Totem Teller is about discovering things alone. Explore a beautifully broken world of stories. Truth is in the Telling.

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It's time to share some first snippets of info about the world, characters and gameplay in Totem Teller.

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The story awaits Retelling.

About Totem Teller

We're not yet in full announce mode, but considering Totem Teller is getting a little more attention on twitter and other outlets, it's probably a good time to share more about our world and what you're able to do in it.

This world is a story. It is damaged - slowing fading. Soon it will be forgotten. The plot holes must be closed, the characters resolved and the story retold. That is the duty of a Teller. - Elder

Just one of the many varied locales you'll explore.

What is the setting?

There’s a few different worlds, wrapped around each other. The bulk of the game takes place inside the Story World. It's a simulation created by the Teller from the final remnants of a deteriorating story. Soon it will be forgotten. The plot holes must be closed, the characters resolved and the story retold. That is the duty of a Teller.

Concepts for the Teller - she's a young initiate in the monk-like storytelling order.

What is a 'Teller'?

A monk-like order of space-time traveling story administrators. They maintain the stories we tell, indirectly influencing culture, inspiring heroes/villains and affecting the fate of worlds. Tellers are watching the threads of every story for signs of deterioration. If a story is at risk of being lost, they may choose to repair it or let dissolve into the void.

Deterioration can be beautiful

How is Totem Teller played?

The goal is to repair and reconstruct a cohesive story. To achieve this, you’ll be discovering characters, artifacts and locations. Through mending broken character arcs and closing plot holes, the story can be retold. This ‘Retelling’ is also something you actively participate in.

The gameplay boils down to discovering the many possible resolutions for each major event and character, then choosing your canon version. How you manipulate plot devices, through interaction and dialogue choice, will determine it.

Players sift through the scattered plot points, piecing things together and drawing their own conclusions. A bit like solving a mystery, or conducting a solo archaeological expedition.

What story will you tell?

To stay up to date on the latest Totem Teller news:

Also - check out this extremely insightful little write-up by Amber Knox over at Killscreen.

She's certainly cracked a little bit of our code!

- Ben & Jerry

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