ALL positions, Programmers, Audio/SFX, 2D/3D Modelers, Writers, Vocal Artists, 2D/3D Animators, Riggers, Concept Artists, Pixel Artist, 2D Artists, Game Designers, Narrative Designers, Creative Directors etc.. If you think you have what it takes then apply today!

If you want to build your portfolio and be pushed to the edge we are the studio for you.

Masondogg Studios founded in Atlanta, Ga Jan 2016.

To Apply

Go to www.masondoggstudios.com Click on Careers Tab then hit the Apply Now button. Thank you

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