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QA/Testers located Anywhere.

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Download and play test games before they release!

This is an unpaid volunteer position but anyone who play tests the game will be in the final credits upon the games release.

People who become a tester must test and tell us about any errors, bugs, glitches, mistakes, etc. by emailing us at

Testers can give us imput on the game so that when it comes out then it will be worth the price.


Skills required:

- Ability to read English

All of our games are accessible in English only but the logos are in Japanese (not required)


- Windows PC quad core processor at 6GB or higher is required to play the games

- broadband internet connection is required for you to send the email report

- an email account is required so that we may contact you and so that you may contact us about the game.

Extra Information:

- We might send a free game key to testers who did a great job.

Legal info:

We(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) are not responsible for any damage that may be caused upon downloading or installing our games. You(the playtester) understand this and that you are not required to report any game bugs, errors, or glitches. Those who do not report game bugs, errors, or glitches will not be elegible to recieve a free game key. All playtesters will be included in the credits of the final released project as long as we recieve one progress report via email from that tester. By requesting a job as a playtester you agree that legal action cannot be taken against us(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) and that you(the playtester) will not have complete say in what goes into the final product(the game or games). You(the playtester) agrees that Anti Eye Craft Gaming can and will use your suggestions without prior permission and that you(the playtester) will not recieve any royalties for your service to us(Anti Eye Craft Gaming). You(the playtester) may email us(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) at any time during your job and that we(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) are not required to reply or give any imput. We(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) can void your job ability to test at any point in time if we(Anti Eye Craft Gaming) discover that you have been disclosing information. Upon agreeing to work for Anti Eye Craft Gaming you agree with these terms and you promise not to disclose any information on the games whatsoever without prior permission from us(Anti Eye Craft Gaming).

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