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Posted by DELTA_12 on

Hello everyone! My name is Martin Hrehor, I'm a game developer based in Slovakia with multiple years of experience in game development, and since last spring I've been working on a game in my free time as a hobby project. Today, after nearly a year of solo development, I've decided that the game has enough potential that I'd like to bring other people on board.

So before going into details I want to make one thing clear - unlike lots and lots of indie games these days, the one I've been working on is not merely an idea or concept or early WIP. The game is in a state of a playable prototype with the majority of game mechanics already implemented (I'll post a list of features that are already present in-game below)

About the game itself it is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and it is a combination of multiplayer FPS and RTS set in a sci-fi environment. Multiple game modes are planned, with different game mechanics, but the main game mode consists of two teams, each about 10 players strong. All players have a resource pool used to purchase various equipment and also to build bases. On each map there are multiple resource deposits. The objective of both teams is to control the majority of resource deposits and extract a set amount of resources before their enemy, or potentially destroy the enemy's base if large enough resource advantage is gained.
The players can build basic structures like walls, covers, various defensive structures like autoturrets, emplacements but also functional structures that do a certain thing or enable manufacture of more advanced equipment (for example map-wide radar, mining rigs, vehicle repair bays, etc.) .
Besides base building, a big part of the game consists of equipment customization. The player can completely customize their weapons, wearable gear and vehicles. All of the above things consist of multiple interchangeable components, with each equipment type having different rules and mechanics of assembling their components together.

Now, since I'm a non-funded indie developer, I cannot offer much for participating in this project, besides gaining experience and possibly creating material for your professional job portfolio. The financial plan of the game is not decided yet, although it is likely to be free to play in the end (of course nothing is set in stone), however as always any possible revenues would be split between the developers.

Here's a list of wanted positions:

- Concept artist (focus on sci-fi-style Halo-like art applicable to above - described player equipment)

- 3D artist (2D texture art and animating are very important but non-compulsory skills)

- Sound designer Position filled

Here's the promised list of major game features that are already implemented:
- Structure (Base) building
- Weapon customization
- Weapon mechanics and handling
- Armor customization
- Armor mechanics
- Game mode mechanics for Extraction game mode (the main one described above)
- All of the above fully working in networked multiplayer

Also, here's a couple of screenshots showing some of those features in-game (please don't judge the placeholder 3D art as I'm not a 3D artist :) )

To Apply

Send me an e-mail to mato.hrehor@gmail.com with subject "IndieDB Job Ad". Descibe a bit of your background, your skills, expectations and also provide a couple of examples of your work.
Please note that at least small amount of experience is required

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