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Heathen Engineering is an independent group of engineers, artists and writers focused and dedicated to the creation of fun, unique, quality indie games for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Spawned from the group’s initial title (working title) Project Fury the team aims for an open and collaborative development process of games and tools from gamers for gamers. Heathen supports and leverages indie and open source tools including Unity 3D, GarageGames various engines, GIMP, Blender and more. Its projects include tools, mods and full standalone titles made available through common hubs or as contributions to the root technologies communities. With a presence available on Steam, Nexus, Google+, Facebook and of course the IndieDB collection of sites; finding, contributing, promoting or trolling  Heathen work is just a click away.

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Heathen Engineering’s Occluded Render Essentials shader asset goes live today on the Unity Assets store. The asset package includes 40+ shaders in 3 different styles including Rim which renders a Rim Light effect on the occluded parts of your objects and support Bump, Specular and Parallax variations.

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Heathen Engineering's Occluded Render Essentials shader asset goes live today on the Unity Assets store (see links below). The asset package includes 40+ shaders in 3 different styles including Rim, Basic, Pattern and Wireframe.

Heathen's Occluded Render is indie friendly and you can expect the list of styles and supported variations to expand with future updates.

As of version 1.1 the following styles are supported:

· Basic
The simplest possible method; this simply renders a color of your choosing on the occluded parts of your mesh.

· Rim
This effect renders a rim lighting effect with configurable color and weight over the occluded parts of your object.

· Pattern
This effect renders the alpha channel of a texture you define in a color you define over the occluded area and gives a highly flexible effect.

· Wireframe
A DirectX only option; this uses a geometry shader to render your meshes wireframe on occlusion with configurable edge color and weight and of course configurable face color.

Like all Heathen Engineering resources you can expect a great focus on continuing development and customer support through our Support Portal at Support.heathenengineering.com. Heathen is also taking requests for additional styles and variations so post on our boards, in the support portal or over on Unity Community and let us know what you would like to see.

Heathen Engineering has published a video of the asset in action, Heathen's Occluded Render Essentials asset goes on sale today for $15.00 on Unity's Asset store.

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