Voxel Turf is a block based City Builder/Action Adventure game with a touch of Grand Strategy. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Conquer rival factions in your city! Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.

  • Have you ever played an open world game and thought "if only I could build something here?"
  • Or a city builder and wanted to drive around and interact with your creation?
  • Or even a building game and thought "if only these buildings would come to life?"

If so then consider giving Voxel Turf a shot!

Head over to the Steam Page to purchase or add to your wishlist!

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Dev Diaries:

DD 1: Economic Engine I: Building Types, Supply and Demand
DD 2: Economic Engine II: Modifiers, Desirability, Safety Rating, Repairing and Custom Buildings
DD 3: Weapons I: Small Arms and Weapon Mods
DD 4: Weapons II: Rockets, Explosives and Blast Resistance
DD 5: Mechanisms, Circuits and Electronics
DD 6: Dealing with the Law (CDF) (+Youtube Video - Dealing with the CDF)
DD 7: Urban Grand Strategy - Turf Wars and Diplomacy (+Youtube Video - Urban Grand Strategy)
DD 8: Reputation and Racketeering - Wide vs Tall
DD 9: Meet the Bandits + Bandit Base Raiding & Looting (+Youtube Video - Fun with Infinite Rockets)
DD 10: Missions & Co-Op (+Youtube Video - Racing Mission)
DD 11: Player Bases & Base Building
DD 12: Stats and Perks
DD 13: City Building, Zoning and Reward Buildings (+Youtube Video - City Building Guide) (+Youtube Video - Custom Buildings and Templates)
DD 14: Boats, Hovercrafts and Canals
DD 15: New Bandit Base and Caryard + Waypoint System + Strategic Pausing

Game Features

Live in a City of Your Own Creation

  • Build sprawling cities with either the over 50 prebuilt buildings, or build your own in-game!
  • Make amazing structures with over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories.
  • Or live in and modify a procedurally generated city

Get Rich or Die Trying

  • Earn cash from either completing missions, crime, or managing a real estate empire.
  • Establish protection rackets to make money
  • Some of the missions revolve around:
    • Being a hired revolutionary who fights the local authorities for cash
    • Participating in street races for money
    • Making a career though stealing vehicles for profit
    • Eliminating bandits and protecting civilians from bandit attacks
    • Be a specialist architect who draws an income from making custom buildings

Unleash Chaos

  • Destroy and vandalise areas with explosives, weapons and tanks.
  • Ride a wide range of vehicles including cars, a tank, helicopters and even a rideable shopping trolley!

Enjoy Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer over LAN or Internet. You can host games or set up dedicated servers
  • Most missions can be done in Co-Op
  • Cooperate with friends to build a city, or compete and undercut each other

Fight For Territory

  • Explore and raid bandit bases for loot
  • Fight Turf Wars against other factions and players to gain control over parts of the city
  • Build bases and defend your territory from attack
  • Engage in diplomacy with other factions in order to gain power or undermine others

Unleash Creativity

  • The entire world is block based, so you can create and destroy everything.
  • Decorate blocks with paint and decals
  • Various non-cube construction blocks, including ramps, stairs, steps, allowing you to build things like pitched roofs and ultimately more realistic looking buildings.
  • Build intricate contraptions using switches, mechanisms and circuits
  • Custom player-built buildings can be saved as templates, and be placed like normal buildings. These are synced across a network, so you can do this in multiplayer too!
  • Unlock reward buildings, such as the Cemetery, the Town Hall and even a Space Program! Work together with other players to unlock them faster!

Character Customisation

  • Over 50 player skins
  • Support for custom player skins
  • 10 hats for your character to wear, also wearable body armour.
  • Weapons are customisable too! Attach weapon mods to weapons to change their appearance and behaviour. Make shotguns explosive, make your pistol armour piercing or your SMG scoped!

