I'm an ambitious game designer , average level 3D modeler and an aspiring writer with a mindset for Real Time Strategy games and Strategy games in general < Everybody probably already knows me but I thought is good to describe myself some for the sake of my early days here when I was doing it > Anyone is welcome to drop by at my profile or PM me anytime , I am open to talk about anything and am usually always answering whenever I am here

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Nevermind the votes and the tops , they are irrelevant now . I revamped the entire tech tree game plan and i came up with a great result of just 52 buildings in total with both choices for some of them , with more advanced with the times effects and interaction along with a form of energy . We will also have a particular per Historical Cathegory luxury resource along with a form of religious resource , or faith each particular to each cathegory

The Colonial nations that are going to be first part of this cathegory will be : Algeria , America , Australia , Denmark and Jamaica

Everything will be partitioned into : A. Civics . B. Production . C. Military . D.Defenses and E. Advanced . For only the Colonial nations only they will look something like this . Will not provide descriptions here , they can be found more en detail among my images at my profile




Voyage 1 Age

This is the first age that you start out as a Colonial type nation . It represents the time when everything was packed and ready in the ships to set sail for the New World after the monarchies provided everything to these people out of too much money maybe , boredom , need of more adventure or whatever else the reason - just like it happened


Civics represent all non military , non production and non defense oriented buildings . Is where your people live , sleep , eat and have intimate time , for the next day to start working on your ambitions of a Colonial Empire

Colony Center

In the Colonial times the Town Center is called Colony Center and it represents the core of your colony , the important spot you start out with

Colony House

In the Colonial times the House is called Colony House where your people live


Production represents all structures oriented to resource gathering and processing

Steam Generator

It produces Steam Energy , the energy type used by all Colonial type nations . Without it no structure can function . It needs both Water and Coal to be produced . One generator produces a constant flow of 250 Steam Energy unless damaged below 25% left of Hitpoints when it will cease to function perhaps and when is overloaded and produces 100 more Steam Energy . Buildings now will have light sources in the form of a Trigger that can be turned on or off . Light is going to be useful and have an impact on visibility because times of day and night are planned and weather , things that add greatly to immersiveness but are missing greatly from Strategy games . These light sources will cost Steam Energy and will also increase Line Of Sight

Pump House

It extracts water from rivers , lakes , seas and oceans and one of them will grant a constant flow of 100 or 200 Water value

Coal Mine

Coal is needed for Steam Energy . Sites of Coal will be present on the map where a mine needs to be built there and Citizens will gather this Coal and drop it to the Mine . The Mine itself will be a lively building that actively stockpiles and processes coal ore into Coal

Timber Camp

Timber means wood logs that are gathered from all forests and turned into Wood here . Citizens gather lumber from trees and the Timber Camp processes it into Wood

Fishing Dock

This will be the Dock oriented towards Production only and not the Dock that builds the sea ships meant for battle . The Fishing Dock will only craft the Fishing Boat and the Construction Boat . The first boat fishes Fish from waters and builds Fish Nets and the Construction Boat will raise sea walls and sea towers and repair them too . This Dock will be able to repair all the ships it crafts if stationed near it

Fish Net

It is the Colonial times equivalent of the Fish Trap from Medieval times . It will have no impact on the efficiency of caught Fish though for the purposes of balance but each Fish Net will look just like how your nation you play with architecture looks

Steam Mill

For the Colonials the Steam Mill is what processes gathered crops into Food . He is the equivalent of the Windmill from Medieval times . The Steam Mill needs Steam Energy to function and won't have rotors but most likely some sort of steam powered turbines or something of the sort . The Steam Mill can also produce more domestic animals if you want to focus Food production on them


In the Colonial times people do not plant Farms but Plantations . Physically they are larger and hold more crop but they will not have a higher crop value than their equivalent from other times for the purposes of balance , this means that if a Medieval times Farm is smaller in size , its crops will probably be better grown to give the right impression that it holds the same Food value at the end . This is the main Food production and Plantations usually are built right beside Mills

