One man development studio located in Sweden. Currently I have two games on Steam, Brink of Extinction and the upcoming Twinstack. Projects that I'm working on are Project Battlespace, Atmocity and "MiniTD". Prototypes in the works rCo and P5. Aside from game development, I enjoy listening to music and of course playing games. Currently playing Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3 (late to the party I know...) and the odd mobile game. Recommendations welcome!

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I've been hard at work working on the BoE update. I decided to upgrade from Unity 5.5 to Unity 2017 which had the unfortunate effect of every level needing lights rebaked, but that's finished now. The main reward of this is that I can now run all my games on the latest Unity version which benefits my workflow, but some of the heavier assets I've used have also been updated since to become better optimized, which is the main reason I decided to update.

Aside from this I've gotten around to rebalancing turrets, the details behind this change can be read on the BoE page. This will go into testing over the weekend, when I will also be tweaking some of the upgrade values for enemies to make the endless mode (even) more intense. Hopefully I will get around to fixing some of the minor things also, like sprucing up visual effects and adding the first bits for the collectible story notes.

I've also been up to some prototyping again. I will try to finish that project really quickly and it will most likely be released for free somewhere or at a very low cost. :) More details to follow!

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Current stuff

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A developer and publisher of games including Brink of Extinction and Twinstack.

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The upcoming BoE update will feature a simple camera zoom for when you need to view things up closer.…

15hours ago

Gave Beautify and MadGoat SSAA some cred earlier. Would also like to give credit to @teampsychose NGSS - The system…

Dec 14 2017

Brink of Extinction uses @KronnectGames Beautify and @MadGoatGames SSAA assets. #gamedevelopment

Dec 14 2017

Atmocity in action. Build some really strange cities. ;) #gamedevelopment #indiegames #indiegame

Dec 13 2017

Added some depth layers to my mountain carving... ehh... something. :| #gamedev #indiedev #gamedevelopment

Dec 13 2017

Twinstack has been approved for release on Steam. Release date is the 20th of December.

Dec 13 2017

Carving out some mountain with outline. :) #gamedevelopment #gamedev #indiedev #bored

Dec 12 2017

There's just something about orthographic view (Atmocity). :D #games #indiegames #gamedevelopment

Dec 11 2017