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Hello there and welcome to my profil, is there anything I can help you with? Information about Game, Anime-Series, Movies, Normal TV-Series or something else perhaps? I also have opportunities to help with ModDB profilers backgrounds and music, if there is anything send me a PM or comment on the comment list.

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Are you ready for a new year with Christmas Competitions?

~ Many new opportunities to win games, let Christmas joy start now in December ~

Last year it was a very big competition every week as people here on the website could win games. I will give you the opportunity now again this year to win games.

For every week in December there will be incredible big game competition, you do not get the opportunity to win one game no no no... Now you have the opportunity to win games packages! As will contain many different parts such as many game or DLC or both.

~ To know more about this, you can read more about it here ~

If there is something else you can send me a message about it or post a comment under this

K J BTGC 2015

Do not forget the last part of Halloween Competition!

Part 4 of 4 start now on Monday

As many know, it's Halloween competition here on the website every week since October started that all have opportunities to win horror games. Now on Monday will be the last competition that one has the opportunity to win a very big package of Telltale game.

So this is just a reminder that everyone is allowed to participate the contest, so long you have a ModDB, IndieDB or a SlideDB user and a Steam user you will have permission to join the contest. Rules for competitions can be read here "Rules Overview about 1-2-3" Link to group here "K-J Game Competition"

~ If you have any questions ~

Comment below this or send private message "here"

hotline miami the fans by xinima

Hotline Miami Fan Gruppe - Info

A group for anyone who is a fan of the game Hotline Miami

There are always new groups being created here on the website and now it's a new group that was created for all those who enjoy the game Hotline Miami. I was asked if I can share some information of the group. So that everyone can know about this new group, check it out and become a fan if you want.

Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine.

I have now returned to Dbolical.com

New update is on the way, and gaming group is now open!

As many know, I have been in Denmark for 2 weeks and I have now back with many new updates about games and other things. I will inform once that game competition group is now open and will not take long before the first game competition is coming. Will also inform that there has not been any changes to the rules of the group, so these rules are still active K-S Game Competition (Rules Overview about 1-2-3)

It will come some new updates so keep your eyes open for things that may change. As always, all people are allowed to participate in the contest, and I always appreciate that people respect the rules.

If there are some who have questions send me a message or comment below this.

Good luck to all of you who participates in competitions.


~ Information about this month ~

I'm going on vacation, leaving on July 18!

Just want to inform everyone that follows me here on Dbolical.com that I'm going to take a vacation now to 18 July and I'm going to be away for 2 weeks so I'm not coming back her before August. I'm going to Denmark with my family, so I'm not going to write any news while I'm away. But I'm going to check once in a while here at the website if there would be something new or someone sent me a message.

K-J Game Competition / Grand opening in August!

When I return I will start the competition, that a lot of people are looking forward to. Also do not forget that there are more Anime Wallpaper coming now 07.07.2015 Only a few days left before it comes. If there are any questions send me a private message or comment on the list below this.

~ Have a nice day ~

Tips and tricks for Arkham Knight

One push on the button can change the whole situation

Be quiet when you fight

Rhythm is the key word for the fighting in Arkham Knight. Do not press the buttons frantically, it will only ensure a quick game over screen. The game rewards tactics and strategy, not frequency. Can you press the buttons in the right order will flood into bonus points.

Use Remote Hacking drone as much as possible

Hacking has become a very large part of Batman. Preferentially in the game you will experience drones and other things that can be hacked. These are there for a reason. By using them you can easily take out the larger enemies that you must defeat in order to progress.

Removing the biggest enemies first

In each group will have either a giant, with electric baton or someone else who will ruin your combo. Do not let them. Use your powers first ones that can ruin your combo. Add a special focus on those who can revive those you've already beaten since they can easily destroy your combos.

Prioritize Batmobile

It is not to lay under a chair that Batmobile has a big role in the game. During the game you through several battles with it and you will be hit .... very often. Use the first points to upgrade armor on the car so you do not get you further because the car does not tolerate anything.

Play side missions as often as possible

Arkham Knight is designed to be harder and harder until the end, where you will test what you've learned. If you go through side quests you will get big bonus points that you can use to upgrade armor and weapons yours. This will be of significant help until the end of the game.

Do you have any tips about Arkham Knight?
~ Leave a comment on the annotations list ~

~ Hatred to the top of Steam ~

Despite or because of controversy?

Hatred went this weekend to the top of Steam's sales lists for PC. On the way they have pushed both GTA V and The Witcher 3 from the top. Hatred has since the announcement, right under Gamer Gate controversy, there have hail of criticism against the game. Among other things, it is rumored that Twitch changed their rules solely because of Hatred.

Now therefore the isometric shooter have won on the only medium that has given them permission to sell the game. The developers have released the following statement in response to what they have accomplished: "It is difficult to begin to explain how the past year with Hatred has been and what has been most important to the game's success. Advertising The trailer got a whole world to talk about the game? The fact that it received the highest grading and were drawn from Steam. at Gabe Newell personally bringt it back? We do not know, but to get it ready for the launch date had not been possible without the support from our fans and other game studios that have supported us."

Link to see some of the game: Hatred Gameplay Part 1

Now comes the women to FIFA 16!

12 national team for women are available on FIFA 16

Although FIFA has other things to think about these days, so it prevents them not to launch news about the game FIFA 16. Together with Electronic Arts announced yesterday that the next chapter in the series will include women. Rather it shall be possible to choose between 12 different national teams. These national teams are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

Electronic Arts says that they've scanned all the players and tried to make it as realistic as possible. If mode works so they will expand opportunities to select layers as years go by. FIFA 16 comes out in late September this year.

For more information about this press here: Fifa.com

Truck full of Splatoon games have now been stolen!

Some just can not wait until the game comes out

Kotaku reports today that many Nintendo fans in the UK will be disappointed. Games that have been pre-ordered is actually stolen. A truck full of Splatoon games (and Splatoon Amiibo) disappeared when the transported games from a warehouse in Europe GAME its warehouse in the UK.

Missing games means customers will not get the special edition of the game. Instead, they can choose between canceling the order or make the game's regular edition with a 10 pound gift card.

~ The theft was planned or accidental is not known ~

For more information about this press here: Kotaku.com

Is "Watch dogs 2" under development?

Information speculated an announcement at E3

You may find that the French developer Julien Risse, who works at Ubisoft's studio in Paris, has been quite active on LinkedIn. During his work experience is the fact that he works as a program on the game Watch dogs 2.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has previously hinted that Watch Dogs is an extended franchise and not just a game, and they have big ambitions for the series in the future. Now it may actually be that they have gone further in the game than what some thought.

VideoGamer.com asked Ubisoft about this, and shortly afterwards had the information been removed. Can Watchdogs 2 be a surprise advertising at E3?