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KF-LyonDen is a Medium sized map located in the 'old district' of Lyon, France. This map is intended to be a tough one. with only a few open spaces and many claustrophobic places like the underground labs or the backstreets. The map feature 5 traders places located around the map, forcing the players to move around. Most of the pickups (ammo and weapons) only spawn underground or inside the main office building. It also contains many custom textures and reworked one from the main game. This version 2.0 is the latest available to download. The version available on the steam workshop is older. #KF2newgrounds

Sraigius95 - - 93 comments

The map by itself would be good, but it has alot of severe performance inconsistencies:

Download the superimage and inspect it very carefully.

Just for the record, official maps, such as Burning Paris, run at a very high 140-170 FPS during trader time, 100-130 FPS during combat, never drops below 95 FPS in a game of 6 people.
All graphics on max, nvidia flex is completely disabled, no motion blur and depth of field. Resolution is 1600x900, my PC specs are right here:


In conclusion, the map is SEVERELY UNDEROPTIMIZED. If the map would be optimized better I would give it a solid 9/10, but since it is not - I am giving it 5/10. Fix all the performance inconsistencies and THEN i'll revert my rating into 9/10.

Use this guide to optimize your map PROPERLY:

Get to work.

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Markoman_98 - - 34 comments

Gameplay: 7/10
Overall decent layouts, few smaller segments seem unnecessary.

Presentation: 8/10
Mostly believable town, few bits could have more thought put into them. Custom textures look good.

Overall score: 7.5/10 (8 on ModDB)

If interested to see how this map got reviewed or how it did compared to others it's in this post:


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