I'm an ambitious game designer , average level 3D modeler and an aspiring writer with a mindset for Real Time Strategy games and Strategy games in general < Everybody probably already knows me but I thought is good to describe myself some for the sake of my early days here when I was doing it > Anyone is welcome to drop by at my profile or PM me anytime , I am open to talk about anything and am usually always answering whenever I am here

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D. Classicals

1. Dacia Voivodship

a. Ion Ciobanu ( John The Shepherd )

Background - A gate guard from one of the citadels of North East Dacia of year 500 of the classical antiquity having origins in a shepard family , took to guard service for his voivod to better feed his wife and children . In his childhood he had to defend an entire sheephold counting about 500 sheep without the lambs from a pack of wolves in a wintry night . The wolves were so many and hungry that they managed to drag him all the way back to the forest where they were coming from and if it weren't for a silver fur alpha wolf female that behaved friendly to him , he would have made a good feast along with the several dozen sheep dragged by her hungry pack . It is uncertain what silent forces of nature were at work back then , but ever since she always walks by his side in battle

Weapon Of Choice - Rhomphaia Polearm

Powers -

' Cold Feast ' - He can ask the wolf leader to call her pack to attack an enemy base where they will come dragging back all the domestic animals found there . Once brought back to own base they can be gathered for Food

' Stand Guard ' - Ion can perform his duty this time near any friendly tower granting the tower more LOS in the area and +2 attack range . If he has to fight near the tower the bonus subsides

b. Ileana Padure ( Helen Of The Woods )

Background - A runaway bride that left her village and home because she refused to be married with a nobleman she hated . She took to a life of brigandry and became a hadjuc maiden , scouring the woods and the plains of year 500 Transylvania to enact revenge on noblemen's pockets and helping the poor instead . She comes accompanied by a black bear cub she friended in the deep forests

Weapon Of Choice - Dual Wield Falx Daggers

Powers -

' Wrestling Fight ' - Asks the bear cub to engage a target enemy in a wrestling type of fight preventing them to attack for a while . More useful against more dangerous enemies like myth/folklore units and heroes rather than the less dangerous

' Fair Fight ' - Ileana can ride on the back of the bear cub for a while and charge into groups of enemies hitting along with her weapons for a group attack

2. Livonia Knights Order

a. Swordbrother Ainas

Background - A knight errand , brother of the sword serving the Livonian Knights Order hailing from the Baltic region of year 400 . He was once tasked to receive a relic for the Order , but a certain event and a night spent in an abandoned pagan temple made him decide to keep the relic for himself with the price of not being able to return back home , to the ever autumn lands of his nation he misses greatly . The relic that he kept for himself proven to have some good uses in fight

Weapon Of Choice - Arming Sword

Powers -

' Infuse Shield ' - Uses the relic to infuse his knight shield with double the resistence granting the shield enough defense to even parry a direct hit from an enemy siege machine

' Infuse Blade ' - Ainas uses the relic to infuse his weapon this time , that doubles the sharpness of the blade granting it double the damage for a certain while

b. Shrinemaiden Danute

Background - A priestess tending to shrines of the pagan Baltic gods of year 400 Livonia , that once had to fight for her life against a group of cultists spreading a new heathen religion called Christianity , events becoming more often in her times . She has left blood on her hands from this incident , after she managed to leave them dead and herself alive . Being afraid that eventually she will be hunted and killed , she forsake her town and the shrines , hoping that the gods will be with her wherever they might take her

Weapon Of Choice - Szabla Shortsword

Powers -

' Conjure Life Shrine ' - She makes a small shrine appear in place that can be used to heal all friendly units nearby including herself

' Conjure Death Shrine ' - Danute makes another type of small shrine appear in place that damages all enemy units nearby in a constant burning field . This , like the first power only lasts a certain while

3. Malta Knights Order

a. Elias The Blacksmith

Background - A blacksmith used to the sound of the ever burning fires of the forge and the boiling Smelters that power the industry of the Maltese Knight Order of year 100 , one day left his armor clad island in search of a rare material he wanted to use to forge a powerful flail with . He managed to find it too , but it was guarded by scores of undead plaguing a ruined temple belonging to an ancient nation that used to live in the Cycladic islands not far from his home , long before his time . The fight he had to put up with and emerge alive to use this material , made Elias leave his former self behind . Now having forged himself into a warrior and not just a man that simply forges weapons for warriors . The weapon he fights with is the same flail that is the last weapon he worked on . It burns brightly in a kindled dark red flame that grants the weapon certain powers

Weapon Of Choice - Enchanted Flail

' Entropic Fire ' - He lets the flame of the weapon to immolate himself from head to toe becoming hazardous for enemies that approach him at this time . This curiously does not harm Elias at all but only for a certain while

' Ardent Hits ' - Elias will always deal a +15 % more HP damage with every hit thanks to the weapon . This is a passive ability that works every time he fights

b. Ballistamaiden Sephora

Background - A craftstwoman that earned her life working at siege machinery for the knights of Malta . In one day she had to put her wits to test when having to defend a fort that was not manned by anyone at the time , in that morning of year 100 , because all the knights were called to a certain mission away . Her ingenious skills made all ballistae on the walls of the fort to fire on their own at the attackers , a highwaymen war band that were sent at this time specifically to attack the place . After being successful with her idea from first try and managing to down several enemies at a time , the war band was convinced the fort was not undefended like they have been informed and fled to their shame unbeknownst they were defeated by a sole woman . She comes accompanied by a unique ballista of own craft . It counts for a companion and not her own weapon

Weapon Of Choice - Longhammer

' Steady Shot ' - She asks the ballista to deliver an accurate long reaching shot to a target enemy structure with critical damage

' Repair Craft ' - Sephora has excellent repair skills for all friendly siege units , repairing them at double the rate workers can repair . This is passive and always works

4. Nation number 4 needs to win in the votes for me to be able to design the heroes for it

5. Nation number 5 needs to win in the votes for me to be able to design the heroes for it

E. Ancients

1. Argos City State

a. Lysander The Argonaut

Background - Lysander spent all his life sailing from port to port across the seas of ancient Greece of year 500 B.C.E. earning a living , fame and many a woman warm embrace in every port he had to stop by , like the saying goes . One day a certain cargo proven to carry hazardous materials nor him and his men were informed about ; caught fire and engulfed the ship into flame that was threatening all the other ships stationed in the port at the time . Having a split second idea , he bravely dived into the waters tying the ship with a rope to another ship that was distancing itself bit far , just having left the port . In this manner the flaming ship was pulled away just in time to prevent the damage it had caused . It did not save the flaming ship itself nor its cargo but Lysander won a heroic feat he uses ever since

Weapon Of Choice - Battle Rope

' Attach Ships ' - He can swim at the seas and tie two enemy ships together that will pull each other hulls apart for critical damage to both

' Cargo Work ' - If Lysander embarks on any transport ship of the seas , that ship receives +20 to carrying capacity as long as he sails with it

b. Marina

Background - A woman of Argos that used to be recently married with a sailor that never returned home , has decided one day to hire herself in ports to get to see what is it like to be the one that travels and enjoys the life of adventure , instead of being the one that waits at home like the fabled Penelope . Her choice proven to be a good one , her strength and hard working mindset earned her an equal place among the other sailors and along with this , she discovered what happened to her fugitive husband too . There were no bad news involving his life , but the news that he left Greece entirely chasing another woman . Since she found out about it , Marina is now empowered by a desire to make him pay for his betrayal . Part of the people that she talked with , that used to know him , mentioned that he was not being himself lately , before he vanished , as if a strange influence was upon him

Weapon Of Choice - Cestus Battlegloves

' A Wife's Fury ' - She can deliver heavy blows with both of her hands for a certain while to a target enemy that sometimes can fall lifeless on the ground

' Dock Work ' - Marina can target a friendly dock and remain to work around the place , increasing the building's production rate of ships to +20 % for as long as she remains there

