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Contact with this research base was lost sixteen hours ago. Your team is to infiltrate the facility and look for survivors. Tread lightly... NOTES: This map was heavily inspired by E1M1 from the original DOOM. It has been heavily modified in its design and game play.

DanRod - - 206 comments

Doom into KF... again.

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arramus - - 206 comments

I can never get enough of Doom and I've played this map version in F.E.A.R. as well. This custom KF Doom map is a fine addition.

The lighting is exquisite. Like a fine piece of hand made Belgian chocolate. You've really excelled in that area.

Overall it feels technically smooth and grooved.

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Gurra300 - - 891 comments

omfg! this is what i wanted :O but want in DOOM 1 look :( anyway downloading :p

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Pectabyte Author
Pectabyte - - 4 comments

The Final Version of this map is out. You can download it here:

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ultraguy - - 88 comments

final version has been take down for copy right :/

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