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Marco's music downloader, just mirroring it here in case he's main download link dies in future..... So this mod is supposed to allow downloading of music and karam files from servers who have this mod installed, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get these files by default, some of which is critical in the case of the Toy Master mod where the game will crash if you don't have the correct karma files needed and registered....

Marco's music downloader (Client)
Boltte Author

And for the paranoid:

Filename: MusicLoaderClient.zip
CRC32: 7a234e62
MD5: eed5982176da060be5592ba51f042753
SHA1: 205fd82cebb07b739322a165dd83e1a4fadfe30c
SHA256: d9a8240673ca124977264d8ca3639ac48bc161a38dee2bedee3647d4033f166b
SHA384: 4f3eb3d9c1a38a34e6f4697bcd80b74be061caaea9c157c7651c65ac23ebd39db41bbdfd4e11ee5ebccbdec49756ad8a
SHA512: d947906fa6784f0c76cb044ac7b3ae73b8fe9610745cd5a77f430bf534683087e7ad54f0f7012d8c74f16d5034da6d79bc7c1b8e2c065490a243ca3301dc572f
SSDEEP: 1536:2Pfa3iWy4a+hNYL8pdtwuPTgdcTIHPm3dCnwdJhddxO+Sw/KJmetTX6v/:2E/VfNXpdOuPTLTCPcdCnwdJhdPPv+mf
FileSize: 86.96 KB (89043 bytes)
R.virscan.org (qqphone picks up a.payment.MoneyThief...)

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