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Project Name: Birth of Death
Genre: Adventure/Story
Engine: Unreal Engine
Art/Style: Stylized/Realistic

General Description:
I am a Game Designer, Programmer and the Creative Director for this project. I really love games which are telling a story. After long brainstorming, there was the idea to create Birth of Death, the concept of the game changed a lot over the time, but I think now it's time to share it. My main responsibility will be to create great game mechanics and a good game design as well a good art style for the game. Also I will programm everything for now! I love this project and I would like to bring this project to live with your help.

Project Description:
Birth of Death is game which is handling the difficult concept behind birth and death, the player will play a mysterious protagonist. On his way through some ruins he will find a futuristic looking sphere, but what is in that sphere? For the player it will be a emotional and crazy but also a lovable journey.

(Please provide a portfolio!)


-Sculpt and paint textures for pbr
-Collaborate closely with Environment Artists
-Work with Substance Designer to generate procedural Textures
-Texture assets in Substance/Photoshop/Quixel
-Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

Requirements & Skills:

-Strong traditional drawing/painting skills
-Ability to sculpt and paint highly detailed 3D and 2D images
-Strong Zbrush skills
-Strong Substance skills
-Experience with Unreal Material Editor

We will try to respond to you within 24h, after that we can talk a little bit, make a small art test and talk about the game.

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