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In this mod, your character (either newly generated or imported) can receive the specific amount of Karma and Nuyen you desire, access your stash, eliminate any excess Karma/Nuyen if you wish, and shop at a variety of merchants for gear. Then you can enter the Arena, where numerous combat testing options are available. The vendors are very well-stocked with all levels of equipment, including all of the available guns modded with either smartlinks or silencers. They also carry a larger supply of grenades, medkits, and bound spirit fetishes than the normal merchants in game do. Combat drugs are for sale as well in large quantities. There is also a vendor who sells all of the weapons, cyberware, and outfits from the latest version of Tracker's Street Samurai Catalog pack.

Training Room and Testing Arena v1.9
Guest - - 698,683 comments

Thanks, gonna take a look. I'm also trying to get my hands on the other steam workshop since it's having issues. Specifically trying to get the replay deadman switch mission, but being able to get all of them would be handy. If anyone knows where folk are putting up more of this sort of thing I'd be much obliged, thanks :)

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Guest - - 698,683 comments

Awesome proof of concept on the 'save-any-time-anywhere' -- best of all it works!

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UnrealDirektor - - 36 comments

A great module! Can't wait for more options in the combat arena.

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