The Repopulation is a Sci-Fi Sandpark MMORPG by Above and Beyond Technologies. You begin your adventure as a second generation clone colonist on the planet of Rhyldan, with mankind on the verge of extinction, and in the midst of a civil war.

We are looking to deliver the sandbox/themepark hybrid experience that many players enjoyed in games like Ultima Online and Pre-NG Star Wars Galaxies. We are going to deliver these key features.

  • Heavy emphasis on generated and player created content.
  • Nation based warfare not only provides Realm vs. Realm but also allows players to create their own Nations (an advanced form of guild) which is in essence an independent Realm.
  • Engagement system provides a form of Random Mutating Public Quests which can occur randomly throughout the world, mutate into new stages and spread to other nodes. As a result areas will be less static, and constantly changing based on how players react to these engagements.
  • Player created cities which can not only include housing but many advanced structure types such as Walls, Turrets, Barracks, and more. These cities can be besieged and conquered by rival Nations.
  • Skills based gameplay with a Tiered approach. Each of the hundred skills essentially has it's own set of 15 levels with rewards for progression along the way.
  • Advanced generated mission system allows quests to be tailored for a player, and for those templates to be reused throughout the world. This will ensure that players have a nonstop supply of missions, and allows us to produce content quicker and more efficiently than hand-designing each individual quest. Our generated missions can be full blown epic quests with many parts, but generated elements and NPCs.
  • Advanced vehicle system that features vehicle vs. vehicle combat in addition to being used as fast transport.
  • Gameplay elements that allow players to play the game with minimal combat exposure through crafting, nation building, pets, vehicles, and other systems.
  • Progression formulated to allow players to get in the game quickly and play with others regardless of hours played while still retaining elements that attract players who wish to be the best at something.
  • A unique science fiction setting which will allow us to expand the universe in the future and provide additional gameplay types through expansions. We've placed a lot of effort into not only planning the initial launch, but in looking to the future and a long prosperous lifespan for the title.
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With the wild ride that was March behind us, we have a chance to reflect the month that was and to look ahead to April. We had originally planned on launching Alpha 3 on March 28th, but the new server hardware required for this update arrived late (just yesterday), causing us to push the start back slightly. Our preparations for it though resulted in one of our busiest months ever from a development standpoint. Before we look ahead to the start of Alpha 3 let's first take a look back on the changes made to the game in March.

We spent a lot of time working on the User Interface as we continue to streamline it and make it easier to use. You can move some frames which previously were locked into place, such as the status and target bars. There are new ease of use options for abilities, and an on-deck ability system is now supported. Abilities will now grey out if you can not use them with your currently equipped weapon, as well. For complete details on the interface changes see the User Interface notes below.

Trade skills are a pretty massive part of our economy and we focused heavily on them in the latter stages of the month. You can now create all of the armor shells in the game through the Armor Crafting skill, with some new armor sets being introduced. Vehicle Engineering and Disguise Creation are also now functional, and there are an assortment of new recipes and results in many other lines.

Speaking of Disguise, that system received a significant level of updates this month. You can now disguise as non-human species. There is a greater variety and level of customization in the types of disguises you can don, and the system is just working much better all around. Entertainer types may enjoy a new interactive music system which was implemented which allows you to play instrument notes which can be heard by nearby players. This system is still in its infancy and we expect it to grow and improve in the coming months. Pets also received a slew of updates and now feature improved pathing, and new variations of pets. We also spent time on smoothening out the transitions for tamers, so that they have a steady rise on the types of animals they can tame.

A heavy focus was also placed on the mission system this month. We added a ton of new mission templates this month, which should provide players with a lot more variety in Alpha 3. Our mission team has really begun to move full steam and you can expect to see a lot of improvements there moving forward. Feature wise, missions were also improved. Arch-rivals and Allies are now tracked on a per character basis. This allows for NPCs to remember players better and to use their relationship with that player as a filter for generating new opportunities. We also made numerous improvements on how Missions and Achievements interact. Missions can now add and remove achievements through any action, and they can hide these changes from players.

We then had some additions which were targeted directly at what will soon be a flood of new players. The Repopulation is not a game which is heavy on instancing, but in some cases such as the Training Grounds or certain mission instances, it is a necesity. We spent a lot of time this month improving our instancing support. The Training Grounds can now automatically spin up new instances when they reach a certain threshold of players. Engagements also now support instancing.

Hero Engine also released a major patch this month which brought a ton of great changes on the final week of the month. We took several days and upgraded a number of areas to take advantage of those features. They have allowed us to improve our weather effects, and fixed some perceived latency issues that were caused by a timer mismatch issue. Unfortunately they also introduced a physics bug which is currently being investigated, which has prevented us from pushing these changes to the alpha server at this point. Those changes will be coming very soon though.

This brings us to the big question, when will Alpha 3 begin and what can we expect from April? First and foremost is Alpha 3, which will be starting soon. The physics issue will need to be resolved, and we need to work out the best schedule due to PAX East next week, but keep an eye on your mailbox (and spam folder) as we'll be sending out keys and instructions as soon as we have this all finalized. On a sidenote if you are a backer and have not yet confirmed your pledge, you should also be keeping an eye out on the mailbox, as we will be sending a fresh batch of confirmation emails to those who have not yet confirmed their web site account within the next few days, as well. You need to click on those confirmation links as it is how we associate your forum account with pledges which were made in the Kickstarter campaign, and is necessary for testing access. If you have any questions or did not receive a confirmation email when you purchased a pledge please contact us and we will try to get to the bottom of it. When we send out invites for Alpha 3 it will be from confirmed pledges so please make sure you have validated your purchase.We will not have a booth at PAX East this year with testing being our priority, but Joshua Halls will be in attendance and has numerous things lined up for it. If anyone would like to schedule any meetings with him please drop us an email and he can try to work it in.

If there is a silver lining to the hardware delay, it's that it gave us a couple of weeks of extra time to cram in new content, and we've already have a massive slew of additions over the first few days of this month. This includes a slew of trade skill additions to Artillery, Culinary Arts, and other lines, and some significant improvements to how the game handles in high latency situations. We're really looking forward to getting all of the new testers in game very soon. Keep an eye on those mailboxes, it's going to be a fun (but stressful) month for the game. And now, to the build notes...

Adversarial Camps

  • Added adversarial camps, generated missions and generated resources to all of the Fal Sept region and parts of Loch Aza and Wailing Chasm.
  • Lesoo Camps now have a new destructible camp model rather than a standard den appearance. In the future we'll see this happen for various species.


  • Female models received a slew of animation improvements across the board.
  • Created new Lesoo animations.
  • Elkar now have impact animations and will bleed.
  • Raxin now have impact animations.
  • Added new animations that will be played when players extinguish fires.
  • The male character now blinks his eyes.
  • Female no longer loops when looting/gathering/etc.
  • Female mining animation changed to match speed of male and put in the fix that was needed for the looting animation.
  • Female was missing mute idle animation causing issues in Character Creation.
  • Added a run animation to the crawler.
  • Female shockgun animations should no longer stretch.
  • Implemented new crouch animations
  • Improvements were made to rifle idle animations.
  • Improved wall leaning animations.
  • Improved female melee animations, resolving stretching issues.
  • Females have new vehicle and mount riding animations.