Saltpeter Mine

In Colonial times , Gold is a lot more commonplace and even though there was a gold rush in the wild west , it does not represent such a big deal . Saltpeter on the other hand is more specific and descriptive of the times because it was used for weapon applications . For instance all siege units will have a Saltpeter cost along with a Wood cost for a good touch of realism . All Colonial nations will gather this resource instead of Gold . This replaces Gold and the Gold Mine just like Coal with the Coal Mine replaces Stone with the Stone Mine . The Gold Mine and Stone Mine will go nowhere but they will be specific for another historical cathegory , most likely for the Medieval times and the Medieval kingdoms


They are what defends your early colony . Simple as that

Guard Post

The Colonial times equivalent of the palisade Outpost from the Medieval times . Simple as that . Unlike that one , the Guard Post is of course built in Colonial times specific materials , some nations will even have them built of concrete , others might have them built of metal but in general wood and wall paint or something along these lines

Metal Fence

The Colonial times equivalent of the Palisade Wall from the Medieval times . Simple as that once again . The Metal Fence will come always built out of metal obviously , sometimes made of metal bars , other times metallic plates


They represent the army section of buildings that will recruit all army types


The Colonials infantry building for both ranged infantry and melee fighting infantry . Am not certain there will be a Barracks separated from the Archery Range anymore because the Canteen here represents a mix between the two , a two in one building for reasons that new types of military structures are going to be present that would make things too crowded

Harbor Dock

The military Dock used by the Colonial nations is called this way . It will craft and repair all Colonial types of warships

Discovery 2 Age

This is the second age for the Colonial nations you can advance to . The age itself is self descriptive already and it represents the point where the explorers that once set sail for the new world have found the New World now and they are about to unpack their nations more on these new lands . This age just adds new structures in the partitions but this age does not upgrade any building by itself . Age 3 the last one is reserved for upgrading . This age , age 2 simply grants access to more things to do



The Warehouse is the Colonial times equivalent of the Market from the Medieval times . It buys and sells resources . You can trade by all means of : land , sea or air here . You will be able trade with allies , enemies or neutrals on the map . Trading won't be done constantly but under a system of Place Trade Orders where trading orders are placed and then you send that to a foe on the map , an ally or a neutral trader . Neutral traders will vary from historical cathegory to historical cathegory . For instance the Neutral Trader building for the Colonial times may take the form of a Train Station that will send a train or something of the sort to your Warehouse after you placed a Trade Order to them . Trading with enemies ? Why not ! There may be situations where they clearly are having something you do not have and you need it . Trading will be physical with physical resources where you need to order Citizens to fill the Warehouse with a certain number of resources that you have which will be able to be noticed visibly there in forms like these : Coal Wagons , Water Barrels or Water Buckets , Saltpeter Sacks or Wagons , Wood Logs and the crop that your civilization produces for instance Figs for Algeria , Fig Bushels or Pots filled with them will start to pile up at the Warehouse . Here the neutral trader or the enemy trader or the ally trader will arrive , pick the amount agreed on in the Trade Order and drop the stuff you bought that needs to be taken from here by Citizens that will take them each to where are needed . Coal will be taken to Coal Mines , Figs to Mills , Logs to Timber Camps and so on . Also domestic animals other than the type your nation comes with can be bought here for Food . This is how i plan trading to be done

Religion Building

I plan a specific religion specific per nation . From all 35 civs in total , the Colonial nations will be 5 in total each with their own religion . I selected 5 of them having different religion types . Based on that nation this Religion Building can be a : Mosque , Parish House , Church , Preacher House and Loa Temple respectively for : islam , Catholicism , Evangelical , Protestantism and Voodoo . For instance Algeria will build an Algerian Mosque specific to Islam . The general , shared by all Colonial nations , religious resource will be called Grace . In Medieval times it will probably be called Faith and in other historical cathegory and times it will be called different . It will fill up in a bar just like Steam Energy does and once filled or not completely empty it can be used by the religious unit , in Algeria case the Imam to perform : buffs , blessings for the troops and for conversion . Each religion will have its own researches and powers numbering 2 in Age 2 and 2 even 3 more in the last age Age 3 . One global research will augument Grace and the others will be half of them oriented passively and the other half oriented aggressively , at times , depending on the religion in question even taking the form of a map targeting power akin to Age of Mythology . This is how i plan religion to work