2. Egypt Middle Kingdom

a. Horemheb

Background - A sorceror priest serving in the temples of Thoth hailing from year 1300 B.C.E. Egypt , has never questioned the wisdom his patron god given to him until one day . One day when Thoth offered Horemheb a peak into the future , as a token for his dutiful services to his temples . In this vision Thoth shown him that all things come to pass in this world before they reach the Afterlife . Even Egypt itself and all its people . Horemheb was not pleased with this , having always firmly believing that in Thoth's immense wisdom , all things can be eternal already and the cycle of life and death is pointless when we all should be eternal from birth . Although he had everything he ever wanted , living a life not far from that of the pharaoh , with three vives and a score of healthy children in a large comfortable mansion in Karnak , none of these things were comforting the sorceror anymore after the revelation . From then on he left home and family and decided to take it upon himself to discover the ways of the Afterlife , seeking other ways than the naturally established ones he came to despise

Weapon Of Choice - Staff Of Thoth

Powers -

' Resurrect ' - He uses the staff to return back to full health any friendly target unit that fell to death

' Inspire ' - Horemheb grants a life aura around a group of friendly units that receive Hitpoints regeneration for a certain duration

b. Naunet

Background - A gladiatoress and dualist both having performed many fights for the entertainment of the pharaoh , honed her skills to bleeding edge with her dual wielding Khopesh blades , but never took a life until she had to . In one certain evening the pharaoh organized a duel where she was ordered to send her opponent to the Afterlife , unlike before when the pharaoh never asked for this . She refused and despite noticing that her lord's behaviour was troubled and he did not seem to wish this personally , she was imprisoned to await her sentence . Deciding that her time to leave this life is not the right time , she broke free and killed all guards in the process until she found herself surrounded right before the exit of the palace , when in that moment from behind her , the pharaoh showed up and ordered the guards to let her go . Saying her goodbyes to her lord , leaving him her promise to solve this mystery , she made herself disappear from her home city of Luxor , of 1300 B.C.E. Egypt and she spent her life working ever since in cover as a lower class farmer on the vast crop lands of the Nile

Weapon Of Choice - Dual Wield Khopesh

Powers -

' Finishing Blow ' - She can engange in fatal duelistic moves that can ensure the target enemy will fall dead if this is successful . Can sometimes work even when the enemy is near full health , but it succeeds better if their Hitpoints are dropped below 50 % already

' Crop Work ' - Naunet can be set to work on a target friendly farm for double the gathering rate a worker takes to gather its crops

3. Etruscan League

a. Stephano The Legionnaire

Background - A young man having served the legions of his nation , hailing from the Tuscany region of 600 B.C.E. of Italy , was always in time for his duties and always performed his tasks completely successful and dutiful . Yet Fate never proves to be on one's side for all their life . He was one day tasked by his superior to deliver an important pot containing something he was not informed about . Along the road he kept struggling with the thought of disobeying his orders for the first time , to open the ceramic pot holding what seemed to be a mysterious liquid . His emotions got the better of his focus and although he did not lift the sealed lid by himself , he slipped on the ground , falling along with the pot that poured this liquid all over his helm . Just a bit of it got poured and soon Stephano managed to seal back the pot and deliver it in one piece in a hurry Since then his helm manifested unusual powers

Weapon Of Choice - Etruscan Gladius

Powers -

' Bloodied Frenzy ' - When his health drops below 10 % , the helmet infuses Stephano with double damage resistence and his attack rate rises to +20 % . This is passive and happens all the time he reaches 10 % left of the total Hitpoints

' Self Defense ' - Stephano's helmet grants him a damage reduction of -15 % from all enemy ranged damage . This is a passive ability that works all the time

b. Lorenza The Potter

Background - Lorenza was always a woman meant for domestic work . She earned a living for her family since being child , once she was trained into the art of pot making by her father , an art that she performed well and became really good at . By the time she reached her 20s , she was already having her own shop with all sorts of domestic household utensils that were granting her a good income for her family of year 600 B.C.E. Etruscan life . One morning when she went to open the shop doors to begin another usual day of work , she found a disaster inside , the place having been robbed empty of all merchandise . Downstairs she found the remains of a fierce battle where two persons clashed to near death yet none of them were present , neither alive nor dead , save for a bloodied Pugio dagger of fine Etruscan craftsmanship . This event alone had not taken her away from home , but among the merchandise stolen there was an important family object that she sworn to recover after having been told by her father that without this object , her family would reach ruin and that it was this object's beneficent influence that granted their family good fortune until then

Weapon Of Choice - Pugio Longdagger

Powers -

' Ill Fortune ' - She can inspire a moment of carelesness in a target enemy unit that will make them damage their own selves in curious way : falling on the ground by no means or hitting themselves with their own weapon

' Household Artistry ' - Lorenza's presence alone grants a beneficent aura to nearby workers that receive double the carrying capacity of gathered resources for as long as she stands nearby . This is passive and always works when Lorenza walks or stands near workers

4. Lusitania

a. Joao The Navigator

Background - A navigator by land and not by sea , Joao was always a man that knew his way around every road marked or unmarked . A way of knowing every path of his enduring nation of year 20 B.C.E. that was a contested province by the Roman Empire of the times . Which no more than 7 years ago from this year , it was conquered by this empire after a major clash involving all the Lusitanian tribes against the incoming Roman legions , when his people suffered defeat . This event caught him still a young lad at the time . Soon thereafter he taken a job for the Romans as a messenger and , unlike expected , Joao did not hold a grudge for the invaders . Instead he took a liking in the Empire and with every year he grown to believe that their presence was a change that was infact beneficent and well welcomed . His ideas were not in agreement with many of his people back home and this led him to trouble more than a few times , but having been accustomed to a life on the roads by now , he did not miss home that much either

Weapon Of Choice - Falcata Broadsword

Powers -

' Pathways ' - He can detect the presence of hidden enemy heroes that are concealed or stealthy in this mode . This power can be turned on or off at any time and gets disabled automatically if Joao needs to fight

' Provinciality ' - Joao grants a bonus to all tribute demands that Lusitania asks from others , granting a + 500 at every resource demanded . This has a cooldown of several minutes until can be used again

b. Gloria The Bard

Background - A bard for hire , Gloria wanders from inn to inn selling her songs for a few Roman coins that earns her enough for a living , a life free of many worries . The only problem that can arise would be if one of her patrons asks for more from her , than her voice . Which happened too . Several times , from which she escaped easily , as easy as singing . Only one time Gloria barely managed to escape her would be captors , but not after a bloody fight that left her marked from then on after she found herself bloodied from the battle . Ever since , she does not sing in inns anymore but on the road instead and in the heat of battle . Her instrument of choice is a flute that she kept with herself ever since she started singing in her childhood and discovered altogether that she is talented too , thanks to her audience that were no other than several animals of a forest , that liked her first song

Weapon Of Choice - Sica Sickle

Powers -

' Song Of Duress ' - She performs a beautiful rhyme with the flute that lowers target enemy unit Armor value to -2 from any value of their present maximum Armor

' Song Of Soothing ' - Gloria performs another rhyme that lowers target enemy Damage value with -30 % from any value of their present maximum Damage . This , like her first power only works for a short duration

5 . Qin Dynasty Empire

a. Wu Yating ( Graceful Martial )

Background - A secret personal bodyguard and elite assassin both , in service of the emperor of Qin , hailing from the northern Chinese province of Dai of year 200 B.C.E. . A province that was near the northernmost border of China , being shared in these times with the conquering minded Xiongnu , that were always attacking these borders and sending many assassins to end the Qin Emperor . Emperor that Wu saved in many occasions , granting himself a well earned and respected position at the palace . In one night his emperor summoned Wu in secret , ordering him to strike back at the Xiongnu leader himself in hope to end the enemy morale and foul attempts altogether , entrusting his life and the fate of his dynasty in his hands , his most trusted bodyguard Wu Yating . Wu obeyed and left quickly afterwards , leaving his rest to wait until after seeing himself safely across the border . He overslept , tired from the road and many unslept nights before , only to awake to find his wagon that was manned by his guide , being deserted in the middle of nowhere , someplace in the north , away from home and on the lands of the enemy

