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A Cloud Based Indie Agile Game Development Company "Perceive Our Reality" FOREVER INTERACTIVE is an Agile Virtual Indie Game Studio located in Milwaukee, WI. We are a group of friends, students, graduates, hobbyists, and professionals who are passionate about creating games. We are dedicated to changing the way games are made and played. INNOVATION is what drives us. A video game revolution is beginning... are you a bystander or a trailblazer? Join us and be a part of the next era of video game creation and play... Our Teams consist of Game Industry Professionals, Non Game Related Professionals, Recent Game Curriculum Graduates, Interns, Gaming Students, and Hobbyists. We believe in the Powers of Passion and Potential. These are the guiding forces in innovation and learning. Self motivated people have the enormous desire to be in this industry that they will stop at nothing to attain this goal. Our Passion is their Passion...

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Visions of Zosimos

Visions of Zosimos

Turn Based Strategy

Visions of Zosimos is a unique blend of the strategy, role-playing and collectible card game genres, allowing players across the board to experience a...