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Update of the venerated Doom 2 KF map using textures from the Doom Hi-Res Texture Pack (DHTP) at dhtp.freelanzer.com *** Additional thanks to Commie Joe for getting the file size down by half *** Based on KF-Doom2-Final-V7 ===== UPDATE ===== 6.24.13 Version 1.1 of D2HR reinstitutes the closable/weldable blue room door, for better or worse. Fixed the spinning trader door in brown room. Slowed stairs to trader in blue room to eliminate possibility of fatally clipping inside them. Also includes a number or picky fixes to misaligned textures, and some shadow and lighting tweaks. There's a minor new ''safety feature,'' too. See if you can find it.

Doom 2: Hi-Res
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