Weapon Of Choice - Jian Sword

Powers -

' In His Service ' - He performs a secret battle technique with his blade to land critical slashes on the targeted enemy , that leaves them wounded for a while , constantly dropping Hitpoints . Of course if the target enemy had few Hitpoints left to begin with , they will fall defeated from bleeding

' Tiger Claw ' - Wu can plant his sword vertically on the ground and then hit it nearly instantly later with his feet , sending the weapon for a direct impact slash on the target enemy , dealing a critical hit on their Armor , that can even drop to zero value sometimes

b. Ling Mei ( Beautiful Soul )

Background - A woman of inner grace and outer beauty that always helped another whenever they needed her . She carried well the honor of her name along , throughout her entire life and was certain she will never have to perform a selfish deed , not even out of necessity . Yet , like seldom it happens , life teaches us an opposite lesson and the day had to come when Mei had to cross her heart and do what needs to be done instead of what she would have normally done . A vile person kidnapped her younger brother that was just older than a baby at the time , the only brother she was having in a family of eight children including herself , that were all girls . She suspected that it was the hand of the imperial soldiers that were looking to recruit more men in service of the emperor , that both him and his current dynasty were not at Mei's heart ; she and her family being from among those that opposed the ways of the Qin . Armed with the fire of revenge , she took training in the art of war and went to pursue the kidnappers , but not before taking revenge on the person responsible of her brother kidnapping , a neighbour that turned her brother in to the empire . She left her parents and her sisters soon thereafter , taking along with her an ancient Crossbow that was kept in her family for few hundred years , the weapon itself being rumored to be even older

Weapon Of Choice - Nu Crossbow

Powers -

' Multi Shot ' - Mei will load the semi automatic crossbow with several bolts for a rain of deadly shots . Does not need a target enemy for this to work because is more oriented against enemy groups or large sized enemy units

' Head Shot ' - Mei will target a specific enemy unit for a deadly head hit that oftentimes results in instant death . If the target is well armored and survives it , they will still receive serious damage

F. Archaics

1. Amorites

a. Ninlil-Amare

Background - Hailing from the region of Mesopotamia of year 1800 B.C.E. and coming from a long lineage of Canaanites , Ninlil was always a strong woman , a fightress matched only by few among her kind . Nearly unmatched just like her own people when having to fight their oppressors . The Amorites in these times were trying to bring a new era of freedom in their world , trying to take back the lands and their belongings from being the property of the clergy or the kings and queens and to grant the people self ownership . This did not bode well with the Babylonian and Akkadian rulers that wanted the old law to remain in place . Ever since making a decision of dedicating her life entirely for her people's cause , Ninlil found herself in the ranks of rebel bands that were bringing trouble whenever they could and crime sometimes was paying really well too

Weapon Of Choice - Throwing Javelins

Powers -

' Striking Fury ' - She can throw a plethora of javelins in the sky that will land shortly thereafter on the heads of enemy groups decimating their ranks . Some of them will always fall to death from the raining javelins

' Empower ' - Ninlil can garrison any friendly tower to add her own attacks to its own basic attack , turning the tower into a more fierce defense . Lasts for as long as she remains inside

b. Apilsha

Background - Apilsha worked all his life as a guard for hire and a mecenary at times for trading caravans needing protection , or for any person that wanted something to come in their posession . Sometimes even when a certain some one wanted someone dead , they would seek the services of Apilsha . He never refused , he never complained and he always done his job well to the end . In paralel this raised a bounty on his head , put in place by the people wronged by his services , though they never managed to stop him , at least not yet . If asked , Apilsha will say the gods are to thank for his well fortune in the form of his weapon , a scepter of power that he always carries with himself . Still partially unknown to him , the weapon is infact a tech rod empowered by gravitic energies , the form of energy that empowers all developed Archaic societies of this age

Weapon Of Choice - Rubine Scepter

Powers -

' Tremor ' - Apilsha sends a seismic wave under the feet of target enemy group to shake them in place with serious damage for a short while

' Energize ' - He can use the rod to target a friendly Seismic Energy Generator , to grant it double the Energy production for a time . Apilsha does not need to stand in the area to continously power it but it will take a good enough while before this can be used again

2. Butmir Culture

a. Ajsa Dzana

Background - A girl that since early childhood , she was fascinated by the stories heard from her grandparents , storytold to her at the night burning fireplaces being held in the middle of every village of the Butmir settlements , of year 4000 B.C.E. of South East Europe region of Bosnia . Her people were always secluded , keeping to themselves and unknown by others of these times to even exist . In this way they were peaceful , they were living a life left to develop by itself , in the way it was ordained by nature or by the gods , that the elders of the settlements and her grandparents included , were mentioning sometimes in jest to the child Dzana , that they still are among them in person , still walking the Earth but somewhere afar . Dzana took these words to heart and promised herself that when she will be a grown woman , she will leave in their search . And she kept her promise too . In her early 20s after having served in the nearby large town Archive , she became a wizardress in her own respect , wielding the powers of the elements she liked most

Weapon Of Choice - Empowered Stave

Powers -

' Fire Sphere ' - She will conjure a large sphere of burning fire to be used for a devastating hit . If targeted on enemy structures they can catch fire and continue to burn if fully successful

' Water Sphere ' - Dzana will conjure a large sphere of water this time , to be used for a pacifying hit that will make any enemy advances stop for a while . If buildings are targeted , for a short duration they will halt production . In case the structure is a defensive one , it will halt attack

b. Josip Bakir

Background - In Butmir society , certain people were tasked to gather the proper wood supplies to use for fuel at their fires that needed to burn in sacred tradition all night long . These fireplaces were large in size , as large as the foundation of a structure itself and every evening , the people of the settlement were gathering around this public fire to roast meals , share stories and count the happenings of the day that just passed . Josip was such a person , tasked by his parents to supply the settlement with enough logs and dried wood he could find . His kind were not gathering much of the living trees of the forest , but only when necessary because they were overgrown and plentiful with dried trees already , riddled with fallen trees from former storms having been hit by lightning . And of course the woods that were always falling in collateral damage from the giant beasts of these times that were roaming the woods aplenty . Yes , these public fireplaces were also having this purpose , to keep these beasts away because in these times , the bear and the wolf was their ancestor , that were far more dangerous , larger sized and more feral than what they became in later times . In one particular afternoon , Josip decided to spend a bit more time in the forest after already having gathered the wood supplies he needed , because something caught his eye when he was picking up the dried logs from the place , something magical , something fantastical , something that resembled a nymph , a mythical spirit of the forest . Myth that was still being taught in the schools of these times for having existed once in every place , though something unknown made these beings distance themselves from inhabited areas . Josip was found two days later by his family at the exact spot he left , lying in deep sleep and not remembering anything that happened in the interim , Josip began to understand that he really had an encounter with Myth , but nobody , not even himself could answer anything about what happened in these two days he only remembers he spent them in sleep . The only thing that kept him from accepting that he only slept and nothing else happened , was the presence of a mysterious twig shaped staff he found lying right beside him

Weapon Of Choice - Twig Staff

' Spring Of Life ' - Josip targets the ground to erupt a small spring of clear waters that flows all over , granting healing for friendly units that stand on this ground . If this is targeted at farms , they will receive a boost of production , granting affected farms a +30 % more crop capacity from their total maximum

' Cover Of Bark ' - He can use his weapon to conjure ground sprouting , living plates of bark that grants a boost of defense for himself and any friendly units nearby . If targeted on certain spots like narrow paths , the bark plates can form an obstacle that prevent enemies to pass , including enemy siege units that fell trees and other obstacles when moving . The bark plates cannot be targeted but will only last a short while

