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We are a tiny but dynamic game development and consultancy company based in Singapore and founded by game designer, academic and author Roberto Dillon. We develop original casual and mobile games for a variety of platforms, as well as experimental and arcade style games for legacy platforms that still have an historical and pedagogical appeal, like the Commodore 64, serving a niche of very enthusiastic hobbyists. Thanks to our strategic location in South East Asia and extensive network of collaborators, we are also able to offer consultancy services to other like-minded developers, including localization/culturalization for different Asian markets like China and India.

Post news RSS Devlog #02: Robin Hood

Progress update with screenshots featuring level selection and first tutorial level for the upcoming stealth platformer "Robin Hood: Give and Take"

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This week the dev team finalized the mission selection screen, that will allow Robin Hood to "tour" across UK and Ireland:

Mission selection

Note how castles and villages alternate and how they highlight when unlocked: in the castle levels we need to steal gold from the chests while in the villages we need to deposit it. Always while remaining undetected and invisible to guards and people alike: nobody should ever know who Robin Hood is for the legend to keep growing!

The first couple of levels will work as tutorial, with a very simple layout and predictable NPCs to let the player get accustomed with the game mechanics: in the first castle we need to hide behind columns to avoid a guard going back and forth:

Robin Hood is hiding behind the central column to avoid being spotted by  the patrolling guard

Then, as soon as we have a chance, grab the gold and run away undetected: once the gold is taken, doors and any available exit opens allowing for our escape.

Got the gold: doors open and we can complete our heist!

Stay tuned for more news and screenshots as the development progresses!

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