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The moody swamps of an abandoned rural property, the military have set up a temporary base of operations here to hold out against the ever-expanding horde.

Gregs2k2 - - 161 comments

Awesome, just awesome :)

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Exorbitance - - 5 comments

Haha, at first there was only one download and four votes - someone's been zero-bombing.

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arramus - - 206 comments

Who worked on the terrain editing? It's come out very well with smooth contours, a good mix of textures and decolayers, and well placed props.

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Exorbitance - - 5 comments

Thanks Arramus, I did a large amount of what you see. Kyben was very busy with the release of Black Sierra at the time, but his input was vital and extremely helpful. He did a large amount of optimization work, as well as setting the groundwork for me to build it all off.

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NoxiousGhoul - - 43 comments

I only rated this map a 6 out of 10. Primarily because the map is a little boring, though I love the house with the open windows, it’s a great last stand building. There was one major game breaker in this map though; if you climb about half way up the stairs to that little lookout tower near the military style camp then jump on top of the wooden boxes that are piled up, then jump from there to a larger tarp covered container the specimens can’t reach you. You might want to fix that seeing as I found that little camping spot about 12 minutes into playing the map. Other than that the theme of the map was awesome! I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of gore, making you imagine what had happened there before you were there.

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