3. Gojoseon Founders

a. Seong-Hyeon

Background - A mid 20s woman that appears foreign to her lands that were not established too long ago from her time by her people , in the Korean islands of year 2000 B.C.E. . Her parents always told her that all of them come from Heaven and not from this Earth and someone that remained up there has sent them here to establish a home and a good place in these foreign lands . Although nothing was discovered having inhabited this place before their times , no ruins , no traces of older civilizations , the place did feel to contain a silent wisdom , a silent voice that only the senses could hear , that it was not by the act of mere chance alone that her kind were chosen to settle in these parts of this unexplored new world . Desiring to know more than she felt her parents are telling her , she searched in secret all homes and archives of the settlement to discover more answers . What she finally found was astounding and it was no less than complete records of star flight data telling of how her kind embarked no more than 300 years ago from this present date , in ships of the stars with a direct voyage destination to this place , these very lands . It was a voyage that was possible thanks to a common effort of her people , her ancestors from up there . Among these records she discovered a weapon that proved useful to have on her person when exploring this brave new world

Weapon Of Choice - Electric Rod

Powers -

' Lightning Bolt ' - She releases a devastating area attack of lightning shocks for critical damage to any enemies hit

' Empower Structure ' - Seong-Hyeon can empower any friendly target building with an electric field that will not give it permanent protection like suspected , but will stand at the ready waiting for an enemy to land a hit , either melee or ranged . Once this happens , the field discharges automatically on the enemy . It works equally well even if the enemy attacks from range , because the lightning travels very fast through the enemy projectile directly back at the attacker . This field has only one use but it deals serious damage and shock value both ; pun or no pun intended

b. Jeong-Hui

Background - One of the few elders that are living among the Gojoseon , Jeong is a man that remembers well the life his people were having when being back up there among the stars on the world they left behind . Among the things he knows about are certain dark secrets that he never shared with anyone . One such secret that he sworn to take along with him to the grave , is that this new world has disadvantages . And one of them is in the form of its hostility to the organism , an unperceivable one that can only be known if it's spoken about . However even if told about , many of the young would discard it for not true . The secret is that this new world is shortening the lifespan of its inhabitants , reducing their lives to mere decades compared to the normal lifespan Jeong-Hui's kind were having up there and the only one still having preserved his lifespan is himself , thanks to disobeying a strict order to not take the antidote nutrition needed for life span preservation on this foreign world of Earth . He is in truth 350 years old and he lived all the way on their voyage to arrive here piloting one of the ships himself and his youth he spent on their home world out there . These secrets are not known by the others , because for once nobody questions the elders and secondly , he watches how people live , enjoy the new life on these new , foreign lands seeming to not care anymore about their past and this is why he never found the right time to share them with the others . Until he will fall to the decay caused by this planet , he intends to die a healthy , active man

Weapon Of Choice - Welding Rifle

Powers -

' Melter Beam ' - Jeong-Hui targets an enemy siege machine wheels to melt them or fuse them to the ground with the rifle . If fully successful the target falls but if not , they still receive serious damage

' Guiding Communicator ' - Jeong-Hui uses a dusty , rusted device he keeps in his pockets to enable a secret command meant for air ships that will boost their speed for a certain while . Works on both the air transport and the air trader

4. Minoan Culture

a. Parthenope

Background - A construction workress tasked on the common effort of raising the first edifice in the lands of Crete of year 3000 B.C.E. , that for about half a millenia since her people arrived here , they only built all necessities of life a bustling city needed to have yet nothing of this type or size before now . It was decided in common agreement to raise a monument to celebrate their achievement . Like in most Archaic societies , the people that find themselves living in these times , still know in good will that they were not always here , that they arrived here in these newly lands they settled , from elsewhere , and still knowing clearly that they have a past for some better to be forgotten , while for the others meaning a part that is missing , a part always worthy of being remembered . She only found out later after the edifice was finished that along with being a monument , it was supposed to provide a new form of entertainment where beasts of these lands would be brought after being caught and then to be set loose inside the structure on a chase for them to find their way out , through the intricate shapes of the walls within , while being chased by daring volunteers . It was a maze

Weapon Of Choice - Construction Maul

Powers -

' Shatter Force ' - Parthenope can use her weapon to smash near the foundation of a target enemy structure to deliver a seismic wave that travels through the ground for a while and then hits the building with violent force . Is especially useful against smaller structures and really useful against enemy defenses like towers and walls . It of course works against enemy groups fairly well too

' Pushing Force ' - She can empower her weapon and then hit a target enemy for a serious damage blow and a violent push both , that sends them landing behind a good distance from the spot they were hit by this . Just like the first power , it needs to recharge for a time until Parthenope can use it again

b. Hector

Background - Long before the Greek civilization came to settle in the neighbouring northern lands right across the sea from Crete and still long before Zeus of Olympus had the idea to bless a mortal woman with a son that would become a hero of renown , in the recently settled island of Crete a hero was already roaming these ever summer lands . This hero was known as Hector , a man that since he was a boy he never liked to sit for too long in the same place , or to play the same childhood game for many times . Thanks to his knack for exploration , the people came to rely on his exploring skills , to be able to discover all important spots of resources , where dangers would be located and where fertile grounds , proper for crops could be settled and cultivated . Thanks to his services that he done while having fun in the same time , he was well welcomed everywhere : in every home , at every table and in every young maiden's bed , if he so desired . Yet Hector was still not content , until he eventually explored all of Crete and then he asked for what his people would be saddened to give him : a boat to set sail away far from his home that he now believed was too small . He was given what he asked and he was not been seen ever since he left one night with nobody to say goodbye to him except his lover that he refused to take her along . He did return many months later and told his people that he discovered numerous other , smaller islands dotting these seas also inhabited by a people they have not met yet . Maturity finally caught up with him and he given up on his travels , soon settling down with his lover for a quiet family life . Until one pleasant noon when someone came running from the shores , shouting to everyone that could hear them , to prepare . For they were about to be attacked

Weapon Of Choice - Emerald Sarissa

Powers -

' Lateral Swing ' - He will use his long spear to land a circular blow all around himself . Works especially well if Hector is surrounded by enemies

' Feet Flight ' - Hector will plant his long spear in the ground and swing his own self around it in a circular move that lifts him to the top and then jump with force on a target enemy unit for a hard blow

5. Norte Chico Theocracy

a. Quispe Pinca

Background - Although her people do not come from another world from the stars , they do come from elsewhere , from a land that used to be standing in what is now a vast ocean still boiling at places , from the devastation that occurred less than few hundred years ago from this date of 3500 B.C.E. , few thousand leagues right to the south west of the lands of Peru . Quispe Pinca is a woman tasked with keeping her people healthy and alive and her task is serious because there are few of them left . Just a few dozen families and it pains her to see that they already started to form opposing groups , called theocratic castes in her society . These groups are mostly causing infighting between each other for the supremacy of their gods that one caste holds in higher esteem than the other does . Their gods , that by the way Quispe Pinca sees things , have failed them in the first place and the more these conflicts happen , the more she gets convinced that is better to leave them behind , to remain sunk along with the vast land that once held her ancestors civilization on its surface . A land that was once shared with many other peoples , now having probably being scattered themselves in other parts of this world , that was not completely explored it seems . Her weapon would be considered an abomination by foreigners not accustomed to these things , but her ancestors tapped into many secrets of Biology and these tools were actually once used for medical purposes , to preserve her people in those times nearly completely unaffected by : disease , premature aging and physical wounds . Her weapon resembles a living staff , more a snake than an object , that slithers its skin all over its surface as if ever climbing around its length

Weapon Of Choice - Organic Staff

Powers -

' Deadly Bite ' - Releases the staff that does become a serpent for a short while , delivering a deadly bite to an enemy target , injecting a toxin along that seeps at their Hitpoints continuously for a time

' Protection Coil ' - Quispe Pinca makes the staff coil around her body , keeping her in place and at this time she constantly heals along with receiving an organic type of armor that absorbs enemy damage

b. Pomu Arauru

Background - This man serves in the recently raised temples dedicated to all the pantheon of the Norte Chicos , keeping the ancestral tradition alive even in these troubled times when him and his kind are but mere survivors on these lush jungle lands and not anymore a nation to be feared and respected like he remembers well , his ancestral nation to have been once . And this was not long before he was a young boy . No , Pomu Arauru believes different , different than some others that say the gods are of fault . He instead believes that his ancestors , his own people were the ones that actually failed the gods , that were the ones that grown drunk with the arrogance of success , fed well in those times with every defeat of their enemies , making the men boast and demand more victories while the women more worried with the growing , reckless behaviour of their men . In service of his gods , Pomu Arauru sworn continuation of his society the way it was , the way it always worked best , hoping that one day he will witness the peak of achievement again , peak they recently fell from , being caused by a mistake he is sworn to teach his people to not make again . Yet nobody seems to remember or understand anymore , except himself , what really was that mistake in the first place . At least he always tries to explain to them time and again . His weapon is not physical but made of energies he gladly conjures in battle