  • Introduced a new interactive music system. This system will allow players to enter into a music mode (by clicking on the instrument they wish to play from inventory). While in music mode your action bars will be overriden to play music which nearby players can hear. You currently have 33 notes to work with using guitars and four sounds for drums. Drums and Guitars are currently supported. We'll continue to add to this feature over time, if you have any suggestions please add them on the forums.
  • Added new sound effects for Raxin, Scaed'ecoo, Faugea and Rhinocs.


  • Introduced new flame thrower turrets. These specialize in killing infantry.
  • Knockbacks and knockdown durations should now be properly timed to the effect. Previously the effects were expiring before the animations were done playing giving the appearance of you being able to attack while still being affected.
  • Added cover areas to The Shed.


  • New Lesoo Den Model Added.
  • When the Lesoo set up dens South of Freedomtown or Southeast of Freedomtown, they will now also set up a camp site.
  • Some of the Lesoo Dens in the world now have new tents and decorations.
  • Dens have been scattered in parts of Loch Aza and Wailing Chasm.


  • Engagements now support instancing. Although we do not make much use of instancing in Repop, there are some cases such as the Training Grounds where it is useful.
  • Added a new series of engagements to The Pipeworks. The FPR will set up a makeshift camp on one of of the small islands and offer a bounty to players for collecting rusted artifacts from the pipes. Their presence eventually will attract the attention of the Lurkers in the area and the engagement will turn to a more combat oriented endeavor.
  • Engagements which feature fire will now show a visual effect when players douse the flames.
  • The escalating Lesoo engagements in Falls Trail now feature a larger camp setting in latter stages.
  • Added a new engagement scenario to the Scorched Gorge Outpost. This engagement involves escorting Dr. Mercer to take readings in the craters. The sites are fill with Phosphori though, which complicates things.
  • The escort engagement in Plymouth Control Center is functional again.
  • Adjusted terrorist pathing in the Bombs in the City engagement so the terrorists can take cover.
  • The bomb squad during Bombs in the City will now rush to position from their stations. To add some flavor, one of the Bomb Squad will now go rogue and attempt to breach their defenses in his rage, which will initiate a battle at city hall.
  • The engagements which were previously at Mitchell's Farm have been readjusted to fit the new setting at The Shacks.
  • Added an advanced NPC trigger to the Pipeworks research camp engagement so Lurkers will not keep running along the path if they have killed all the researchers.


  • It will now get foggy whenever it rains.
  • Added new FX for larger flame thrower cannons, vehicles, or mechs.
  • Added new ship models to the game.
  • New and improved hair shaders.
  • Texture optimization of white bar models.
  • Added 40 new weapon icons.
  • Added new barricade models.
  • Armor, skin and rock texture optimizations.
  • Texture optimization of Plymouth landing pad.
  • Added faction banner models.
  • Added skin tinting to the female model.
  • Added elevator module models.
  • Added a new female armor, "Light Set 2".
  • Added straw bale models.
  • Added new canopy model.
  • Added a new ranch building.
  • Added new ranch buildings.
  • Texture optimization of mine car model.
  • Added new fence model.
  • Added 41 new inventory icons.
  • Added ranch/farm models: wind generators, silos, windmill, sprinkler installations
  • Model and material optimization in Plymout City.


  • Housing now supports separation of factions. The FPR zone was added and set up.
  • FPR characters can now visit their instanced housing area by speaking to a robot at the shuttle pad.
  • Internal adjustments to city and housing storage to prevent lost nodes on a push.


  • Several important NPCs have been rigged so that you can receive directions to them from much longer range.
  • You can now inquire to receive more information on the corporations of Rhyldan.
  • FPR players can now inquire for directions to the following locations: Freedomtown, Scar's Wall, Scorched Gorge Outpost, The Shacks, Red Hot Supplies, Thicket Overwatch, Mitchell's Farm, Jenkin's Ranch, Subterranean Thicket, and The Shed. If your inquiry is successful you will receive a destination marker to guide you.
  • Added many new inquiry questions targeted at FPR characters. These provide background information on the areas and NPCs near Freedomtown.
  • Optimized prompted "Where Is" searches.
  • You can no longer inquire with NPCs who are hostile to you.
  • Many inquiries and backgrounds were added to FPR NPCs, to bring them in line with OWON NPCs.

Items and Fittings

  • Added two new Lesoo Disguise Kits. This allows you to disguise yourself as the a Common Lesoo or a Lesoo Warrior.
  • Added 9 new types of injected boosters to the game. These are crafted items which can either give you an instant boost to an area (a heal for instance) or which can instead provide a lasting buff.
  • Added new Drum and Guitar items. These can be purchased from vendors currently but will later be crafted. When you activate these items it will toggle music mode on or off and use that instrument as the sound. See the Audio section for more information on music mode.
  • Introduced new makeshift weapon shells that can be obtained as rare extractions from plant life. They have very low durability and no sockets, but they do have some special capabilities.
  • Learning Enhancements (Skill Gain Boosters) are now disposable.
  • Added new Deployable Mini-Pyro Turrets. Similar to other deployable turrets these are stationary. This variation emits flames and is quite effective vs. infantry.
  • All of the armor in the game has been renamed to a more visual description. These were using placeholder names previously. In addition to this we have added new armor and clothing sets that are available to players.
  • As a result of so many new crafting recipes going into the game we have removed a number of items from vendors that were there for convenience. For example, you can still purchase armors from vendors, but you do not get the full compliment of choices.
  • Beefed up human and robot loot tables.
  • Added six new disguise chips which can be used in Disguise creation. Some of these are available on vendors, others are stolen, mission, engagement or mob drop rewards.
  • Added three new human disguise kits. These modify your appearance and name while they are in effect. As is the case with all disguises, higher quality disguises last longer.
  • Disposable Injectors have been renamed to Nanite Injectors and are no longer purchasable from vendors. You can craft them however with the Pharmaceuticals skill.
  • 2 New Light and 2 New Medium sets added to Character Creation
  • Updating Armor Visualizations to match the proper armor types, a few were busted/missing.
  • Added many new types of species specific loot, generally improving mob loot tables.
  • Lesoo leadership beads are now dropped by more bosses.
  • The genetic head gear and other armor/clothings are no longer given to you at character creation.
  • None is again an option for head so you can remove the helmet if you want in character creation.
  • Hair and Facial Hair data is now saved on the character (initially set during character creation) and in the future once the ability to change it is added. This should keep a helmet from eating the hair once removed.
  • Many items have new icons.


