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Programmers located Anywhere (we use a discord group for chat/ work /meetings).

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Hi, I am Phillip (team leader/ designer and producer), currently I am doing an advanced diploma of game design and production at AIE (academy of interactive entertainment). I have also done some business management and leadership studies. I have started up a dedicated and passionate team to become a successful game development business, to make this happen I need more people to join us on this great endeavor.

We are now a team of 7 people with experienced designers, artists, sound designers and an admin/writer now on the team, all we need now is 1-2 coders to fill the Gap. Good thing is as a designer/ producer with study and team experience, I have a good fundamental understanding of c# code and the documentation/planning behind it. Also, we already have coding tasks/ documentation ready to go so we are already well planned (we do accept ideas and concepts as a team).

Currently we are working on story-based psychological horror game which may stand out from the many that are out there, it is in the demo phase at the moment so the main game itself has not been worked on much. It is being made in unity with c# and also has a realistic art style to capture the horror in the best way possible. Please check out our game page here

I am looking for coding enthusiasts (can be at an intermediate level), which need to know how to use unity (can be at a beginner level for unity) and programming software (such as VS or Mono or whatever software you like) to make game mechanics come to life with c#. This includes being able to make flow charts and other things such as player states/ AI systems.

I am currently studying my second year and have made games as a part of the diploma, so people who are currently studying or have studied in the specified areas would be great. Other than that, if you have great skills as a freelancer we can have a talk and see what you can do.

At the moment there is no pay for it but, we will be doing a kick-starter, possibly some game dev grants once the demo/ trailer is done and the once game is up on steam. Myself and the team do however believe that this game idea will get out there quick and become popular, I do have connections but this is also innovative.

p.s. whilst we are a professional business during development, we also joke around and sometimes play games. So, come join us with an open mind and get ready to make the game of a life time :)

To Apply

Please send an email to (the email has an _ between ausgex and games if it is not visible because of the green line) and I will reply to you ASAP, send a resume if you are able to and right up a short letter as to why you believe you will be a passionate and beneficial team member. Thank you :).

Anywhere (we use a discord group for chat/ work /meetings)
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