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The ADFX-01 Morgan is an original fighter aircraft introduced in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Developed from an experimental aircraft of the South Belka National Munitions Plant, this all weather multi-purpose aircraft's attack and defensive capabilities far exceed those of normal aircraft.

ADFX-01 Morgan (RC1)
Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Rig it with TLS and ECMP once TS have implement both feature.

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Wheaton_Adams - - 68 comments

Sure will! I'll try to make a makeshift TLS act-alike soon, as well. ECMP is gonna be harder, though.

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MyHatismyFriend - - 343 comments

I hope this isn't the final version.

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

It's still RC1 (aka release candidate), I'm quite certain it will be updated...a lot.

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Corax06 Author
Corax06 - - 19 comments

It's not final version, there are some work to do about engine, cockpit, real sp weapons from AC0, and some animations.

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NodokaHanamura - - 50 comments

Besides, the model does look kinda crummy.

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Any progress on this?

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