  • Achievements can now be marked as hidden if they are not meant for players to know about. Hidden achievements will be active on your character, so they can be used as pre-requisites. But they will not appear in your Achievement Window.
  • New tools added to improve management of instanced zones to help regulate player counts and transport players into the proper instance.
  • Added Fitting support to the auction system.
  • The day/night system now supports a new method of brightening/darkening neon signs.
  • Updated client side timers to take advantage of a new Hero Engine timer feature. This fixes some timing mismatch issues we were having previously in many systems.
  • Added a Low Armor and Weapon Energy Hint for when the first time it happens to help explain the system.
  • Added many new objects which can be stolen to Freedomtown.
  • Dismount command was missing from the binding list for some reason, added it back in and added it to the tooltip so people know they can hit ctrl+D.
  • Optimized and fixed pet pathing.
  • Added an arrival path to the Timbertol Trail.
  • Added 6 new types of objects which can be stolen.
  • "/timedmission list" will now give you a list of missions you are currently doing which have a time limit.
  • As we are now going to significantly increase the number of testers and NDA breeches become a more realistic worry we have are overlaying your account id on the screen when you play. This will stay in effect until the NDA is lifted during beta.
  • Added a point of interest for Scar's Wall. The first time you visit Scar's Wall you will receive a small but permanent boost to your Tracking skill.FPR characters will now spawn inside of Thicket Overwatch if they die in the Elkar Woods.
  • Numerous minor server side optimizations.
  • Added faction specific spawn locations Outside Freedomtown.
  • Commands flagged as no player (by default) are no longer available. We might need to make a few adjustments once the patch is live.
  • Visiting The Shacks for the first time will result in a small but permanent boost to your Foraging skill.
  • Tinting of head/arms/feet now work in character creation when available.
  • You should now see descriptive names for the area's that your characters are in at Character Selection, instead of seeing the grid numbers.
  • Added a new exploration point to Vista Doma at the top of the hill. Players who explore this area will receive a small but permanent boost to their Mining skill.
  • Marked multiple trees in Northern Plymouth so they will not display on the map or minimap as the were covering roads.
  • FPR and Rogue respawn locations in Payton's Peak have been moved so they are further away from the research facility.
  • FPR players who re-clone in Scar's Wall will now appear in the medical center.


  • Missions can now award achievements for any response option or other conditional action. Previously achievement awards had to be granted at the end of the mission, but can now happen immediately and through more options.
  • Missions can now mark certain NPCs as allies or arch-rivals of players based on the results of the mission. Those can then be used as pre-requisites for future opportunities.
  • Updated generic collection style combat missions which could be done on a wide variety of mobs within a species or types of mobs so the drops could result from Adversarial Camp mobs, as well.
  • Missions can now utilize temporary hidden achievements.
  • Achievements or hidden flags can now be used as a prerequisite for individual mission dialog branches .
  • Added new profession specific crafting missions. Once you have gained sufficient knowledge in your trade these will become available.
  • Increased rewards on harvesting missions.
  • Slightly reduced the group credit reward bonus for missions because it was giving too large of a bonus for small groups.
  • You can now complete medical tutorials in Sept Falls.
  • You can now complete medical tutorials and the salvaging parts tutorial at Thicket Overwatch if you wish.
  • Added three Freedomtown missions focused on Gwen Oulopathis, Freedomtown´s HuntRep. Also: if Inquired, Gwen Oulopathis has something to say about legendary OWON sniper Lupi Daanaki
  • Added two new Freedomtown missions starring SysRep Huautec Tleximtl, and continuing the “Cloning Recognition” storyline.
  • Added three new Freedomtown missions dealing with grenades, medical prescriptions, food for the troops… and Cleo´s Every Vitamin Included Hangover Cure. Also introducing Trader politician Robert Rodd.
  • Added four new missions to Sept Falls which dealing with goods of dubious origins, from Data Sticks to Meds from Plymouth.
  • Sept Falls is hungry! Added five new missions dealing with Sept Falls treats like Gudrun´s Spicy Sauce, the Morning Star cocktail (a Plush Room specialty), and Grouchy Larry´s famous Triple Chilli HellFire Special.
  • Added a new mission on the Cleo´s Miracle Hangover Cure storyline, linking Freedomtown and Sept Falls.
  • Added a new mission to Sept Falls: Fever Test.
  • The “Biomass” & “Aff. Delays” missions weren´t working properly; they were replaced by “Biowaste” and “Delays & Details”. Both missions are part of the “Cloning Recognition” storyline, focused on the Freedomtown´s Cloning Representative.
  • Added One Time Missions to Loch Aza.
  • Added a number of new long range delivery and patrol missions to the Freedomtown region. The purpose of these missions is to help show players where nearby hubs are located.
  • Added a reference to Plymouth Hills in Taken in the Night quest.
  • There are many new generic mission opportunities in Sept Falls.
  • Attached dozens of missions to Thicket Overwatch.
  • Added new scientific research related missions to the Shed and the Pipeworks.
  • Added a new mission which will be generated for players when they first begin to attract the attention of Underworld NPCs. This mission will train you how to pick pocket, though you could also learn this ability as a random reward.
  • Added a collection of new mission opportunities to Plymouth Canyon and the Sapless Mesa.
  • You can now complete the Taming tutorial at Jenkins Ranch if you missed it in the Training Facility.
  • Added a good number of new FPR specific combat related missions.
  • Beefed up the rewards on the Department of Sciences and Department of Research mission lines.
  • Added a series of missions and dens to Aza Sands.
  • The Puppy Love taming mission will no longer be given to players unless they have sufficient taming skill.
  • Added multiple new missions for tamers. They involve taming pets for NPCs who need one for various reasons.
  • Added a new escort mission Outside Freedomtown.
  • The collectors in Freedomtown should now have appropriately colored mission icons.
  • Fixed an issue which was making mission generation perform slower than should have been the case.
  • Added a slew of missions to Scar's Wall. This is a pretty active hub with many generated opportunities.
  • Added new missions to Ammann Village.
  • Added a reasonable number of missions to the Northern Range.
  • Taming missions are now more common in the world.
  • Dr. Cline is now collecting parasites for his medical research in Freedomtown. This is a static collection mission that you can do repeatedly.
  • A good number of generated missions that were previously only available for OWON characters are now available to FPR players, as well.
  • Updated the shockgun tutorials to refer to the weapons as shockguns and not the old naming convention.
  • Found and resolved an issue with the Research Division Special Assignment: Unique Specimen DNA generated mission. It now accepts blood samples from the adversarial camp spawned mutants, as well allowing the older mutations to also drop the blood sample required.
  • Added One Time Missions to several FPR areas that didn't have them.