Weapon Of Choice - Sunflare Orb

' Bright Of Dusk ' - Pomu Arauru makes the orb decrease in light until it adds darkness around itself , taking the light from the enemies eyes , blinding them in place and leaving them unable to defend themselves for a certain while

' Bright Of Dawn ' - He empowers the weapon and then releases it in front of himself at a distance among groups of enemies , that will blow them away in all directions , in a devastating explosion of morning-like sunlight . They will receive burning damage and falling damage both . Of course it does work against a single enemy unit too but it would be a waste because this power is best suited for groups of enemies

G . The Lost

1. Atlantis Matriarchate

a. Librarian Sophitia Diana

Background - A young librarian hailing from the south western capital of Moonglow , of year 6500 B.C.E. of the ante-deluvian continent of Atlantida . Her civilization occupies the largest area of this continent in these times , but is not the only one that lives on this bountiful land having flora and fauna found no where else on the world . Sophitia studied the arcane and the art of war both in all her childhood and teen years , among the crystalline walls of the best universities her nation provides , at no cost to all youth that simply desires to know more . These universities were always built atop the ruins of the Precursor civilizations that ruled Terra long before her time , ruins carefully encrypted within well preserved and well sealed containments , that with time were becoming known simply nicknamed : crypts . In Sophitia's life of her world , the passage of time and the course of Life and Death were understood differently and even more different they were understood before her world gotten born . In short , it was upon mere personal choice of what one would do with themselves , to either live to celebrate a thousand years of their life with a big party , or to forsake their own physical presence on Terra and leave to other realms only accessible in non corporeal form . The experiments performed in these crypts were daring and they were all successful . Suffice to say that this civilization by now , since about 1000 years before Sophitia was born , already mastered resurrection and forms of foresight and at the present every person was able to experience death at will , just to see how it feels like and then walk again in flesh like it never happened , or to witness how the outcomes of their choices will turn out to be in the future . Her civilization was going into a direction of more and more daring experiments , decade after decade and although the morale of people and the comfort of life was getting heightened considerably with each passing decade , Sophitia could not help to forget a passage that she read once in one of the books she studied , that mentioned a certain limit that must not be reached , a limit of no return that would bring devastation unrepairable . Little did she knew that just about 2000 years ahead from her time , a mere two complete lifespans of an Atlantean person , that all of this will be proven to become entirely true

Weapon Of Choice - Crystallic Trident

Powers -

' Bridge Of Light ' - She energizes two walkable beams of light from the weapon that she can use to quickly walk on , either across a river or to climb on top of any lower than 90 degree elevation , whenever needed

' Fluid Shot ' - Sophitia engulfs a target enemy unit into a fluidic light field where they are slowed down to a near still point and when hit by her trident a second latery , they violently return to the normal flow of movement , receiving nearly deadly damage in the process

b. Caretaker Simonion

Background - The city street lights of the Matriarchate are powered by pure moonlight this civilization has achieved , that can be considered either : technological , magical or something else . Every evening , men garbed in blue robes come out of their homes carrying long staffs that are about five times their height , enough long to reach the very tall street poles of the city , that with a simple touch from these staffs crystal tops , they sprout forth a pleasant , light blue light akin to the Moon in the skies of Atlantida , inside their lamps placed at their tops . One would argue that , with all due achievement sake , why haven't the Atlanteans thought about convenience like a form for the lights to turn on by themselves , to save time . They would be no more wrong about Atlantean society with this statement .A society that values the simplicity and the pleasure of ritual , the significance of this evening parade alone that carries meaning , the meaning of achievement that needs to be celebrated with every evening . In Atlantean society not the morning is celebrated , no , the evening is celebrated instead , because everything has a beginning , otherwise it would not exist , yet not everything has an end , a good end better said . This is why an evening is the actual proof that someone , or some thing , a person , or an entire civilization , has managed to live well throughout the day that just passed and now they have reached the evening , the proper actual time for their celebration to take place . One such moonlight carrier is Caretaker Simonion that ceremoniously performs this duty every evening of the year for his beloved emeraldine stone paved streets of his home city

Weapon Of Choice - Moonlighter

Powers -

' Eyes Of The Moon ' - He will energize his weapon to glow brightly in pure moonlight granting double the Line Of Sight for both himself and any nearby friendly units . He can continously go on like this to aid friendly troops but he won't be able to fight until he turns it off

' Let There Be Night ' - Simonion can cause a partial solar eclipse on a certain area in the world where enemy units Line Of Sight and all their defenses range will be reduced considerably . This takes a long while to recharge to be used again but it can have really useful outcomes if used at the right place

2. Beaker Alliance

a. Xaor'Q Storkbeak

Background - The Beaker civilization is a rare encounter in these late times of year 2900 B.C.E. of north western Europe . A rare fact to be , a society still being led by non human leaders , remnants of the Precursor kingdoms , empires and dominions that spanned for dozens of millennia , ruling the entire planet , long before the humankind started here by themselves . That truth be told , they never started by themselves , because some of them were either sent here from the stars to start anew on this planet on purpose , while others come from lost continents of Terra that used to hold their developed nations before . One , geologically speaking , fresh continent that just gotten lost about 2400 years ago before these present times , used to stand right in the neighbouring ocean washing the shores of this region of the world . Xaor'Q Storkbeak is a stork antropomorphic woman with a long memory , a memory of all the teachings her specie's ancestors that taught her kind to hold intact , teachings that might prove useful time and again . Her kind and that of the Funnels , the other race that the Beaker Alliance is formed of ; because it is an alliance between two different races of antropomorphs , that once were sworn rivals ; recently wandered the planet in their star shuttles right after the cataclysm that engulfed Terra in water waves that were consuming all the lands that stood in their paths . In these wanderings they discovered remnant survivors of humans that here and there , being separated leagues or hundreds of leagues away , managed to float , still being alive among the waves , having been part of who knows what civilization they used to belong to before the Deluge swept the planet . These human survivors are what forms the Beaker Alliance workforce in these days . Each of them come from various aspects of their lost societies . Some of them were engineers , some of them arcanists , some of them medics and so on . Xaor'Q Storkbeak's kind saved their lives , picked them up from certain death just like feral storks pick fish and has taken them to safety , to a land where they can start anew in a new community where they have a new chance to start over . Xaor'Q knows that she cannot remain among them forever because her kind and all the non human races are already done for with this planet and at one point in the future she will have to leave them to fend for themselves . Just not yet

Weapon Of Choice - Particle Carbine

Powers -

' Muon-Glow ' - She overloads the weapon to use devastating Muon particles at target enemy unit for a near death shot . If she chooses a target enemy structure instead , the building gets a critical hit , leaving a large hole inside the structure , lowering its Hitpoints

' Hail Transport ' - Xaor'Q calls for a transport carrier ship to take off and land at her position bypassing its former orders . This is not so useful to carry herself around but more useful if the ship is already having embarked armies at the ready to be dropped at her location to face a larger enemy threat . Requires a cooldown time until being able to be used again

b. Naohrr'Kraa Crowbeak

Background - A crowheaded antropomorphic man from the Funnel kind , brother in alliance with the Bell kind , that has an impatient temper most of the time , being fed up with the bad fortune of this planet that he considers not worthy of the trouble anymore . He is firmly convinced that is high time for both the Funnels and the Bells to pack things up and leave to the stars in search of a better nest , where the Alliance will thrive far better than it ever can , here on Terra . He is understood and agreed with by a good part of his own Funnel kind and by a good part of the Bells too , but the women in power that have an equal say in Beaker society always argue that for a certain while , it is a good deed to remain among the human survivors to help them rebuild and once they prove they can fend for themselves , they will agree with Crowbeak's idea . He , of course lacks the patience of having to wait longer and although the Beaker society is very strict , dutiful , honest and loyal , he still plans to leave on his own , having a bad feeling of dread , as if the future holds only death if they tarry too long . A fact that he argues to be entirely true thanks to his crow senses , that , just like the feral birds themselves , they always smell the approach of death whenever it comes

