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I'm an ambitious game designer , average level 3D modeler and an aspiring writer with a mindset for Real Time Strategy games and Strategy games in general < Everybody probably already knows me but I thought is good to describe myself some for the sake of my early days here when I was doing it > Anyone is welcome to drop by at my profile or PM me anytime , I am open to talk about anything and am usually always answering whenever I am here

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I am placing these for fun and the sake of these things along because I thought it would be a good idea to have them too

The following three categories are placed after the Colonials , going towards the less known and unknown future of Humankind

I . The Modern category is historically placed between year 1920 and year 2030 A.D.E.


The Modern times are the times characterized by the rise of industry and the Industrial Revolution given by Humankind's achievement and discovery of the atom and using it to unleash devastating potential that was to be used more in destructive ways than creative ways . This caused the rise of the first larger sized wars the world has ever seen in the form of World War 1 and World War 2 . The quality of life has improved in many ways , but the world instead , has become a more dangerous place

The Modern nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be : Great Britain , Nazi Germany , Fascist Italy , Japan Eastern Empire and the United Soviet Socialist Republic

The Moderns will be characterized by : industry , bombardment focus and the fastest recruitment speed of all army units

The form of Energy that will power the Modern economy , research and war efforts will be Atomic Energy

II . The Dystopian category is historically placed between year 2031 A.D.E. and year 2098 A.D.E.


The Dystopian times are descriptive by the rising of the multi national corporations and political groups of interest , by militarist unions , by terrorism , by globalization , by suppression of civil liberties , national values , traditions and rights of the population and the individual . It is also characterized by the increasing presence of surveillance , uprisings , wide scaled violence and in general for a lack of security . Despite it , security being advertized all the time that this is what this age fights for whilst leaving the most part of the population without an answer for the most important question of this age , that of : Who is actually the real enemy they have to endure and fight against ? infact ?

The Dystopian nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : European Union , Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant , North Korea , United Nations and the Russian Federation

The Dystopians will be characterized by : surveillance and LOS enhancements , largest amounts of resources resulted from gathering focus and weapons of mass destruction

The form of Energy that will power the Dystopian economy , research and war efforts will be Tesla Energy

III . The Futurian category is historically placed between year 2100 A.D.E. - 8000 A.D.E. and further


The Futurian times are descriptive by the end of the former Dystopian age and the common efforts of the rightful survivors of Humankind aided by extraterrestrial help to restore the planet into a habitable world again . This age is also known to be the start of a new golden age of : peace , liberty , resurrection of forsaken arts and beneficent practices , by absolute respect and recognition of the value of life and the individual like it never was achieved before , by preservation of nature and all things that sustain a civilization and the ecosystem . This age is also known by Humankind's general achievement of star travel and space contact with extra terran nations , by diplomatic and tourist star alliances and by spiritual and physical ascension in general ; leaving behind for good all the things that were proven non useful and harmful , those that were overused in the age before . Last but not least , this is also the age when Humankind has tapped into immortality and time travel , turning Nova Terra , like it will be named in these times , into a plenteous , utopian world

The Futurian nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : Ecoglobal Alliance , Mars Colonists , Nova Atlantida , Nova Terra Avstralis and the Queendom Dominion

The Futurians will be characterized by : off world bonuses , orbital strikes focus and teleportation

The form of Energy that will power the Futurian economy , research and war efforts will be Antimatter Energy

IV . The Alien category is not / can not / may not be historically placed in terrestrial timelines and is considered to be atemporalAlien

The Aliens are unknown beings with unknown origins and intentions but not motives . They detected this world and further on they noticed it for its continuous state of struggle and war among its inhabitants across all its history . As such , they decided to take flight and arrive here to see in person what is going on with this world , its inhabitants or both . Or to simply join the fight

The Alien nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : Gray Aliens , Headhunter Star-Tribes , Omegan-Lyran Star Union , Vega Constellation Diplomats and the Species 2748

The Aliens will be characterized by : chosen deployment and re-deployment of all structures to be unbuilt and re-build anywhere else needed , biological weapons focus and automatization ( no workers needed to gather , build and repair structures that will probably be done by combat units instead )

The form of Energy that will power the Alien economy , research and war efforts will be Bio Fuel Energy

The following three categories are placed before the Lost , going towards the least known and unknown past , starting nearly before Humankind birth or arrival on this world

V . The Precursor category is historically placed between year 7500 B.C.E. and 15.000 B.C.E.


The Precursor times are descriptive of the ages when the fabled gods , or the immortal beings of immense power once walked and ruled the planet and left their mark on this world for eons to come . This age is also characterized by the presence of supernatural phenomena that happens on an often basis , by natural wonders and by the establishment of heavenly laws for the upcoming Human race that will live on this world after these times

The Precursor nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : Annunaki Lords , Elohim Lords , Hyperborean Realm , Nephilim Giants and the Nyx Realm

The Precursors will be known for : relocation of all structures whenever needed , prediction of enemy moves focus and large scale special powers

The form of Energy that will power the Precursor economy , research and war efforts will be Supernatural Energy

VI . The High Fantastic category is historically placed between year 10.000 B.C.E. and 25.000 B.C.E.