  • Made some adjustments on how/when a npc catchups on the client to smooth animation on chasing significantly.
  • Adjusted Lesoo appearances so that we now have different skin tones and facial features, along with fat, skinny, and "buff" Lesoo. Lesoo also still have multiple clothing options.
  • Fleeing NPCs now get a Panicked Flight Effect that slows them down and makes them receive a bit of extra damage. They also don't attempt to flee again till you are a bit closer to make them a bit easier to chase down.
  • Created new domesticated variations of Hokfig. The domesticated Hokfig are smaller than wild ones, and fiercely loyal to their masters. You can find some on the Jenkins Ranch.
  • The Faugea species now features scouts. These NPCs will run for assistance rather than attacking players, so be sure to take them down before they bring trouble.
  • Added new Calprates Calves which can be tamed into the world.
  • There is now a military presence in Sept Falls.
  • Agent Tucker is the new head of security at Freedomtown's government building. He moves from place to place keeping up on things and is part of several missions in the area.
  • Added new NPC outfits and sprinkled them on NPCs throughout the world.
  • Added several new NPCs to Sept Falls. This includes aspiring writer Flora Cruz, trapper Buck Townsend, tailor Syrus Alacar, dancer & gossip trader Azrayella Guapita, and Mayor Argren´s assistant, Asana Uscheld.
  • You can now pick pocket Peacekeepers. They are very difficult to steal from however, and will kill you quickly if you are caught.
  • Added new NPCs and related missions to Freedomtown.
  • Added new female NPC visual configurations.
  • Moved around some NPCs in Sept Falls, and added some new ones.
  • Plymouth Canyon now features more wildlife.
  • Added Nacoot to Ammann's Village and the Jenkins Ranch.
  • Added new bosses and raid bosses to the Scorched Gorge and Scar's Wall.
  • Nacoot can now be found in the Freedomtown newbie grounds to aid starting tamers.
  • Corrected an issue which allowed NPCs who shard common spawn points to spawn in the same spot occasionally and stack up on one another.
  • Added multiple new military based professions for NPCs.
  • Atahualpa Yupanqui now spends more time talking and less time walking and despawned.
  • Added many new NPC outfits to take advantage of new armor and clothing looks.
  • There are now more NPCs on the Mitchell's Farm, including new Mitchell's and the introduction of the Ekkans family.
  • You can now steal from more NPCs in Freedomtown.
  • Added numerous new NPCs Outside of Freedomtown, in the new Shacks hub. Missions in the area center around them.
  • Freedomtown now features a large compliment of tutorial/trainer NPCs for those who skipped training or ran out of chits in the Training Grounds.
  • The upstairs segment of the pub in Freedomtown is now livelier.
  • Calprates now feature a slightly increased attack range so they will not crowd players quite as much.


  • Added Point Lights as an option for Nation Structures. It uses the white sphere as the placement object and then builds a light. There is a new Properties tab on the Structure List window where you will be able to manipulate the settings and hide the visual for the light.
  • Units now when placed are in the rotation indicated when dropped. You can also rotate them using the rotation arrows now available in the Housing Window.
  • Units now have an Indicator Button in the Housing Window. This will temporarily display as sphere around the unit if you can see it. This is to help indicate what unit you are working with.
  • Added another 120 or so objects to the structures list. They all still need icons done, but they are entered in.
  • Updated many of the new structure icons .


  • Pets now predict master movement so they better position themselves when moving. Should keep them from hop stepping as much.
  • Multiple changes to the pet window GUI system. See the User Interface section for details.
  • Smoothed out the tamed pet difficulty progression difficulty. The list now looks like this: Nacoot and Barca -> Setlang -> Vulture -> Raxin -> Rocharus -> Calprates -> Rhinoc -> Drake.
  • Rocharus pets are now available through genetic engineering. They could previously only be tamed.
  • Calprates are now available as both tamed and genetically engineered pets.
  • Pets will now be dismissed if you teleport while you have them out.
  • Vulture pets now feature improved armor.
  • It is now easier to approach baby rhinocs or rocharus.

Player vs. Player

  • You can now purchase single use Light Mechs from military vendors at the rank of Major.
  • You can now purchase single use Deployable Pyro-Mini Turrets from Military vendors at the rank of Colonel.

Skills and Abilities

  • You can now disguise yourself as non-human species through the disguise skill.
  • Disguises will now override worn gear unless you swap out gear into a slot after donning the disguise.
  • Reveal Disguise and Remove Disguise should now be functioning properly. Previously they were only removing negative disguises.
  • Reduced the recharge time on Remove Disguise from 45 to 15 seconds.
  • Increased tracking effectiveness. You will now be able to track more mobs out of the gate, and you will increase your effectiveness more quickly.
  • The Feed Animals ability now displays a text banner indicating when your pet has been fed, in addition to the chat text.
  • Added a new Animal Handling ability: Train Mount. This ability converts a suitable animal pet into a mount.
  • The Extinguish Flames ability has new FX.
  • You can now steal some items in Sept Falls.
  • Sprinting reduces endurance by 15% now instead of 25%, Regen was bumped to 15% base from 12% and regen increased to 1/2 (50%) from 1/3 (33%) when moving (all per tick).
  • Put in a client side queue to prevent an ability from being sent more often than 250ms from the client to the server.