Weapon Of Choice - Dark Energy-Scythe

Powers -

' Neutrino Slash ' - Naohrr'Kraa empowers the weapon's darkblade with hazardous energies based on neutrinos that triple the weapon damage for a short while , good enough to slay even enemy titans that are unfortunate enough to meet him at this time , provided they have less than 40% of their total Hitpoints left . Buildings hit by the weapon at this time receive only double the damage but enough to count for an almost siege level of attack

' Flight Of Death ' - He uses his own pitch black feathered wings to take a leap against an enemy target aiming to severe their head , their limbs or even severe their body in half , if this is fully successful . It becomes more successful the less Hitpoints the target has

3. Vinca Civilization

a. Anyna Of The Vinca

Background - A full human looking young woman in her late 20's that is only human in apperance but not in the rest . At least not in her mind nor in her heart . She was never content with life among her own race and she always found the company of alien presence to feel like home . The Vinca Star Dominion is something larger than an empire . A dominion in itself is considered the next level beyond an empire's span and reach , that for instance : what an empire can hold , a dominion has to hold at least a magnitude of ten times more than an empire can hold , before it can begin to be considered a dominion and not just an empire . It is unknown where it is located in space . It is unknown if it's even located in this galaxy , but what is really known is that it seems to have existed for at least 5000 years since it begun , if not for 7000 years more likely though no one knows the exact date and how it started . The Dominion is not a life of harsh , strict society , nor one of oppression but it is a combination of dominant minded races and societies that found a common goal thanks to their common mindset . In this form they reached an obvious , mutual agreement that they will always be better united in efforts than separated . The only feature that is commonplace in Vinca society , no matter in what worlds they have in their care , is a sense of sadistic cruelty in their ways , that seldom if ever , they care to bypass in favor of something else . The Dominion society never cares for someone that is bothered by how things are en large , it only wants people that find a personal way to use the society to their advantage , along the way contributing to the society's advantage along . The current presence of the Vinca on Terra is that of exploration , mining and research , holding a small colony in the region of year 5500 B.C.E territory of Dacia . or Romania like it will be later known in the far future from these times . Anyna was especially tasked by high command , being currently located on a planet in the Alpha Centauri , to be present on Terra to lead the Vincan colony efforts here along with another person having a similar task but assigned to different duties . By profession , she was always an engineer and a good star trooper both , honing her skills in battle and in parallel , honing her skills in decryption , device maintenance work and repairs . She comes wearing her fit star trooper armor , skin tight like a bodyglove and a special mask she uses sometimes for some useful purposes . The need of mention that any battle she encountered on this world is not against any enemies mind you , because few oppose the Vinca before they ask membership in the Dominion , but battle against the hostile fauna found in this region of Terra that seems to have been thriving non bothered by eons , unusually being present in large populations on these lands

Weapon Of Choice - Vorpal Bladerifle

' Fan Attack ' - Her personal weapon of choice is a high tech re-creation of a fantasy non human design and a mix with a modern trooper rifle both . Although she normally fights at range it can deliver a serious melee hit if needed . For this special attack , she just engages the blades in a rapid fan movement sort of way , that will slice the target enemy , eviscerating them in place if the hit is fatal

' Beam Attack ' - Anyna switches her weapon to a rare fire mode that emits a constant beam of what appears to be dark blue , near black light that has a very long reach and whatever it hits , deals devastating damage for a short while . The beam can also hold in place small sized enemy units

b. The Masked Keeper

Background - A man that never takes his mask off and has been around for a long time enough for many to not remember where he comes from or how old he is , yet everybody knows him for what he is and for what he does , because he holds an important position . His task is that of keeping a strict record of everything the high command needs to know about , albeit not so interesting things , but important nonetheless . Things like : the amount of resources produced , the amount of resources consumed , the number of ill persons , the number of requests for off world travel and much more other things like these . Things that represent the personal log , or the journal of the Vincan colony on Terra . He , of course , keeps hold of certain secret things too , that are better not known by everyone , like : the number of deaths and births in the colony , or the number of hours at a general statistic level regarding the time the young spend having sexual intercourse , or the amount of intoxicating substances they consume and so on . Contrary to popular belief , he is not keeping tabs on anyone , nothing happens either way , whether someone fasts or goes overboard is of no consequence , but these records need to be kept nonetheless . Thanks to this , he is also a man that holds critical information about all people and about all things happening in the colony and he even knows a thing or two about what high command is doing among the stars at any time , or how they will respond to the next request placed by someone . The only person information that is off limits for him is the other person tasked to take care of the colony , Miss Anyna herself , the battle engineeress , that is simply off limits and classified for his record keeping which only the high command themselves directly ask for her data

Weapon Of Choice - Magnetar

Powers -

' Law Of Attraction ' - The Keeper personal weapon is an invention itself and an improvisation both that does not actually use any magnets despite its namesake , but somehow interferes with the planet's gravity field and rotation , only at a certain spot where physics will behave different than normal . If an enemy target is chosen , they will be thrown to the skies at first and then attracted violently back to the ground a second later for fatal crush damage . It works against every enemy unit type , even titans and sea ships but the smaller in size the enemy unit is , the less high the jump and the lighter the fall will be . This simply means that the larger in sized the foes are , the harder they will fall

' Law Of Repulsion ' - The Keeper uses an inverse field from the weapon to push back the advances of enemies at a good enough distance behind . Does not need a target for this because is meant to work for groups more than a single unit

4. Gunung Padang Civilization

a. Arch-Seeress Melati

Background - A proto Polynesian woman that was left the task of guarding a Precursor Naga temple , now being sunken amidst the ever humid , over grown lush jungle of year 7000 B.C.E. world region of Indonesia . Being half Naga herself without her lower body half that of a serpent and having human legs instead , though her features in the rest being serpentian , she kept her duties well for about 2000 years by now already . Melati originally hails from the lost continent of MU where a dominant civilization commonly known as Lemuria used to stand with dignity on the lost continent , not earlier than almost 1000 years before this date of 7000 B.C.E. . The continent and the civilization both , now lie sunken themselves in the depths of the westernmost water mass of Mother Gaia , or planet Terra in the common tongue . Like she was instructed about a millenium and a half ago when she left Lemuria , this archive is supposed to play a very important role after a distant , far future period of time from the present date , when it will be needed to turn the tide and save the human kind from utter destruction , or from complete enslavement , at a date that would end some when around 3000 A.D.E. in the general understanding . Here and now , in the Oceanian jungles of 7000 B.C.E. , Melati cannot grasp the implications of these things , but her task is clear and it has to be done for as long as she is around . The Lemurian organism lifespan grants a near 2500 years of continuous life , the person only growing old with age in the last 200 years , while the Naga organism can rise to a staggering 15.000 years of life without growing old , except from the last 500 or so . Thanks to being half blooded , Melati expects to be alive for at least 9000 years more from now on , just enough to reach the predicted date of year 2000 to 2500 A.D.E. when the archive will be left unguarded for a mere 1000 to 500 years more until is needed in 3000 A.D.E. by whomever will need to use it then . The archive is of course hidden and being kept a secret , but is creepy , damp , cold and humid inside . Her only companion is a large python that accompanies her whereever she goes . A certain settlement of remnant Precursors and some human Lemurian survivors have managed for a few hundred years by now to raise a thriving settlement in a region called Gunung Padang , very close to the archive . In this place , the Arch-Seeress takes some time off for mating , for a good night sleep , or to simply spend some time off talking with someone , for a few days at a time until going back to the archive , for the simple reason that above all things , everyone has needs that need to be tended to once in a while , just like duties . Melati uses no weapon because her own long and sharp serpentine nails have proven enough to be a match in any fight she had to participate in , mostly fights involving careless attacks from beasts of the jungle in search for food , other times from stray primitives that wanted to have some fun in the area