In the Colonial times there is no Blacksmith neither an University . The Academy is what researches both civilization researches and both army enhancements by levels for instance Damage Level 1 , Armor Level 1 is done in this age and Level 2 along with other researches will be done in the last age Age 3 . Once again , i mixed both Blacksmith and University into one because i added new additions that are oriented towards other matters


Nation Specific Luxury Resource Building 1


Nation Specific Luxury Resource Building 2

Only one can be chosen

These are going to function in between a generator kind of resource building and one that needs gathered and stockpiled . These buildings will not need Citizens to work here and will work by themselves providing the nation specific luxury resource that will be used to provide the best trade deals and each and every one of them will address the unique units involved in each nation : the Folklore/Myth units and titans that will always require one of these two resources . Some of these luxuries may offer bonuses to any other things . Only one of these Luxury Resources can be chosen because two in the same time would complicate things . These buildings do not upgrade in Age 3 and remain as they come . They will probably function on a basis of : the more of them you have the more income of that resource you will get . This is all for the sake of giving even more identity to a nation and made them known for something that is particular only to them


Airdrome Lifter

Air warfare is something missing from strategy games , RTS games in general , especially historical RTS games . Air warfare is mostly present in WW1 , WW 2 , modern or future strategy games where their focus is to provide strikes and all that . For those of us that remember a game called Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds made on the same engine that Age of Empires 2 the original was made , we have air warfare there . This is what i want to bring back . However not warfare per se because historical accuracy would decrease too much . Instead , i had the idea of adding only air transports and air traders , taking transports to the skies and trading to the skies where both of them can be very useful to have . They will of course be balanced out and made weaker than sea transports and sea trade , even more weak than land trade . A land transport unit would not make sense but we can have him too in the form of the Battering Ram that can garrison troops , in the Colonial nations case the Steam Propelled Artillery that will not be available to all nations but only some of them because it will be a more rare unit , will be able to land transport units let's say . This is how i plan Air Warfare to the extent of how i plan it , to work here . The Air Transport for all Colonial nations will take the form of the Transport Dirigible and the Air Trader will be the Trade Baloon . They will of course be the fastest option for both trade and transport but the most dangerous and adventurous alltogether

Artillery Depot

This is the Colonial times equivalent of the Siege Workshop from the Medieval times . The Depot will produce all Colonial times cannons and siege machines . They will not be stronger or overpowered to their counterparts from other ages and times alike , for the purposes of balance because i am thinking that a smart use of an Onager from Medieval times can yield as good results as a smart use of a Field Cannon from the Colonial age , or this is the idea in mind anyway

Cavalry Barn

All Colonial types of cavalry will be recruited from here . Mainly there will be two ranged cavalry types and only one melee type . Range attack and ranged damage is part of the definition of Colonial warfare and it will be portrayed accordingly . Some nations will be able to train a more rare cavalry unit in the form of the War Coach that depending on the nation in question position in the world it will come pulled by either : Camels , Horses , Oxen , Ponies or Mules to portray even further the cultural diversity and identity involved


Mine Trap

The addition of traps will make things interesting or more interesting . They will of course be stealthy and can be raised by your Citizens just like all other structures . Traps will differ from cathegory to cathegory . The Colonial nations can plant Mine Traps , others will be able to build their own

Concrete Wall

The Colonial nations specific wall , the equivalent of the Stone Wall from the Medieval times although that one might be called different now , it might become the Castle Wall as is more proper and Stone Wall to be moved in the Ancient cathegory for the Ancient kingdoms and empires alike . Like mentioned before , this does not mean the Concrete Wall is going to be the most durable Wall in the game . No . It will be balanced out like this by being the most durable wall against ranged damage but the weakest against enemy melee damage because concrete is crumbling type of substance , this means enemy siege units that attack in melee like the Battering Ram will make short work of a Concrete Wall while ranged siege units like the Trebuchet or even an en par Colonial unit like the Field Gun will have a hard time digging a hole through it . This is how i plan Walls to work . In the last age , instead of just one fortification upgrade where it would become the fortified version , i added two options to upgrade the Wall into either direction chosen . One upgrade is going to make the Concrete Wall more defensive and the other more offensive oriented , or you can just leave the Concrete Wall not upgraded which in this stage it represents a balance between the two

Concrete Tower

The Colonial times equivalent of the Watch Tower from Medieval times . The Concrete Tower will function in a similar similar form like i just explained at the Concrete Wall , like the Concrete Wall