Trade Skills

  • Added 22 new Armorcrafting recipes to list, with the majority of those recipes producing multiple items. These recipes are in Advanced Armorcrafting manuals and allow Armor Crafters to make the various armor shells in the game. We generally list each recipe individually but in the case of these there were simply too many to list.
  • Added the following types of tradeskill components: Polymer Textile, Hardware Development Kit, Soft Vegetables, Refractive Casing, Mild Vegetables, Hot Vegetables, Savory Spice, Baking Spice, Optical Fibers, Polymer, Disguise Chip, Enzyme Source, Carbonite Buffer, Nanite, Enzyme, Bio-Alloy Power Core Frame, Control Chip, Fish Chunk, Seasoning Mix, Nano-Textile, Nano-Fiber Cloth, Anchored Metal Mounting, Beryllium Powder, Basic Turret Stand, Foil, Quadruple Barrel Assembly, Barrel, Vehicle Chassis Mold, Bacon, Mounting Bracket, Flavor Extract, Transformer Chain, Magenetic Core, Alcohol, Power Coil, Fish Fillet, Solid State Gain Medium, Transformer Bushing, Broth, Ceramic Bushing, Power Coil Pattern, Curved Mirror, Curved Glass Pane, Silver Foil, Wedge Prism, Nano-tech Panel, Bean, D-Ring, Safety Catch, Fasterner, Perfect Facted Gem, Glass Pane, Mirror, Crystal Power Core, Cooked Fish Fillet, Flour, and Vehicle Chassis.
  • Added a new Hacking Recipe: Control Chip. Control Chips are currently used in the manufacturing of vehicles, but in the future there will also be other versions.
  • Added a new Tailoring recipe: Super Heavy Nanomesh Panel. These panels are necessary to create the heaviest armors.
  • Introduced a new Advanced Tailoring training manual. This manual teaches you more advanced tailoring recipes.
  • Added a new Heavy Armorcrafting training manual. This manual will teach you how to build the heaviest armors in the game.
  • Introduced a new Pharmaceuticals recipe: Enhancement Nanites. This recipe can produce various forms of enhancement related nanites, which are used in various forms of crafting production.
  • Added a new Tailoring recipe: Reinforced Polymer Textile. This allows the creation of Calibrite-Carbon Polymer Sheet which is used in armor and clothing recipes.
  • Implemented the Hacking recipe: Optical Fibers. This recipe allows the creation of several types of optical fibers, which can in turn be used by other trade skills.
  • Introduced a new Tailoring recipe: Nano-Fiber Component Production. This recipe is used to produce components for tailoring.
  • Added a new Tailoring recipe: Nano-Fiber Cloth. This recipe produces cloth which is used to manufacture clothing and armor.
  • The mineral breakdown recipe (Mining) can now produce Beryllium Powder, as well as it's previous results.
  • Added a new Mining recipe: Safety Catch. This component is used in various trade skills.
  • Added a new Mining recipe: D-Ring. D-Rings are used in Armorcrafting.
  • Implemented a new Mining recipe: Mounting Pin. This produces pins which are used in various other recipes for things like Armor Crafting and Artillery.
  • Introduced a new Mining recipe: Metal Buckle. This creates a Fastener which can be used in Armor Crafting.
  • Added a new Mining recipe: Nano-Carbide Reinforcement Mesh. This component is used in the creation of armors.
  • Added a new Advanced Metalworking training manual. This manual teaches advanced Mining recipes.
  • Added a new Mining recipe: Calibrite-Carbon Reinforcement Panel. These panels are components used in Armor Crafting
  • Implemented a new Tailoring Recipe: Nano-Composite Weave. This Nano-textile is used in armor production.
  • Added two new component recipes to the Tailoring line: Nanopores and Nanoparticles. These two recipes are components that are used in creating Nano-textiles.
  • Introduced a new Tailoring recipe: Medium Nanomesh Panel. These panels are used in the production of medium armors.
  • Introduced a new Tailoring recipe: Heavy Nanomesh Panel. These panels are used in the production of heavier types of armor.
  • Added the Foraging recipe: Herbal Extraction. This is used on to extract medicine from herbal plants for use in pharmaceuticals.
  • Added new result types to the Injected Booster recipe (Pharmaceuticals) and made the recipe more complex.
  • Azul Flowers now have a herbal use, and have been made more rare to compensate for it.
  • Melanko Leaves can now be used to construct medical anti-toxins.
  • Integrated a new Mining recipe: Anchored Metal Mounting. Mountings are used in various types of metalworking and artillery creation.
  • Added a new Mining recipe: Turret Stand. As you might have guessed this produces stands which are used in the creation of turrets.
  • Beryllium Oxide Paste can now be created through the Chemical Synthesis Recipe (Chemistry).
  • Added a new Mining recipe: Barrel. Barrels are used in weapon or artillery production.
  • Created a new Mining recipe: Quadruple Barrel Assembly. This is for creating quadruple barrels such as those used on some types of turrets.
  • Added a new training manual: Siege Artillery. This manual specializes in siege weapons and is a rare manual.
  • Implemented a new Artillery Recipe: Stationary Turret Frame. This recipe is used to create various types of stationary turret frames, which are used to create Siege or City Defense Turrets.
  • Added two new training manuals focused on disguise.
  • Added a new Disguise recipe: Lesoo Disguise. This allows you to create more complex Lesoo disguises once you have obtained sufficient skill. It is obtained in an advanced training manual.
  • Added a new Disguise recipe: Human Disguise. This disguise allows you to create a number of different human disguises.
  • You can now obtain DNA and Tissue samples from humans.
  • Introduced a new Pharmaceutical recipe: Ligase Production. Ligase is an Enzyme which is used in the production of other genetic or pharmaceutical uses.
  • Enzymes are now required to genetically engineer species.
  • The old Injector recipe has been renamed to Injected Booster. This is to allow for a new Injector recipe which manufacturers the injectors themselves.
  • Agent quality now has a larger effect on Injected Booster results than was previously the case.
  • Added a new Pharmaceuticals recipe: Injector. This recipe creates injectors which can be used in various other trade skill lines, including other pharmaceutical recipes.
  • You can now create Polyacrylonitrile (a Polymer) through the Mineral-Metal Synthesis recipe (Chemistry) by substituting Calibrite for the Metal and Anthracite as the Mineral.
  • Added a new Injected Boosters advanced training manual. This manual trains you in the creation of Injected Boosters, which can produce many variations of instant boosts similar to Stims or Potions in other games.
  • Implant recipes (Cybernetics) have been upgraded to bring them in line with other recipe lines.
  • Added a new cybernetics recipe: Cybernetic Power Core. This recipe creates a component which is used in implant creation.
  • Calibrium Diamonds are now very rare harvests from Calibrite (about a 1 in 200 chance) and used in tradeskill recipes.
  • You can now create Bio-Alloy Power Core Frames by substituting a Refined Safaline Bar as the Metal in the Power Core Frame recipe (Robotics).
  • The Power Coupling recipe (Robotics) can now be used to create Bio-Alloy Power Couplings by substituting a Safaline Bar as the Metal.
  • Refined Safaline Bars can now be used as Refined Bio-Alloys.
  • Added a new Vehicle Engineering recipe: Engineer Vehicle. This is the recipe which creates the actual vehicles. It is gained relatively early, but it will take a lot of skill to create the top variations of vehicles.
  • Introduced a new Vehicle Engineering recipe: Vehicle Chassis. This recipe is used to create the chassis of your vehicle.
  • Adjusted some harvester locations in Claw Canyon.
  • Added the following resources to the Plymouth-Aza Pass: Abandoned Bundle, Niurevium, and Tungsten Ore. These are in addition to generated resources.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Southern Aza: Alluvium, Evaporite, Geflech Tree, and Lesapen.
  • Geflech Trees are now more common near Plymouth City.
  • There is now a crafting station and crafting vendors in Thicket Overwatch.
  • You can now receive trade skill missions for all skills that have recipes.
  • You can now obtain Anjari Fruit as a rare harvest from Anjara trees.
  • Parasites for the harvesting tutorials are now more common than was previously the case.
  • Added a number of new crafting and harvesting missions.
  • Added a crafting station to the Jenkins Ranch.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to the Aza Sands: Abandoned Bundle, Calibrite, Chromite, and Rue. The area is also rich in generated minerals.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Ammann River: Sangiccum, Morgun Tree, Geel Flower and Fish. Along with these the area is rich in generated plant life.
  • You can now genetically engineer Calprates.
  • You can now genetically engineer Rocharus.
  • Added four new mineral clusters from Monazite Deposits. These are rare minerals and include Allanite, Patronite, Gadolinite, and Xenotime.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Lower Fal Canyon: Hudson Fir, and Pratinus Flower. These are in addition to generated resources.
  • In addition to generated resources the Fal Midlands now has Calibrite and Pechem resource regions.
  • Eastfal Valley is now rich in resources. In particular it has an excess of plant resources, which should make it's city space valuable. In addition to the generated resources it also has Alluvium, Geflech and Melanko resources.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Plymouth Pass: Cobalt, Green Leaf and Fallon Tree. These are in addition to generated resources.
  • The following resources or components have new icons: Sulfur, Anhydrous Barium Chloride, Rhyolite Cluster, White Phosphorous, Sodium Sulfate Heptahydrate, Flashbang Matrix, Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate, Sweetfinger Mushroom, Thermite, Salty Porphyra, Quicklime, Incendiary Matrix, Geel Flower Seed, Black Powder, Anjari Fruit, Azul Flower Seed, Lesapen Seed, Hok Weed Seed, Fragmentation Matrix, Strontium Sulfate, and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Added Pyrohemalite resources to Drake's Pass.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Scar's Wall (in addition to generated resources): Rue Tree, Mika Berry, and Sarnium.
  • Added the following harvestable resources to Charred Valley: Abandoned Bundles, Azul, Niurevium, Jessup Trees, and Beryl. These are in addition to generated resources.
  • Monazite deposits can now be found in both Blood Valley and near The Shed.
  • You can now stack up to 100 empty vials in a slot.

