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Jonaz.dk Interactive is currently developing Star PiRats.

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Star PiRats

Star PiRats

Real Time Shooter

Yaaar! Somewhere in the lobster nebula. Bathed in the warmth of a thousand stars. Galaxies spread out in shapes of twisted creatures from the sea of old...

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Latest tweets from @starpirats

YAAAARRR!! Ye ol' ratskull rattles in hes bones ☠️⚔️

Mar 23 2020

Support our friends on Kickstarter! Kickstarter.com Fb.me

Nov 25 2013

<3 The Pirate Shanty Fb.me

Sep 24 2013

<3 The Pirate Shanty from Worldwide Adventurers Youtube.com Fb.me

Sep 23 2013

Persistent world you will soon kiss my arse!! ;) Youtube.com Fb.me

Sep 18 2013

WUSH!! Funding application sent! Especially the last month has been INSANELY intense working towards to goal of... Fb.me

Sep 17 2013

Also in the news! The team have expanded it's force of awesome people working in their spare time to realize this... Fb.me

Aug 20 2013

Today I'm writing a song.. it will be awesome. :D "Epic Tail of the Pirats" -jonas

Aug 19 2013

Vlad is busy making super important database stuff. Peter is of to China for some vacation and Jonas made a nuke... Fb.me

Jul 14 2013

So a lot of stuff happening while others are enjoying the sun. We are currently building a lot of game systems.... Fb.me

Jul 9 2013