Weapon Of Choice - Serpentian Long Nails

Powers -

' Neck Slash ' - She can perform a fierce , strained slash with both hands on target enemy neck that if it proves to be fatal , the enemy will be beheaded , or will fall on the ground splashing blood bursts from their severed necks

' Snake Embrace ' - Melati lets her python friend take this shot while she can be busy with another foe at this time . The python will rapidly coil around the enemy target's body and constrict them to a near death , at times full fatal grip

b. Sri Slamet

Background - An antropomorphic lizard man from the chameleon genus that was part of a small country on the continent of MU , located right beside Lemuria yet more distant than usually expected because MU was the largest , most vast continent Mother Gaia ever had . Therefore close by in Lemurian terms , but an ocean distance in width away in post Lemurian times terms . It is unknown why the continent sunk because nobody wants to talk about it . Everyone that had family or origins there are simply too saddened by the happening . When asked , either Sri Slamet himself or another person , they will simply grow silent after a short while if this is mentioned . Maybe in another time , with the occasion of the presence of another civilization that knows something and wants to share it too , the story might become known . Now , this is not of importance . What is of importance is the new life they found here in the lush jungles of this south west region of the planet . Sri Slamet is a stone mason by profession that offered his building craft expertise and stone block carrying back both , to help raise the homes of this early started civilization they commonly named as the Gunung Padang Civilization , a civilization of survivors . He still carries with himself a weapon entirely made of a very durable yet very lightweight stone , made in a lost weapon craft that his people used to be well known for back in the good days on MU

Weapon Of Choice - Stone Fork

Powers -

' Crumble Touch ' - He will smash his weapon on a target enemy building that will receive an all-over-itself type of crumbling damage , that appears to come from nowhere , yet is very visible and very damaging to the structure . If is used against an enemy wall , it will only receive damage for about five wall blocks in both directions , left and right . If used on an enemy fortification it will receive damage mostly around its foundation

' Build Boost ' - With a simple touch of the weapon , Sri Slamet will speed up the ' in progress ' construction of a friendly building for a short while . If the structure has been built to at least 60 % , this power will complete the construction of the building

5. Yamnaya Realm Outsiders

a. Siarlotta Snow Clan

Background - A human looking woman yet not a human . As much as this sounds like a comical on-the-fly type of rhyme , it is not . Her stature is tall , her physical constitution is highly developed , her eyes are dark blue , glowing in a pale light in the dark , her hair flows gracefully on her shoulders in a vibrant white , yet she is a woman barely in her 30s . Her skin appears to be made of the finest snow , the pale blue kind , the type found in the most cold of environments , though her skin is warm and more soft at touch than the touch of soft snow itself , not to mention the rumoured touch she can grant in her bed for the man that won her respect . Bearing a name older than the first Vikings can remember , yet still being Nordic in her own unknown way , she comes from a clan of survivors and game hunters , hailing from a beautiful fantasy world of cold winter , somewhere out there in the constellation where the Nordic gods are said to live themselves , where the paradise known as Valhalla for their people , is supposed to be . Siarlotta and her people are not there anymore however for they had to leave their home realm to arrive here through a portal between realms having been chased by an enemy , not even herself , nor her entire clan could face and stand victorious at the end . The foe that chased them from their home realm is not present with them here . Tthey are not hunted , nor stalked here on Terra , here being in the near arctic region of the Faroese islands of year 4500 B.C.E. An elder helped them arrive on this planet directly at a proper region for Siarlotta and her people , a region bit more familiar with her home realm , though if you ask her , a bit too hot , not cold enough for her tastes . Yet she adapted and so has her clan

Weapon Of Choice - Snowpine Great Club

Powers -

' Blast Of Winter ' - Siarlotta can call forth a blizzard of snow that will engulf any enemies caught within a large enough round shaped area and turn them completely frozen and immobile , fully vulnerable to her hits . Some of the foes caught here have a chance to get completely frozen , that will thaw in pieces when Siarlotta finishes them

' Let It Snow ' - She can call the native weather of her lands in a target area , that will grant friendly units a boost in speed and attack rate whilst lowering the attack rate and movement speed of the enemies in the same time . If the place of the current battle is already a cold , wintry land , Siarlotta's power will be boosted to double efficiency , meaning that friendly bonuses and enemy penalties will be double and the duration of this power will last twice as long

b. Esmundur Ice Clan

Background - Esmundur is a young man barely out of his teen years but brave enough to be admitted among the more mature members of his clan . His clan is one of seafarers , fishers and explorers tasked with providing what little the harsh pre Nordic lands of this new realm have to offer , in matter of food and other resources . Since his clan and the other clans that arrived here after they evacuated from their home realm , they have discovered that this new realm is not that bountiful and plentiful like they were used to being back home . It says that a Norseman's table has to be full to the brim with foods and drinks , the table to barely hold them on its legs , to be proof of his or her worth as a Nord . This is even more the case for a pre Nordic kind that needs to give an example to future generations that will live in these new lands , when one day they will look back and amaze themselves at the feats their ancestors were capable of . And , no heroic feats can happen on an empty stomache . This is why Esmundur and his brethren have to regularly brave the harsh seas , fjords , caves and mountain peaks of this alien world , in search for whatever this realm has to offer . With time , the few animals they brought with themselves became larger herds , the seed sacks they took along became farms now , here and there amidst the frozen tundra of their outsider villages . Yet no matter the next level of comfort they achieved , they were a people that never forgot what they left behind , never forgot home and never grew soft . Nobody would take anything away by force from the outsiders of the realm of Yamnaya . Nor bread , nor ale , nor woman's honor , nor man's respect , because they were never broken in spirit , not even by the bastard creature that chased them away from their home realm . Esmundur Ice Clan's weapon of choice he carries since he has it from his father , that was not fortunate to escape Yamnaya , reminds him of a time when he was a boy at his parents home . The weapon is made of a specimen of Iron not native to Terra and along with this , it comes burning in a deep cold , calm light blue flame that has more than an enchanted type of damage to itself

Weapon Of Choice - Cold Iron Warhammer

Powers -

' Ice Flame ' - Esmundur can focus the weapon flame to be expulsed like coming from the mouth of a fiery forge , into enemy groups that will be sublimated to near absolute zero temperatures , critically damaging their Armor and Hitpoints both , in case they do not become ice shards already

' Ice Path ' - This power works both on land and at sea . If Esmundur targets it at sea at a nearby enemy sea ship , it will freeze the ship in place and when the ice thaws a few seconds later , it tends to drag the enemy ship to the depths . When successful the enemy ship sinks but if not , it will still receive a serious shake . If targeted on land it will create a pathway of ice where friendly troops will receive a double boost in movement speed . This can indirectly form an ice bridge across narrow rivers or small lakes whenever possible too

!!! Rejoice ! For Glory will return again to us !!!

!!! All Hail !!! All Hail !!! All Hail !!!

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There is a lesson that we fail to realize . You cannot get something from life without offering something in turn
Who masters the art of getting things , already mastered the art of offering things . Is how all the stuff we buy works , all industry , everything . They offer us a product , we buy it , they profit , we use that product , both sides win

Nobody gives anything to someone that just knows how to demand things , especially when rude , impolite and in a non educated way , and doesn't even have an idea about what means to give back , what means to reward the stuff you want from others

Of course , the harsh reality may be that someone that only wants to take has nothing to offer in the first place and they shouldn't be bothered with at all

" Fun times " don't you think , I surely dislike these times a lot that's for sure

We need to ask ourselves a serious question before going ahead to take things , the question of : What do I have to offer ? What do I offer in turn for what I want ? and based on our answer we can determine what things we can get and our worth altogether

We need to understand that we need to put things on the table for the world , for the others first before we can take back . When each of us will see in the others , opportunities to help another and not an opportunity to take something from them , we will change to a better world

It all starts with a look at own person , what qualities do you have , what lacks do you have . Someone has intelligence , they can use that to offer something to the world and gain what they want , others have physical beauty and sexual stamina , they can use these qualities to offer the world and gain what they want in turn , others have money only , well they need to spend it to get what they want and so on
Because , everything , every thing has a price , love , affection , understanding , even words have a price , if even a texture have a price . We need to learn to appreciate those that offer these things for free and realize they are boons not fools that are good to rob but boons and examples we can follow

We all need things , we all seek things but we can only get them by offering the right things in turn asked from us in turn , for these things . It does not happen otherwise . If you think otherwise , life will pass by and you'll realize that nobody and nothing owes you anything

My thanks ! Just felt is good to share these things . Life guidelines are important

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Human interactions are mostly a barter system. The very reason why we create and sustain societies is that we personally benefit from them, otherwise we would all just be lone wolves, and the species would die out.