National 3 Age

This is the age when the former voyagers and explorers became nations in their own right in unrightful new lands they discovered like we all know well from history . Enough said . This age will bring several buildings to their upgraded versions and will add a new partition of buildings called Advanced that will come with its own structures with their own purposes like explained further on


The : Colony Center , Colony House , Warehouse , Religion Building and the Academy become Level 2 now which upgrade visually as well along with providing Level 2 general researches and non leveled researches that can be specific per the nation in question


All Production buildings become level 2 now , upgrading visually along with becoming twice more effective . Some of them will contain specific researches that augment that specific production in question . Only the Plantation and the Fish Net will not upgrade because they represent something that stays the same . The ones that will upgrade will be the : Steam Generator , Pump House , Coal Mine , Saltpeter Mine , Timber Camp , Steam Mill and the Fishing Dock



The Colonial times equivalent of the Castle from Medieval times , the Fort represents the ultimate defense and offense building . It will be tailored and looking the way the entire architecture of the civilization in question is looking but mostly will be made from concrete and partially metal to portray well the Colonial times . The Fort can stay this way or it can upgrade further on with a consistent cost into either the Trench Fort or the Artillery Fort . One of them is a defensive type of Fort , the other an offensive type of Fort . It will of course be basically the same Fort but visually and purposely modified . This is how Fort upgrades will work . The Fort will also train the Unique Elite units that are particular to each nation and will contain the researches pertaining to them

Concrete Wall

The Concrete Wall can stay the same like it was since Age 2 or it can turn into the : Pillbox Wall or the Buoy Wall . The Pillbox Wall is a more offensive and land only version of the Wall while the Buoy Wall is a more defensive , LOS oriented and sea only version of the Wall . This means the former can only be built on land and the latter only to be built at sea while the standard Wall can be both built on land and sea and is a balanced version of these two . This is how Wall upgrades will work

Concrete Tower

The Concrete Tower can stay the same like it was in Age 2 or it can be upgraded into the : Cannon Tower or the Lighthouse Tower . The first will be meant for the land and the second for the seas . Both will be equally dangerous of course but where the Cannon Tower is going to be oriented versus larger and more dangerous enemies like enemy siege units or titans , the Lighthouse Tower will be specifically oriented versus enemy sea ships , especially effective against them


This is the last and most important partition of structures and the units they produce . In this cathegory among two more new additions , the monument building will be found

National Monument

This is the Colonial times equivalent of the Wonder monument from Medieval times . The National Monument represents the peak achievement of your nation and it also represents the ultimate military building as well . The Monument will recruit your particular nation's : Folklore or Myth units that will come in many forms and as an ultimate last resort , the Monument will call for the nation's specific titan . The Monument will also have a unique particularity from itself that will add a certain thing only found at it along with containing researches for both the Folklore/Myth units and the titans . The Monument will also contain the superability research that grants a major thing for your civilization


This is a new addition . The Embassy represents a diplomatic building where you can strike deals with your allies only to improve the relations with them and to be able to recruit their own Unique Elite units to fight for you in a hiring sense without a timer but with a big cost most likely . More features are pending to think out better , the Embassy and its role


Last but not least if we have religion , if we have enhanced production lines why not have politics too ? This building simply holds edicts in the form of Political Ideologies that will number no less than 5 for the Colonial nations from which one can be chosen to be adopted . They will offer major bonuses and changes to your nation . The Political Ideologies planned are : Capitalism , Communism , Socialism , Monarchy and Dictatorship . Once one of them is chosen the others vanish and for the entire duration of the game you are stuck with that The Parliament also trains the hero unit that comes unique with every nation

As always i am waiting for all opinions and everything . Each and every other historical cathegory will have the same Partitions : Civic , Production , Military , Defenses and Advanced BUT each and every one of them will come with their own versions of everything and i mean everything : their own kinds of main Centers , their own kinds of Energy resource + the resources needed to produce it , their own kind of luxury resource , their own kinds of defenses with their upgrades , their own kinds of religions and of course their own kinds of political ideologies too , for the simple reason that across all human kind's history , in each and every age , things were more different than they were alike and this is the end goal and my own aim to achieve , to present with all of this

! My thanks !


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