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Endless Island Modification (EIM) is a free open-source modification for EOSERV. EOSERV is an Endless Online server emulator project, providing game developers with an easy to use tool for making their own 2D isometric MMORPG's, in the style of the once loved, but no longer online game, known as Endless Online. EOSERV allows for a complete remake of this classic, along with the tools to create new maps, items, NPCs, spells, quests and scripting, classes, and much more... Further, this server / client combination can be deployed in minutes, though it may take some time to create the world data to play on. To address this issue, introducing - EOMods, we provide pre-made games that can be applied to a fresh EOSERV, in the form of a modification, we also provide weekly updates for these mods on our forums.

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