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KF-Docks ,Horzine biotics lab docks. textures in the zip file. Copy the rom file to maps folder, and copy the utx to textures folder. I know couple of light bugs and texture, i working on it. If you find a bug please send me, thanks

KF -Docks
arramus - - 206 comments

My FPS took a hit in various areas and this maybe down to the lighting. I've seen a few posts about that.

Maybe you can take a look at this area again when you get the chance.

General gameplay was fine though as the bots could get where they wanted and advanced thick and fast.

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WonderGamer1978 - - 13 comments

There is one trader that appears to bug after the first time she opens. When I was standing outside of the trader, I was getting spammed with messages saying I couldn't stay in the trader after she closed. After the door didn't open for a second time, I removed the map from my server's rotation. I also noticed that when it's bugged, you don't get a pathing indicator to that trader either.

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