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Update 32, "Introducing the Kouhais"

Almost a year had past and I'll admit, progress has been stale to say the least. I'm only doing incremental scripting and stuff, AND spending some of my wage for more art. Anyway, this update is supposed to be for February of this year but I just never had the time. My day job is real, so real.

Unofficially dubbed the kouhai system (or maybe minigame) involves getting tasks from juniors and then trying to resolve them, all to keep school morale and prestige (and your student council approval rating) up. Another feature will be trying to get the clubs to train for school, local, regional, then national events. I'll admit this sounds like feature creep but I've already made a prototype of it. orz.

Okay, introducing them now:

Alexandrie Delacroix Alexandrie Delacroix

Alexandrie is Lin's partner in the Fencing Club. Alexandrie is also their class' older sister figure and is often looked upon by her foreign classmates for advice on how to be more "local".

Claire crop Claire Mitterand

Claire is Clara's one and only best friend. She is the de facto leader of the Tea Club because Elisa is busy with running the student council. Being the leader of the club also makes her the unofficial right hand of the student council. She is very outspoken and can readily deal with anything troublesome she comes across.

Clara crop Clara Hollande

The other half of the CL2 duo, if you can call her that. Clara has known Claire since childhood and has always followed her. Some call her Claire's quiet shadow. She likes to sleep and always say she needs sleep despite being fully rested.

Hana crop Sumire Murasaki, formerly Hana Moriaka

Has a "can-do-it" attitude. She isn't part of any club but rather jumps between the available clubs. She's rather close with Aletta, whom she took the entrance exams with.

Helma crop Helma Fritz

Quiet but if annoyed, she has no filter. She's very witty as well. Helma Fritz is a recent arrival. She seeks to improve her magic skills but also to try being independent. Maybe she's just running away. Of all the clubs she could have joined, she joined the tea club explicitly because it's quiet and serves warm food.

Meilin Li Meilin Li

Meilin is another foreigner but unlike most of the students in the academy, she intends to stay in Concordia for the rest of her life. She's really good at fencing and in knowing so, the academy offered her an athletic scholarship for her skills. Personality wise, she is friendly and is described as sweet by the guys in her class.

Raffaella crop Aletta Marconi, formerly Rafaella Marconi

Aletta hails from the Venetian Republic. She wished to be a gondolier but witches are not qualified to do so, allegedly to be fair with the mostly "normal" industry. Unknown to many, she's also a pop culture enthusiast, and dances in front of the mirror ala idol at times.

Natasha crop Natasha Pavlova

Natasha hails from the Russian Far East. She took the entrance exams in neighboring Japan, hoping to be admitted to the academy there but was surprisingly referred to Concordia instead. She doesn't know if she wants to immigrate here or just finish her studies then leave. Despite her calm demeanor, she sometimes say things that are out of the line.

To those who are currently or were formerly part of the dev team, you may have noticed that there are others missing. For the record, the following were dropped from the roster: Nohemi, Clarissa and Nina. Their respective slots will be taken up by male characters because reasons. The kouhais were originally designed by Aqua. Present sprites were done by Yokura

Next update would be about new art, maybe in another six months, definitely not a year (i hope).

Thanks for reading!

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