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Bitgap Games is a small, independent game development studio based in Hungary, Europe. The company's primary goal is developing Xenocell, a massively multiplayer sandbox action-strategy game.

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Xenocell is a sci-fi themed indie sandbox action-strategy game for the PC playing in a massive, persistent online world. The player is a survivor on an...

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Oct 6 2017 by konradkiss

RT @iamdevloper: 1/3 of US bandwidth is used by Netflix... the rest is used by `rm -rf node_modules && npm install`

Sep 21 2017 by konradkiss

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Aug 26 2017 by konradkiss

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Mar 24 2017 by konradkiss

Looks like the new best toy for texturing 3D models has arrived: Quixel.se #quixel #pcg

Nov 28 2012 by bitgap

A few days still left to save #xenocell Eepurl.com Igg.me Pls RT! Thx!

Nov 8 2012 by xenocellgame

Magazines, please consider our #xenocell press release for publishing: Bit.ly Press kit: Bitgap.com Thank you!

Oct 22 2012 by xenocellgame