Modding Support

  • Steam Workshop integration
  • Lua Scripting for easy moddability with a C++ scratch-coded base game engine for performance

Game Modes

  • Turf: Start in a procedurally generated city, and do what you want. Build, do missions, do crime, do whatever!
  • Build: Start on a blank map and build whatever you want with unlimited blocks.
  • Turf Zero: Start on a blank map and build a city from scratch. Scavenge resources from bandit bases.
  • Strategy: Start in a procedurally generated city with 16 warring factions. Use diplomacy and warfare to gain control over the entire city!


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Small channels are especially welcome provided that it looks like you put consistent effort into your channel - we're all little guys so we need to help each other out ;)
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Its finally here - patch 1.1.0. This patch has two main features - Goons Follow You and AI Construction of new parts of the city. It also has lots of extras, such as a new game mode (Strategy Zero) and lots of QoL improvements, such as improved repair mechanics (including city autorepair), improved base raiding and a upgrades to the minimap. Let's get started!

If this game interests you check out the Steam Page!

AI Goons Follow You

Above: Raiding a faction base with 2 recruited goons

Remember those goons you can hire in bases? You can recruit them as your personal escorts now. You can order them to:

  • Follow you
  • Guard a location
  • Advance to your marked waypoint on the map
  • Return to their home base

You can have at most 4 dudes following you or having orders issued (goons with guard orders count as under your command). Goons will follow you into and out of vehicles and warp back to you if they get too separated from you.

This also gives you a useful way to fight Turf Wars. Have multiple bases, garrison your front line bases and garrison you back line bases. Have the goons from the back line follow you and you can attack the enemy bases with them.
Or you can use them to raid a bandit base if you breach the walls. This opens up so many gameplay possibilities!

Additionally goons can wear hats! Your goons now wear coloured hats that match your colour, as do the goons of other factions, so you can easily see who's on what side. Some CDF officers also wear hats too!

Finally all mobs now heal at a rate of 0.5%/sec, so your followers should be healed between engagements. If a goon is in their home base and is not in combat for 12 seconds, they now fast-heal (just like the player does).

The AI Now Builds Cities

The AI Factions can now establish new bases and construct new regions of the city. They won't construct for the sake of construction - they will only build if a Human player is approaching them in Networth or has many more bases than them.

4 AI factions were allowed to expand without restriction here. They have constructed most of this city (faction controled areas are coloured).
Above: 4 AI factions were allowed to expand without restriction here. They have constructed most of this city (faction controled areas are coloured).

This now means that the AI is a strategic threat to the player that spreads out and takes over the map to counter the player as you grow more powerful.

The AI will also establish new bases to facilitate its expansion. It'll either place new bases in large vacant areas near its current holdings or it'll expand to unexploited parts of the city.

Finally the AI will now also repair any damaged bases they have over time.

New Game Mode - Strat Zero

This patch introduces the Strategy Zero game mode. Its a cross between Turf Zero and Strategy. You start on a blank map with 16 players and they build up the city. But watch out, they will start wars!

Major Economic Changes

All construction costs QUATERED! This is so that you can get into building stuff from the game's start rather having to beat high paying missions first. Racketeering costs have also been reduced, as have incomes to not effect the balance of the investing side of the game.

Revamped Peace + New Peace Demands

The game now has a warscore system. There is also a small check box telling you if the AI is likely to accept or reject your peace deal and give you a reasoned breakdown why.

There are 2 new peace options: demand reparations and demand humiliation.

Reparations give make the other side pay 10% of their income (before expenses) every hour while the truce is in effect.

Humiliation makes the other side lose 20 reputation each. If they have positive reputation then you'll get half of the amount that they lose (so if a side has 10 reputation you'll get 5 and they'll be set to -10 rep).

This gives you the ability to demand stuff from factions, weaken them and strengthen yourself without taking bases and gaining aggression.

Once a war ends the players/factions will have a 32 minute truce, preventing further declarations of war between them. Players/factions cannot join an offensive war with someone they have a truce with.

