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Trial «Dorian Invasion»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Complete the Unification of Attic (get 150 population).
  • Conclude Alliance with Sparta
  • Begin to train warriors.

Trial «Persian Invasion»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Build Walls and Gymnasium.
  • Train at least 100 warriors
  • Do not attack Greek cities and retrain Generals to Envoys.

Trial «Alexander the Great»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Complete the Era of Diplomacy. (Conclude 3 Alliances)
  • Save up at least 30К gold for the Conquest
  • Send slaves only if you reached the maximum population.
  • Increase success chance to 100%.

Trial «Roman menace»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Refrain from the war with Rome as long as possible
  • Build Moat, Drill square and at least 3К warriors.
  • Conclude at least 4 Alliances.

Trial «Scythian Invasion»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Build Colossus to keep your gold income on high level.
  • Bribe Scythians to decrease their forces to 1.5M and less.
  • Build up your army+allied defense to 1.5М+.
  • Complete the mission «The Classical Era».

Trial «Christianity»
To complete the trial you will need:

  • Remember, first Christians were Banned and Persecuted.
  • When people will be interested in Christianity, Recognize the religion.
  • Do not change the religion if you not 100% sure about consequences.
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Clarus Victoria

Clarus Victoria

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A developer and publisher of real time strategy games including Predynastic Egypt.

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Join a small team of indie developers. To become an AAA game company.

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