The High Fantasy times are characterized by the general presence of magic , the arcane and the elemental arts that were at their full might in these ages . These times are only inhabited by non human and non human related beings having civilizations that have little to nothing at all to do with Humankind and are rightfully considered among the original inhabitants of Mother Gaia , like it's being named in these times . And they are the ones to have ruled it in totality like it will not be ruled again at this level for a very long time from here on . The different species that make a civilization each - because in these times few if ever were mixed between each other and racial ethnicity are considered utmost sacred bonds - are at times at war with each other due of their inter specie differences though in the rest they each mind their own life in these splendid , fantastic , awe inspiring times

The High Fantastic nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : Dwarven Kingdom , Elven Kingdom , Felinefolk Realm , Lizardfolk Realm and the Orc Savages

The High Fantastics will be known for : regenerative forms of shielding from all damage for units and structures , beneficent buffs focus and the strongest monuments

The form of Energy that will power the High Fantastic economy , research and war efforts will be Arcanic Energy

VII . The Primordial category is historically placed between year 20.000 B.C.E. - unknown date in the past


The Primordial ages are descriptive of a barren , distant and lonely existence of few races of beings that discovered this planet for the first time and chosen to establish themselves here in the form of their own far rim colonies , here being very far from their worlds of origin , that some are rumored to even exist outside the present dimension or reality of all things . Even Terra itself has another face in these times , the forms of relief and the placement of the continents do not resemble at all the shapes and placement like those of much later times from now on . Along with this the planet itself has a commonplace high volcanic and tectonic activity coupled in the same time with the often falling rains of space objects like that of meteors , asteroids and several other things thrown from the Heavens that keep falling on this world during its current , continuous growing stage into maturity . There are no records left behind in this age , many to not be known even in the next age to come from now , yet the marks will ever remain there : in the cliffs , on the land and in the shape of the waters . It is also said that in these Primordial times , the planet has first received its living nature , that of trees and many other numerous forms of life which helped to transform it later into a more habitable world for its first inhabitants that live now here . And perhaps with the reason along for the future inhabitants to come , in mind

The Primordial nations chosen to represent it for the first time in the game will be the : Elder Things , Faefolk Caretakers , Insectkin Reign , Plantkin Reign and the Netherworld Monsters

The Primordials will be known for : transformation of the land and nature wherever they build their bases , resource reseeding focus and underworld construction ( will probably mean their buildings can never be completely destroyed and can be restored from their ruins or something of this sort )

The Form of Energy that will power the Primordial economy , research and war efforts will be Temporal Energy

This is all there is to it . If the first game will be possible , all of this will be possible after it too

!! My Thanks !!


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I will do a face reveal soon, will you too?

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ΛПYПΛ Creator

Not sure what you mean with that

Are you the guest by chance ? (:

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No, he is not Guest, my dear fairy.

Man, who is speaking with you now, is not from this planet. I am citizen of other galaxy, which is very different from yours.

And please do not forget to see your beautiful soul. I don`t afraid to say in front of all people there, that you are the most precious in all universe. I believe you and believed always. Anytime, I will help you and will support you, my dear.

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ΛПYПΛ Creator

Hmm yep

I unusually like your aid indeed , even if awkward and all haha
I am not defenseless , i can protect myself really well , even harm back really well if needed

Is just strange that i get random proposals and questions out of the blue unexpected

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It looks like you have a fanclub now!


Well, at least I still hope you have time for your friends. :)

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It's strange, you were once from North Korea and now you are from Romania!

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ΛПYПΛ Creator

Hi i don't think i know you

Flag change only , i was in the same country all the time
Not all people use the country flag here of the country they live in real life anyway
Not strange at all unless you are new on the site

What remains strange for me instead is that people i don't know about , or have not talked with me before are speaking out revealing they were following me
I need to do more unusual things to reveal more silent observers perhaps

Nice meeting you anyhow

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She is not from Romania or Korea. She is from World of Light, because she is angel.

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ΛПYПΛ Creator

Haha thanks i guess

I don't mind it , curiosity is always acceptable

Living in RO , fan of NK , first origins from next millenium
This is all , now can i access this very secured gate :D
Thanks hahah

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Okay I understand now. You are from Romania. I thought you were the only North Korean on ModDB, even though there is no access to internet in North Korea, now you changed country.

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ΛПYПΛ Creator

They have internet there but not our own , they have a separate one
Well I could be North Korean living in Romania (:

Where are you from ? And why does it matter for you where I am from ? You got hidden profile I cannot see anything

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Lady Anyna - is the most beautiful angel, all remember it. I am speaking very serious.

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