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We are an indie game developing company which is focusing on Arcade/puzzle/platformer games, currently working on our project called "Journey to Evergreen" a videogame based on weed and cops and weed :).

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A short tutorial on what to do with the app "El Grande Stalker".

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This is a short overview of the things you can do with the app "El Grande Stalker".

After the startup, you will see the homepage, on this you will find some general information as well as our Facebook/Twitter page and our website.

At the News section, an RSS feed will keep you up to date with our newest achivements.

In the catalogue is an overview of all the games which we have(-n't) yet published.

The Photo and the Video section should explain themself.

At the Facebook/Twitter section you will see our latest posts/tweets.

The events section shows the events of the next 6 months.

In the Contact Us section is our website listened.

The Changelog shows... well the things which were changed.

In the Live album you can upload own pictures of your best ingame moments.

The tutorial is what you're reading now.

In the Suggestions? form you can write us what you want to see implemented in our games, or in this app.


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