User Interface

  • Added a new interface option which allows you to (defaults to on) toggle to display the key used for each action button. Previously we did not support displaying these keys.
  • If an ability requires a certain weapon type and you have a different weapon equipped, it will automatically grey out the ability icon.
  • Implemented an "on deck" system for abilities. This allows you to queue one ability to be used as soon as the global cooldown and its cooldown are both ready. A green border will appear around the on deck ability.
  • Props now have an interaction cursor like NPCs do. Both have range validation as well so you can tell if you are at the proper distance. The object still brightens when you do, but this adds another element to make it easier to notice.
  • All windows now have hotkey values. Some not as often used targetting hotkeys had to be changed over to ctrl+ combinations as we are running out of keys. The hotkeys are now displayed on the tooltip window (these are hardset for now, doesn't change if they change the binding).
  • I renamed most of the hotkey interfaces for the windows to match the proper window names. Should make it easier to identify them when remapping.
  • The group GUI has been updated. It now takes less space, is more transparent by default, and hugs closer to the side of the screen.
  • Added a Reset Colors button to Character Creation. It will reset all 4 (if available) colors on the part you have currently selected.
  • Ability Bar out of range indicators now work on all ability bars not just just the first two.
  • What used to be referred to as Action Bar 5 and 6 are now referred to as Vertical Bar and Vertical Bar 2 in the Interface Options.
  • You can now scale ability bars to a larger size than was previously the case.
  • Target bars can now be moved, locked or unlocked. It will save their position for your next session, as well.
  • You can now move your status bar's position to anywhere on the screen. Right clicking the the status bar will bring you a menu with an option to Lock or Unlock movement. The position will be stored for the next session.
  • Moved the energy bar down and moved the cover text over on the player status bar. The energy bars should also end at the appropriate spot now (they were off by 1 pixel at times).
  • Adjusted the colors slightly on the npc/player bars. Tool tips were added to the player bars so when you hover over them it will tell you what they are.
  • Hint UI no longer kicks you out of action mode.
  • Adjusted the mail notification icon so that it doesn't overlap the corner of the minimap.
  • The pet window is now transparent and takes less screen space.
  • Clicking on your status bar will now target yourself.
  • Clicking on the pet name or health bars in the pet window will now target that pet.
  • Radio broadcasts are now on a separate layer than other GUIs to prevent overlapping issues.
  • Adjusted the Energy bars on both NPC/PCs as the heights were slightly off.
  • Capped the Hint UI's size to 350x500. It still adjusts below that based on screen resolution.
  • Destination arrows used when receiving directions to far off locations not use a brighter cyan arrow to make them stand out better on the minimap.
  • Moved the radio broadcast indicator so it will no longer overlap the hints window.
  • Text input boxes can now save information if you hit enter and lose focus.
  • Text Input boxes now support Tab cycling where implemented.
  • Moved NPC Status bar over to the same layer as the player one so it would properly stay behind windows.
  • Moved the chat window behind most of the other UI elements.
  • The following locations will now be visible on your map: locations: The Shacks, Red Hot Supplies, Scorched Gorge Outpost, Thicket Overwatch, Mitchell's Farm, Subterranean Thicket, Jenkin's Ranch, and The Shed.
  • Fixed an issue with double clicking and buying/selling in the shop window.
  • Shop window now has the credits displayed at the bottom.
  • Trading credits via the Trade window was not working correctly and has been fixed.
  • Trade Window/Interface had a slight adjustment to make it easier to make/cancel offers as it would lock in rejected states at times. You can now make/cancel offers much easier and it gets properly reflected to the other player.
  • Swapped the default key bindings for Skill Imprinting and Nation windows hotkeys. N is now on Nation and O is on Skill Imprinting
  • Added a tooltip spacer to the name display on the minimap so there is a very good chance it will get clipped and display some information letting them know to hit m to open a full map.
  • The Player Finder has been updated so that it now includes all of the areas which have content currently.
  • Adjusted the alert box when your Player Finder search finds no results. Previously it displayed debug text which was no longer necessary.
  • Updated the Player Finder area selection list so it uses the newer style drop down menus.
  • Ctrl+Shift left clicking on a mail message will now delete it without prompting.
  • Right clicking on an email will now take all the credits or items in the mail without having to open it.
  • Added the new close button to the UI.
  • Fixed the close button on the chat interface.
  • Fixed a label in the Housing window that was displaying in 2 rows.
  • Fixed some scaling issues when scaling ability bars.

Vehicles and Mounts

  • Introduced 14 new vehicle types which are created through crafting. These are variations of previous vehicles, but with higher qualities being available.
  • Store purchased vehicles are now the lowest quality vehicles in game and have had their prices increased.
  • Mechs are now only available via crafting or as military perks. The military variation becomes available for purchase a the rank of Major.
  • Weapons are now hidden when you mount a vehicle.


