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Heathen Engineering is an independent group of engineers, artists and writers focused and dedicated to the creation of fun, unique, quality indie games for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. Spawned from the group’s initial title (working title) Project Fury the team aims for an open and collaborative development process of games and tools from gamers for gamers. Heathen supports and leverages indie and open source tools including Unity 3D, GarageGames various engines, GIMP, Blender and more. Its projects include tools, mods and full standalone titles made available through common hubs or as contributions to the root technologies communities. With a presence available on Steam, Nexus, Google+, Facebook and of course the IndieDB collection of sites; finding, contributing, promoting or trolling  Heathen work is just a click away.

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Heathen Engineering's On Screen Keyboards a tool for quickly and easily creating flexible configurable keyboards/keypads in Unity is on sale for 50% off the regular price through the 20th.

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On Screen Keyboard Sale

Heathen Engineering's On Screen Keyboard Unity asset is on sale for 50% off for the 20th of June. Heathen's On Screen Keyboard provides a means for developers to generate keyboards and keypads in any format they like quickly and easily.

You can get it now over on Unity's Asset Store or read more about the tool over on Heathen Engineering's main site where you can find the above video, a FAQ and a playable web demo.

The generated keyboards from this tool are highly flexible game objects capable of 2D or 3D style boards, a provided in editor extension allows the developer to define keys by row including there upper and lower variants as well as conveyance buttons in editor to auto generate QWERTY and AZERTY style keyboards.

The provided documentation which can be downloaded free from (here) walks the developer though setting up custom keyboard templates and provides guidance on modification of the system at large.

For the latest news follow us @HeathenEngineer or watch our IndieDB group page for more updates and news.

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