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Megaman is yet another one of Brendan Bailey's tables based on a popular video game. This time around it's the Megaman series, and once again Brendan's skillfully crafted layout goes very well with his use of artwork and sounds. What makes this table even more unique, however, is the ability to select characters, fight through stages to defeat bosses and even face off against Dr. Wily himself. Truly an ambitious table that comes through with flying colors! Simply extract to your Future Pinball directory (C:\Program Files\Future Pinball by default). If the directory structure is not properly preserved, place the *.FPT file in the Tables directory, the *.FPL files in the Libraries directory. The *.RTF file is not necessary, but recommended reading to familiarize yourself with the many features of this table. UPDATE: There is a patch available for this table. It is highly recommended that you update the table to ensure proper gameplay.

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