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Major Games is a small indie game studio founded by a number of graduates of the masters of game design program at Full Sail University with the desire to be free with the games we create. It’s employees wanted to be able to create their own experiences to share with the world rather than work at a large company and work on somebody else’s products. Creative freedom is greatly valued, and every single person who works on a title with Major Games has the ability to make decisions on how the game will turn out. Our first project, BiT Evolution, acts as a way for all of the members of the team to look back at the history of video games, and to learn how many of the games that inspired us were put together. With this basis, we will then be able to use everything learned while creating the game to help us create even better games moving forward. In a way the “Evolution” that is used in the BiT is an analogy for how we want to develop our own skills over the years and grow over time.

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