  • Introduced and populated a new area, the Timbertol Trail. This area is in a corner where Plymouth, Aza and Timbertol meet. It lies a bit east of Mudstack Pond. This is a tier 4 area and features dens, adversarial camps, missions and resources.
  • The Thicket Overwatch is now a functional military station in the Elkar Woods. This is a large military and research facility with a good assortment of NPCs, and work opportunities.
  • The Plymouth-Aza Pass has been populated with dens, mobs, adversarial camps, and harvestable resources. This pass lies on the edges of northern Plymouth and southern Aza.
  • Southern Aza has been populated with dens and missions. This is a tier 3-4 desert valley.
  • Introduced a new area: Ammann River. This area is wedged between Loch Aza and Plymouth, just north of Ammann Village.
  • Mitchell's Farm has moved about a kilometer to the east, to a larger location. It has a completely new look.
  • The location which was previously Mitchell's Farm has become a new point of interest: The Shacks. This location is well known for being a manufacturer of Shrooffles. It is a hangout of local junkies.
  • Introduced a newly stocked area: Plymouth Pass. This area is on the western edge of the Plymouth region, as you head into Timbertol. It can be found to the north of the Control Station and west of Payton's Peak.
  • Populated the Lower Fal Canyon area with dens, generated resources and adversarial camps. This area is heavily generated with tier 3-4 content primarily.
  • The Fal Midlands has been stocked with dens, resources, missions and adversarial camps.
  • Reduced the general number of mobs in Oasis Approach and compensated by adding adversarial camp spawners.
  • Populated Vista Doma with dens, adversarial camps, and resources. This area features room for a city and is rich in ore and mineral deposits.
  • Populated the Jenkins Ranch with NPCs. This ranch is located in the Sapless Mesa and produces Hokfig and fruit. There are a couple of NPCs as well, making it a mini-hub.
  • The Freedomtown region is now set up for destination markers.
  • Populated Drake's Pass with mobs and resources. This pass leads to the Wailing Chasm but is more dangerous than most roads. The canyon walls make an ideal ambushing location for OWON or Rogue forces, and there will occasionally be some dangerous monsters on the trail.
  • Scar's Wall has been populated with mobs, missions and resources. This area lies on the border of Wailing Chasm and includes a military base of the same name. Content is controlled by multiple dens and adversarial camps, and there are both generated and static resources in the area.
  • Populated Claw Canyon with dens, resources and mobs. This pass has a good mixture of camps and dens, and content ranges from tier 3 to large raid content.
  • Introduced the Charred Valley. This area is on the edge of the Wailing Chasm and features a long valley which is devoid of most plant-life. It is more wide open than other entry points to the chasm which makes it less prone to ambushes, but it is dangerous nonetheless. The area includes good sized populated of Lesoo and Rhinocs, and is a good tier 4 hunting ground for groups or small groups of players.
  • Lesoo have laid traps along the road from Freedomtown to Mitchell's Farm. While this makes the road a bit more dangerous it also provides job opportunities for those skilled in trap removal.
  • The Southern Ridge has been populated with mobs and resources. This is a small section in the southwest corner of the Freedomtown region.
  • Signs and props added to many buildings in Sept Falls.
  • Updated Freedomtown's day/night transition scripts. The four shops that close at night will now close up and evict players who are inside, similar to what is done in Plymouth City. Neon signs will also turn on and off based if a shop is closed.
  • Added a new supply shop to Sept Falls. This complex features all types of clothing, armor, firearms and melee weapons.
  • Added new rare mobs to the Elkar Woods.
  • Adjusted Lesoo pathing in the Plymouth-Hole Trail.
  • The roads South of Freedomtown should be a little safer to travel.
  • Added many new items which can be stolen to Plymouth City.
  • Added some props to the Shady Lady Pub in Plymouth City.
  • Added new cover areas to Plymouth City.
  • Added hovering ships to various areas in Rhyldan.
  • Roomed off parts of Plymouth City to improve performance.
  • Added props and signs to the FPR Training Grounds.
  • Ammann River now has faction specific spawn locations.
  • Fixed terrain texture seams in Northern Range.
  • Decorated Fal Canyon. Added trees, rocks, grass, plants and a small pond. Shaped and painted the terrain
  • Added props to FPR starter zone buildings and general area to improve its appearance. The trenches now have rocks an sandbags around them and it looks like suitable cover.
  • Added a pen full of T'Seef to Mitchell's Farm. While it may seem like fun to slaughter them, tread carefully.
  • Added rocks to a barren pass Southeast of Freedomtown.
  • Updated the NPCs in Ammann Village so they fit the new design.
  • Added FPR and Rogue specific spawn points to some locations inside of OWON territory.
  • Smoothed a very jagged part of terrain in Vista Doma.
  • Improved sky effects in parts of Fal Sept.
  • Southern Lowlands now contains more lush vegetation.
  • Significant terrain work was done to the Fal Sept region in preparation for alpha 3.
  • Improved mob and resource distribution in the Lower Basin.
  • Added mobs and generated resources to the Southern Lowlands.
  • Added ranch to Northern Range.
  • Added Skydomes to several Fal Sept Areas.
  • Added trees to Fal Canyon and did some terraforming.
  • Terraformed and added trees and rocks near the plot area in West Bend.
  • Removed foliage from the roads in Eastfal Valley.
  • The roads near Camp Kjell should now be a bit safer than was previously the case.
  • Reduced the number of generic spawn mobs in Plymouth Northwest, and compensated by adding many adversarial camp spawners instead.
  • Added trees, mobs and resources to a hidden portion of Northern Plymouth.
  • The roads outside of Payton's Peak are slightly less dangerous, though by no means completely safe.
  • Added mobs to several hard to reach areas in Payton's Peak which previously lacked them.
  • Adjusted soldier spawn points in the Plymouth Control Center.
  • Improved mob distribution in Mid-Plymouth and added new mobs and adversarial camp spawners to a hidden section of the area.
  • Ammann Village received a large graphical update including new buildings and props.
  • Added adversarial camp and plant and lumber harvester spawners to all of the Plymouth area.
  • Added some rocks to a section of Drake's Pass that was devoid of any.
  • Added a bank terminal, crafting station and skill imprinting station to Scar's Wall.
  • NPCs in Blood Valley should now have a more even distribution, and be less likely to spawn along the roads.
  • A significant amount of work has been done to the Doma Highlands. They do not yet have content, but much of the world design in this area is now complete.
  • Optimization pass in Sept Falls to improve performance.
  • Added props to Jenkin's Ranch.

