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Final Equinox is a turn based Tactical space RPG. Check out our website here We are currently looking to add a designer who has a specific interest in RPGs to the team.

Final Equinox: The Arrival is a turn based space combat sci-fi role playing game with a unique combat system. The main character is a newly appointed star ship admiral whose fleet encounters a new enemy in deep space. The game takes place in a complex world filled with multiple different races, in the midst of political upheaval. Rules and feel of the game hark back to the days of old school role-playing games,where combat is difficult and the game forces players into morally compromising situations. Experience in Unreal Engine is appreciated, but not required. Looking for someone who is hard working, passionate, and has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for game development, as well as roleplaying games.

Please send a sample of written prose. As well as a list of top three games. And three favorite books read. Looking for someone to help write game narrative, but also contribute in other design areas, such as area or system design. Pluses are someone who has shipped a game, built a mod, or has an interest in tabletop role playing games.

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