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H.P.Lovecraft inspired map full of wet, dark and gloomy atmosphere, cult summonings and all kinds of traps and monsters! #KF2newgrounds

mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

This map is amazing. My absolute favorite so far.
It's pretty tight (in terms of spacing), but it's HUGE with plenty of hallways, corridors to navigate through.
Full disclaimer: I haven't played this map much, but from what I played, the zed spawn points seem pretty solid too. I didn't see anyone really getting sandwiched in some of the really long pathways into the MASSIVE basement.
I'll be on the lookout for this map on every custom server for sure!

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mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

Just an update, I have played it a couple times and it's great! If this map doesn't win a prize, there's simply no justice in this world.
This is one of those maps that inspires me to get into creating my own maps.
It's a difficult map for sure on the higher difficulties, but when you become familiar enough with it, it's incredibly fun!

I've noticed Tripwire tends to avoid bringing in the more difficult custom maps in the map lineup. But considering The Descent, Nightmare, Monster Ball and Krampus Lair are official maps, there's simply no excuse to dismiss some of the more difficult/tighter maps like this one.
It's absolutely beautiful, 10/10, great work!

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Groovy_Denzel - - 2 comments

The Ultimate proof that community ratings are crap.
Someone voted this map "1"^^
Very good Tripwire will choose their favourites not depending on community ratings and feedback.

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mrrogersbestneighbor - - 31 comments

The Workshop ratings give this one 5 stars with over 350 ratings. There's no reason to trust the ModDB ratings when you got AT MOST 4 ratings on any map.
If this map doesn't become official, there will be riots. There's no way this map doesn't become an official map.

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Groovy_Denzel - - 2 comments

Nevertheless it's good that tripwire make their own proffesional tests.
Most of the community has no experience with programming or modding.

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Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 10/10
Great layout with a good balance between open areas and tight corridors. I like that there are 3 entrances connecting the surface and underground throughout the map. Traps are solid (You could put Green-Red lights on the switches to indicate when their ready, especially for the traps after the flood). Good collectibles placement and decent dosh zones.

Presentation: 10/10
Nailed the Cthulhu theme, love the H.P. Lovecraft tribute and the cult shenanigans looks amazing.
(If i wasn't so keen on screenshotting Cthulhu I probably wouldn't have noticed he was just a Fleshpound with both the Mask of the Abyss and Bat Wings cosmetic, pretty clever)

Overall Score: 10/10
Should be added in the game.

If you want to see how this map was rated or how you did compared to others go here:

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13tisa13 Author
13tisa13 - - 7 comments

I'm glad you guys like the map as much as I liked making it! :)

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Guest - - 699,717 comments

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