Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I'm a Computer Science graduate from the University of Central Florida. I love to create games and also to review/play games created by others in my spare time. I am the founder of Smudge Productions, who are currently developing a multiplayer dungeon-crawler-type game called Campus Rampage. Although, I pay the bills by developing the training simulators for the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. using engines such as CryEngine 3 and VBS 2. If you'd like to contact me, simply private message me.

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I'm not exactly sure what goes inside of the blog posts, but I guess this would be a start. I just started a new job in my area and it's full time. This job will probably take up a majority of my time but I will still make suitable updates as much as I can to Campus Rampage (This game is posted under my games if you wanted to see it).

The game is moving, just not very quickly. I'm working by myself on this project and I'm not receiving any help from anyone else as of right now. I may get a few opinions on how the art would look better as, but not on actually getting art done for me. Also, I'm still experimenting with many tools and may even switch gaming engines. More specifically I've been working with Unity because I keep hearing that XNA is going to be outdated and also that Unity is very good with porting to other platforms. The idea of having this game onto something other than a computer is still up in the air. It's just that Unity provides a lot of functions already without me having to specifically right them...well, almost too much to where things are a little over complicated.

Also, I've been interning at my job for awhile already, so adapting to it as a full time software engineer is something that's coming along relatively easily. I primarily work using CryEngine and sometimes VBS2. That being said, it's weird programming from a 2D perspective. Working with sprites and animations has definitely been fun though.

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