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This is a STAND ALONE MOD miscategorized as addon Addresses Victoria's late game economic liquidity problem for Vanilla. Code from NGTR-HPMpatch by Bearhobag of Reddit Originally presented as an economic improvement patch for Victoria 2 HPM (Historical Project Mod) by Bearhobag but adapted for Vanilla. As per results of Bearhobag of Reddit's empirical studies of saved Victoria 2 games: "a major problem with Victoria 2 is that above 90% of the total money pool ends up trapped in national treasuries" "Money doesn't reach the general population. Without money, they can't buy goods. Without demand for goods, factories can't make a profit. Without profitable factories, industrialization can't put money into people's pockets. Instead of roaring into Fordism, Victoria 2's Industrial Revolution tends to fizzle and fail." "I'm not saying this fixes the game, it's just what I've decided is "good enough".

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