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Welcome! :) If you are a fantasy enthusiast like we are, then you might find our job post interesting. We are looking for programmers who can work with the Unreal Engine 4.

Our game Apprentice Arriving is a Single Player / Medieval / Fantasy / RPG and will be for PS4, Xbox-One and PC.

Game Concept

The story takes part in a medieval fantasy world that has a diverse range of content. Some cities and villages have functional water pipes and sanitation, others are poor and overrun with beasts of all sizes. The player wanders with two different characters through magical lands that are beauteous and also very sinister. On the way the player will experience a variety of cultures, kingdoms, abandon villages, destroyed lands and impressive architecture.

Become the new Apprentice in the home of the wizards and unleash your slumbering powers, which have resided in you since birth. Gain wisdom, knowledge, and incredible power. Reveal the secrets of a world that are slowly sinking into chaos. Find fragments of the past to understand the events of the present and unlock the future.

What will be in the game?

⁃ Epic battles with a multitude of various weapons and armor sets
⁃ Use of magic, several fighting stances and skills
⁃ Variety of costumes
⁃ Challenging bossfights
⁃ Management of various skilltress
⁃ Two playable main characters who have access to completely different skills
⁃ Macro management to create your chosen class

and much more!

Who do we seek?
Programmers with a lot of experience in C++. Who are able to program a smart AI and a well working GUI.

Are the deadlines harsh?
No, we want to give you enough time.

How far is the development?
We are now on prototype stage working with Blueprints and testing the overall game design such as battle mechanics, animations, skills, and many more. We work until the game looks and feels absolutely amazing.

Whats our plan?
Our plan is to develop a smooth demo version with interesting mechanics, great looking enemies, music with a soul, and beautiful environments. When everything is ready, we plan to go on Kickstarter with a trailer and a downloadable demo. Then continue with the development of the full game.

The team behind the game
We are a fast growing team of 32 members, consisting of consultants, designers, music composers, translators, dialogue writer, programmer, modeler and so forth. We work hard and passionately, and could need all sorts of help from talented people around the world.

Graphics/Textures: 3D next-gen, colorful, more realistic but still fantasy

To Apply

Requirements: Adults only, experience with the engine, dedicate at least 5-10 hours a week to the project, basic English skills

No CV required.

If you are interested to collaborate with us then don't hesitate to leave us a message with a resume and references to:

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