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ATTENTION: The development has already began.

The project is A sci-fi genred game, based on the same titled song by Zager and Evans.

"In the year of 2525" is a 3D person game which combines different game types throughout the story (such as stealth, shooter, etc.) (basically, it depends on the "rhythm" of one or another episode).

The plot consists of 9 different stories (episodes) which reflect different future worlds described in the song. Each episode is a hard facing reality of a new world, which awaits us in the future if we don`t regain our consciousness on the views of surrounding us present world.The main idea is to make people think about what`s going on, and, so, to make them not to lead us into these possible horrible scenarios.

We`re planning to base the whole game on the Unreal Engine 4 and put it in the realistic style (as much as we will be able to do).

The duration of the game isn't that big. If a player doesn't stop to read each document, to search everything around and etc, it will take maximum 30-40 minutes to beat.

To be honest, it`s our first project, so things can be rough.

One of the people we are looking for is a Concept artist to provide all the concept art for the game. Concept arts will be directly used by the modelers and so, but other kinds of art come through the Illustrator. So this is there an illustrator required.

Things required:

- At least 6 - 8 hours per week of free time.
- Relatively normal (or better) skills of working with digital art.

It's a free will offer, so it might be hard to work knowing that it won't be paid and seeing the unknown future of this project. But if everything goes well, we're looking forward to continuing working with you in the field of game development.

ATTENTION: The development has already began.

To Apply

If you interested in the project (attaching some portfolio would be great) or you have any questions, please contact us :

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