Auto Repair

The city now auto-repairs over time. For a standard sized city this there is ~1% chance/min of a lot auto-repairing. Auto-repairing is free and it doesn't matter who owns or racketeers the lot. Only roads and economic buildings auto-repair and lots do not auto-repair if there are players nearby.

Repairing Lots With Chests No Longer Wipes the Contents

^ That.

Engine Improvements

All this construction and repairing here and there has necessitated some improvements for the game server. The game server will pre-load areas undergoing AI construction, so when the AI decides to plonk down 200 road tiles it doesn't slow down the game.

The game now does staggered autosaves too. Before people were sometimes having autosaves that would take 1 or 2 seconds. This may not sound much to you as a player (its only an occasional nuisance), but it could wreak havoc on the AI - making their cars crash off of the road. The server now splits autosaves over many frames (if needed) to prevent these lag spikes.

Improved Minimap

Allied goons appear on the minimap as smaller triangles and civilian vehicles appear as white rectangles.

The CDF also appear on the minimap, as red rectangles or red triangles. You can only see foot CDF if you are less than 40m away from them. If you have notoriety the CDF flash red and blue

Improved Base Raiding

I've added a simple timer to Bases and Bandit Bases. When you kill a bandit or a base defender the base will not respawn a new one for a few seconds (5 on normal, 8 on easy, 2 on hard). This prevents insta-respawns that snag newer players.

Of course, with the addition of goon-orders this opens up a lot more strategies too!

Human Players can now Launch Base Attacks

If controlling minions one by one isn't enough for you there's something a bit bigger now at your disposal. You can now launch Base Attacks from the map screen. When you have enough bases (6 currently) your first Base Attack Slot is unlocked, build more bases to unlock more. Your base attack charge rate is proportional to your base garrison levels: Garrison all your bases up to charge up your base attacks!

QoL Changes

More icons for shops are finally available on the map

More info on players or factions are available from the Player Info screen:

I've done a little work on polishing placing-lots-as-bases. You now see the radius of influence of the new base you are about to place and the red is removed from the map as is the "You must have a base to build things" message (as you can legally build a base anywhere).

For Updates, hit Watch, or Get the game now on Steam

Dev Diary 15: New Bandit Base, Car Shop, Waypoint System + MOAR

Dev Diary 15: New Bandit Base, Car Shop, Waypoint System + MOAR

News 1 comment

The latest patch adds a Big Bandit Base, a Car Shop and a bunch of QoL improvements. Lets dive in!

Dev Diary 14: Boats & Hovercrafts Patch

Dev Diary 14: Boats & Hovercrafts Patch


This week's patch adds some boats and hovercraft, together with marinas, hovercraft shop and canals! Lets take a look.

[2x Video + Article] Dev Diary 13: City Building, Zoning & Reward Buildings

[2x Video + Article] Dev Diary 13: City Building, Zoning & Reward Buildings

News 4 comments

This time its time for a revisit of city building mechanics and an introduction to Zoning mechanics and the Reward Buildings!

Dev Diary 12: Stats and Perks

Dev Diary 12: Stats and Perks


Perks change the way the game is played! HP recovery, immunity to crimes, free missiles?! Check them out here!

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Any chance we could get into talks about getting a review key going?

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SnapperTheTwig Creator

PM Sent ;)

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INtense! Staff

Why are the demo's removed?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Havent heard of this for a while now. How's it coming along ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SnapperTheTwig Creator

It took a while, but it's finally done ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

yeah i saw steam store page its great so means you will improve game after release?

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SnapperTheTwig Creator

Oh yeah, I've got a lot of things I still want to do. There will be more info on that near or after release

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And there is a theme to be able to get a job?

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Dec 17 2017

MG's pack has been updated with HUGE STADIUMS! Helicopter for scale

Oct 21 2017

Hotfix Patch 1.0.20 is out, fixes bandit base release and repair issues in 1.0.19. Also makes particles a bit nicer

Oct 20 2017

bi204-1's amazing lot pack, adds 24 new lots with an Alpine theme!

Oct 18 2017

New Video of new block particle effects!

Oct 17 2017

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