You have to understand that interacting with other people without wanting something from them, is learned behaviour, that does not come naturally.
And even then, if you talk to others just for the pleasure of talking to them, are you really not just trading words with them, just to get information or entertainment?

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator


You are the tricky follower Jon (:

I just caught you when you stopped following me yesterday :D
I wonder why you don't make up your mind , I guess bored some haha

On Topic : Yes you have a point but is relative and depends
Depends on the education someone has , if they are spoiled and bratty and think everything has to be their own or if someone is educated and raised with respect and common sense
You have a very westernized , profit oriented mindset by the way , on this

Is not a barter system , is more , human communication is something basic but is something fundamental , nothing happens without human communication , nothing ever happened without and nothing ever will

I can only admit that I do not talk with everyone in the same way , I talk based on the person's worth and the level of closeness they have with me , this is why probably some little haters cannot figure out why I don't warm up to them like I do with my close friends
Happens but if you don't earn it , you don't have it

I don't think is natural to want something from someone you talk with , how about talking for the sake of talking with someone ?
Of course there is something you receive back in turn , even the biggest heart giver receives something in turn sure

I hope you checked out the planned hero lists in my last 2 blogs , you may like those planned for Lusitania and maybe others as well

I'm not talking with you all just because I want support for my game project , although it would have been nice if the support and debate for it were more than almost nothing like it is ; is really not being en par with my continuous efforts for the project but whatever

If I make it big with it , you'll all know me for my worth , if not I will just be forgotten

I do not care for what I can take from people , I care for what I can make for people , for the world and rest assured I will settle for no less than what I want when it's time to reward myself
I don't like to be robbed on the other hand and I make sure they pay up for what I give in turn because that's how it is
We need to have fair people that earn things honestly in life not thieves but neither fools , this is how a civilized society should be

Make up your mind following me (:

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I am not following anyone, actually, I just regularly check up on people in my friends list. I only follow mods and games.

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

As you say and I hope you are not upset about something

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

I wanna recommend a kickass new entry in the Action RPG scene in the form of this Store.steampowered.com

It seems to be amazing , a somewhat similar feel with Titan Quest but in the Norse lands this time
Enjoy braving it !

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

Anyone else that hasn't voted are welcome to vote
You can vote as many nations you want but only 1 vote will count for each of course
You need to vote from these

Arevaci Tribes
Arverni Tribes
Aksum Kingdom
Bulgaria Empire
Croatia Duchy
Iceni Tribes
Kabardiani Tribes
Poland KIngdom
Sassanian Empire
Sclaveni Tribes
Serbia Principality
Zapotec Empire

Current results so far :

Bulgaria Empire 2 votes
Gorals 1 vote
Huns 1 vote
Iceni Tribes 1 vote
Illyrians 1 vote
Kabardiani Tribes 1 vote
Macedon 3 votes
Mongols 3 votes
Poland Kingdom 1 vote
Serbia Principality 2 votes
Vikings 2 votes
Zapotec Empire 1 vote

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Hey Ananya it me Lolbit, they dont want me anymore... i tryed everything but no...


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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

I'm sorry little sweetie , I understand but try talking with the other kids you knew here in their e-mails

I would help you if I could , doing it like for a friend and a colleague here but if the boys from the staff said no , cannot do anything else

Go back to school in the meantime and learn C++ , learn something useful

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Nah am already failing in school, to me it doesn't matter. It unfair how it happened to them it seem like this "A WAIT A MINUTE ITS JOHN DOE KICK HIM" maybe thats how they thought about it. You know something my chapter hasn't ended yet on here and that why i wanted my (^-^lobitTv^-^) back, i haven't finsh stuff i wanted to do you get it now but no they dont care. I been uploading picture,blogs,articles,group etc in a year and all of that is gone. You been on here for years and maybe you get what am saying, i know it their job to see what's happening on the community but i was only two accounts frist was banned second was banned the same day i was.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

That is really bad because you need school in life , you need to know how to count , how stuff works , please learn and don't fail
In my time about 10 years ago when i finished highschool i had only 2 dropouts in my class and half of them went to university after that but it was in highschool not junior high or little dipers school where you are , it's shocking having so early dropouts now
What in the world is happening there :O

Yes school is social conditioning if you take it too serious but the stuffs you learn in it are useful and needed in life
It will not be good at all if you cannot reason , think for own self and determine what's bad from good

All of us have stuff to do and we are not finished , but you see sweetie , if you are not productive , if you are not contributive in society , in any place here included , you are left out because that is how it is . We need people that are productive and push us ahead , we have little need for people that are lazy , idle around and do nothing but breathe , generally speaking i mean
I hope you understand this stuff and i hope you will use your talents , because you're a smart boy that understands things

I have been here for 2 years by now , not much in activity i mean , before this i was an anonymous person ( not the organization ) that was just signing in here to take a mod or two and then leaving

I erased all i had two times by now because i wanted to rage quit this place , i know what you mean haha but i learned some lessons , i hopefully taught some lessons in turn too to some of us , and i got all my stuff backed up now but i do rely on the site too that in the event of losing everything from my HDD i can come here and find some stuff

Like i said sweetie you broke the rules , they keep those rules very strict . You can be a hot shot contributer for many years i am guessing , even a subscriber i bet and if you break the rules one day , that same day you are thrown . It is an Orwellian society for real day after day , a paranoic , manipulative , spying obsessed one , a nightmare in some regards , out .....but it's cool this way , if it were not so this place had been 4chan

You have to admit cutie boy that you were just idling around , behaving like a child and only talking really puerile and silly stuff even pestering me with random silly visits hahah but they were funny (:

Is not your fault * pats your head * a child is a child but a child should not spend their time 24/7 on the internet , you have a childhood to enjoy outdoors , having fun and learning stuff at school , that's what childhood is for

I hope i helped you Jeremy . They will let you back but if you get things right for the future and if you will be a good boy

I wish you well

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Thanks :>
Gotta move on and end this chapter, bye modd and indie, bye all my work i done, bye my 145 friends, bye my 1000 comments, bye everything sorry staff's i should have read the rules, bye to my profile page ;(

i wish i had a picture of it and admired my work ;(
Chapter ended bye*cryes*

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⧍⧑⧪⧒⧍ Creator

Wow so many friends , too few comments instead , I have nearing 7000 comments :O

I did not notice any work you had sweetie
Pewdie Pie Tuber , silly toon blogs with huge scroll length and childish comments are not work hahah
What I have here is work LoL and more than me , what others have uploaded for finished mods and game demos are work not idle talking , idle silly talking is not work , it's skipping any work you can do in the meantime

Just saying this to teach you some stuff so you won't confuse things but I know what you mean and I know how you feel
In life shite happens just like in the vidya cheat happens :D hahah

* hugs * please don't cry like a little baby , is silly and pointless

Your happiness and childhood does not need to depend on a site on the internet in the first place
I mean , why are you not with fellow little boys outdoors playing ball and enjoying childhood time instead of being here crying

Look , if anyone wants to help LoL here get back on DB , petition a big voted signature or something that might work , and then hope that works
Let's see how many of you are truly LoL's friends here and I hope to see all kids on the site sign this petition first of all before others , if this happens

Please use my mail danyelabony@Gmail.com to talk to me there because I think it doesn't help your problem if you still talk here with me
You can also find me on FB but you are too underage for that place

A chapter ends and a new one begins (:

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