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Stalker is a unique game which places you in a wide and open world against a highly intelligent AI ( The Stalker ).
In Stalker You must try and outsmart your stalker while he tries to sneak up and kill you.
Stalker is extremely smart, he can, hide behind objects, climb trees, disappear and reappear
by warping to a location near you within a short period of time, move objects around to trap you, and LOTS more!
While the stalker has all his abilities and such, u have some abilities as well, your only weapon is a single hand knife.
Your main goal is to try and outsmart your stalker and killing him in the process.
What we need right now is you!
Without you this project is not possible.
We are currently in the look for the following
3d art designers and landscape artists
Texture artists
Rig and animators
Sound fx designers

What we need right now is a concept demo,
before we go into any big development, we must first test the AI systems and find what controls are most comfortable.
We need the following done to complete this concept demo,
1 World designs ( something simple for now )
1 character modeled and rigged
AI programmed with all of its abilities as described up above
A working prototype

here is our Doc 1 of the project, please read it

I hope I have interested you in this project and I hope to hear from you shortly, I usually respond to anything within hours so please be patient for a reply!
Thank You!
Best Regards
Isaiah Randolph
Director and Writer

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