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Endgame is the result of two programmers (Grant Davies and Nick Kovac) who grew up gaming in the 80s, and whose hearts remain there. They formed Endgame to create games that relive their gaming past but also inject innovation to breathe new life into old genres. Grant and Nick met in university. After working professionally in the games industry for a few years, they started Endgame in 2003. For years they contracted for other developers and publishers whilst trying to sign their first original game - Fractured Soul. After 8 years of pitching Fractured Soul to publishers and having publishing deal after deal fall through, Endgame finally released Fractured Soul onto the Nintendo eShop for 3DS in late 2012. The game was well received and they spent 2013 porting it to PC, so it could be enjoyed by those who don't own a 3DS.

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