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Hi there!

I'm Lorenzo Bellincampi, a game designer, digital artist, composer, busker, potato eater, etc. from Rome, Italy.

I started working as an independent game developer before finishing my master's degree in Computer Science, Sapienza Università di Roma. My academic career is focused on artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and natural language processing.
My work experience blends that love for automation with my personal creativity resulting in a heavy game design and development knowledge plus some teaching and digital artist experiences.


My first creations as a developer were audiogames, videogames specifically designed to be played by blind people.
Designing interfaces that have to work without the aid of eyesight was a pleaseant challenge.


My videogame development experiments led me to start working as a game designer and developer at the Linguistic Computing Laboratory, which is part of the Computer Science department of the Sapienza University. The whole year I spent there I worked on gamification tasks, designing and developing games-with-a-purpose meant to gather linguistic informations to be used in natural language processing research.


Working at the Computer Science department I met a whole lot of cool people. One of them was already a great friend o mine, Tiziano Flati, who loved teaching as I did. We decided to start a project together, his brother Alessando joined us and we founded reSeed: a school in which we teach the things we love and use daily, like game design, game development, digital art, etc.


Right now I'm splitting between teaching in reSeed, developing my colorful universe Wacky Spores and it's games, some secret audiogames and some more secret projects.

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Wacky Spores: The Chase

Wacky Spores: The Chase


Wacky Spores: The Chase is a colorful RPG runner which combines the strategy of turn-based battles with the taste of directly aiming your shots in an...

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