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Hazardous:Pande Wars
Sci-fi fantasy War Game set over a thousand years after the medieval fantasy.
Your plight is to defend your nation from opposing forces, and neutralize all approaching threats. The world is a dangerous place, now more than ever. The best part of this incredibly strategic game is that it's very rewarding.Expect epic cutscenes for completion of important research projects, capturing a capital, unleashing weapons of mass destruction,etc.

We're looking for reliable individuals that can produce quality models. Our aim is a feasible Kickstarter campaign after the completion of in-depth gameplay. The intended platforms for the game are Steam, Xbox one, Playstation 4, and Oculus Touch. Like most war games it features co-op & other multiplayer modes. Similar war games include Hearts of Iron 4 and Europa Universalis 4. Payment isn't guaranteed until we have achieved full funding for the game.

Hazardous:Pande Wars has a realistic and nearing AAA quality graphic style. The majority of 3d models that need to be near AAA quality are the ones we're using in cutscenes. Artworks shown in gameplay will have the same realistic graphics style.

We're looking at character artists that are comfortable modeling advanced soldier units, and modern clothing personnel.

We need our 3d creature artists to be able to implement elements of mech/technological advancements in some designs.

We need a Concept Artists capable of either designing artworks with a realistic graphic style or one able to proficiently draft characters and/or creatures.

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