World Events

  • Scar's Wall has been populated with NPCs. This military station is an important choke point before you reach the Wailing Chasm.
  • You can now get information about attacks on Freedomtown through inquiries throughout FPR territory using the world event system.
  • Vista Doma has been set up in the World Event system and has some rare events that can now occur there.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some lingering bad effects could of caused you to go paralyzed or other things when a movement state trigger happened (like knockback).
  • Corrected an internal bug where an NPC who was improperly set up and had no path points could reduce server side performance due to an error loop.
  • Fixed an isssue with the cover system which was causing some server side errors when cover had been improperly set up.
  • Mobs and resources should no longer spawn on top of trees or rocks in the Hole on the Hill or Blood Valley.
  • You no longer will do body targetting if the target is dead. This was causing blending issues
  • Fixed some buildings that were improperly placed due to recent model changes.
  • Grounded some floating barrels in Sept Falls.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the pathing system.
  • Fixed a number of stretching issues with female armor pieces.
  • Repaired an issue with dispel abilities due to referencing the dispelled abilities name before it was assigned a value.
  • Corrected an issue on some charged items where it tried to retrieve item information after the charged item had already been consumed and was causing a server side error.
  • Fixed a bug where illusions where causing errors while trying to play sounds from two types of species or genders.
  • Changed Type G Melee Fitting to a G socket as it was an F before.
  • Fixed Type A Armor Fitting so it could be repaired by an armor repair kit.
  • Fixed an issue with information card close buttons.
  • Fixed a few issues with Items not being properly removed from the character after being "removed".
  • Fixed and optimized road positioning in Sept Falls.
  • Fixed an issue where an item was extracted an error happened causing you to repetitively being able to keep extracting.
  • Fixed an issue with Ioma Dutis' inquiries.
  • Ioma Dutis is fully clothed again.
  • Removed some foliage from the roads in Freedomtown.
  • Fixed an improperly rotated platform in the Elkar Woods.
  • You will no longer receive decimal rewards of credits. This was a bug caused by the group bonus rewards not being rounded.
  • Stitched a large terrain seam in the mountains of The Pipeworks.
  • The respawn point South of Freedomtown is no longer high enough to drop you down for damage.
  • Stitched some terrain South of Freedomtown.
  • Fixed some trees and rocks on the border of Elkar Woods and South of Freedomtown that were causing seamless issues.
  • Fixed some grass which was poking through concrete in the FPR Training Grounds.
  • Fixed the respawn point for OWON characters in the Outskirts of Plymouth.
  • The exploration point for Plymouth Control Center now fits the new base size.
  • Fixed an issue related to generated ability cards.
  • Small animals will no longer try to climb over the fences in Ammann Village or the Jenkins Ranch.
  • Fixed an issue causing some issues when you crossed over seamlessly (was impacting vehicles and other things).
  • Smoothed an abnormally jagged section of terrain in the Sapless Mesa.
  • Updated How weapons were visualized between players as it was being pushed from the wrong direction that could cause an issue if the spatial distance was different between the two.
  • Fixed some floating trees in the Plymouth-Aza Pass and Plymouth Northwest.
  • Updated the pathing markers in the Patrols from the Shed to Freedomtown so they adjusted for the changes to the Shed.
  • Fixed an issue with client/server sync of abilities with an Effectivement Adjustment that had the recharge timers at different times causing all sorts of issues.
  • Fixed an issue on the server where you could send more than 1 ability to the server and execute them all at the same time.
  • Fixed floating, buried and overlapping props in OWON and FPR Training Grounds.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs were never properly cleaning up if they were despawned through certain methods such as advanced NPC triggers. This caused the said NPCs to never respawn until the area reset.
  • Grounded some floating props in Scar's Wall.
  • Sergeant Blythe has moved from the general store to the military supply tent in Freedomtown.
  • Corrected some Z-Fighting issues with some of the billboards in Freedomtown.
  • The Vulture Skins and Declawing the Vultures generated missions now allow more vulture types to drop them.
  • Shockgun Trainers are now appropriately named. They still had the old weapon name type.
  • Hector Diaz in Freedomtown is now properly flagged as an FPR member. Previously players could murder him with no faction hit.
  • Corrected an issue which was preventing many NPCs in Freedomtown from speaking random chatter when they should have been.
  • Codie Arzu is no longer a giant.
  • Smoothed some jagged terrain in the Southern Lowlands.
  • Group health/endurance/energy/momentum bars will no longer disappear when hovered over.
  • Stitched terrain seams on the Boglands/Scorched Gorge border.
  • Removed some grass which was poking through concrete in Ammann Village.
  • Backed out some changes I put into character creation that was causing issues. The hair issue still remains.
  • Fixed an issue that was spamming client errors when scrolling the scroll bar in the shop window.
  • Fixed an issue where you would close the Inquiry Window (the one where you manually type in the name) and the window would still be taking mouse clicks, but invis.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Tamed Rocharus to be much tougher than intended after they matured.
  • Fixed some trees and rocks that were overlapping the borders between Eastfal and Vista Doma.
  • Adjusted the astronomy settings in some parts of Doma Highlands so that it didn't have a harsh contrast on the borders.
  • Fixed a number of floating bamboo shoots in Vista Doma.
  • Vegetable Oil is used as a refinement agent and was missing the component type.
  • Reduced the amount of grass in Eastfal to improve frame rate.
  • Fixed some bamboo shoots that were in the Lower Basin but attached to Eastfal Valley. This was causing seamless issues.
  • Fixed a section of terrain where you could get stuck in the Lower Basin.
  • The clone locations in Southern Lowlands should no longer be underground.
  • Fixed Female idle gun orientation.
  • Fixed the skin weighting on the female models arms, fingers and wrist.
  • Fixed the generic arrival path in Northern Trails.
  • Stitched terrain seams in Northern Trails and Eastfal Valley.
  • Filled in a hole where players could get stuck in the Northern Trails.
  • Fixed a good number of trees and rocks in Ravine Fal which were erroneously attached to Northern Trails.
  • Filled in a pit where players could get stuck in Ravine Fal.
  • Fixed floating terrains and terraformed parts of Lower Fal Canyon.
  • You can now properly use corpse extraction on some types of Lesoo which previously did not allow it.
  • Lurkers in Oasis Valley are no longer super sized.
  • Brought some model instances into West Bend which were previously within it's borders but attached to Sept Falls.
  • Corrected some bamboo shoots in Eastfal Valley which were erroneously attached to Eastfork and causing seamless issues.
  • The city plot in Eastfal Valley should no longer have issues with weeds growing through the concrete.
  • Moved a set of trees that was attached to Payton's Peak but resting inside of Plymouth Pass and causing seamless issues.
  • Moved the arrival point in Plymouth Pass to a more suitable location.
  • Fixed some trees that were sitting in Oasis Approach but attached to the Aemar Hydro Plant.
  • Terrain stitching on the border of Plymouth Pass and Oasis Approach.
  • Fixed some floating rocks in Oasis Approach.
  • Stitched terrain seams in Lower Oasis Valley.
  • Stitched some terrain seams in Southern Pass.
  • Grounded some floating trees in the Southern Pass.
  • Fixed some terrain seams in Northern Plymouth.
  • Grounded floating trees and rocks in Northern Plymouth.
  • Lurkers in Plymouth Pond and Fool's Sanctuary should now be properly scaled.
  • The Medic! One Time Mission should now properly despawn on completion in the Fool's Sanctuary.
  • Grounded floating trees in Plymouth Canyon.
  • Patched some terrain seams in the North Plymouth Mountains.
  • Mobs should no longer get stuck while standing on top of rocks in the North Plymouth Mountains.
  • Blocked off two mountain sections with rocks in Fool's Sanctuary and Mid-Plymouth which clever climbers could use to get to the edge of the map.
  • Corrected an issue where several trees in Mid-Plymouth were attached to Payton's Peak erroneously and causing seamless errors.
  • Implemented some pathing updates to make positional updates a bit better between the client/server. Final changes will be made once the timer fix is available.
  • Stitched together some small terrain seams on the borders of Freedomtown and Wailing Chasm.
  • Stitched terrain seams in Drake's Pass and Scar's Wall.
  • Smoothed a section of road in Drake's Pass which was too steep to walk upwards on.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing exploration banners from displaying.
  • Terraformed a slope in Claw Canyon which was intended to be climbed but was too steep.
  • Smoothed some oddly shaped sections of terrain in the Scorched Valley.
  • Repaired some terrain seams on the border of Ammann Village and Loch Aza.
  • Fixed an issue when dragging fittings to the inventory from a fitting socket. It now works properly and will not work if you try it on top of another item or a fitting that cannot be swapped.
  • Fixed an issue with the character deletion interface.
  • Fixed some terrain texture seams in Loch Aza, Doma Highlands and Mudstack Pond.
  • Fixed up the center button element (was borked in character creation causing you not to be able to abort).
The Repopulation - New Alpha Video #3

The Repopulation - New Alpha Video #3

News 1 comment

We are happy to release a new Teaser Trailer with some new footage to check out.

The Repopulation - Chapter 5 and an Interview

The Repopulation - Chapter 5 and an Interview


The Evening Star short story continues with the release of Chapter 5: First Steps. In other news, J.C. Smith took a moment to sit down for an interview...

The Repopulation 2014 Update - Greenlight and Kickstarter

The Repopulation 2014 Update - Greenlight and Kickstarter

News 2 comments

The Repopulation 2014 Update - Greenlight and Kickstarter Campaign.

Our next feature video: Trade Skills

Our next feature video: Trade Skills

News 2 comments

Following our last feature video covering our socket system we are happy to make available our Trade Skills video looking at crafting as it is now in...


Make sure to keep checking the official site for the monthly updates.
The end of november update was just released ... and it's hefty again :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Tracking :) that's somewhat I've been looking for at this moment. Hoping for updates ._.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hope i can get into beta, i can post footage on my youtube channel :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Reminds me a bit of face of mankind... Definitely looking forward to progress :3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

What happened to FoM by the way? Is it still around?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yeah its still around. Actually they're making pretty quick progress!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Mmhmm. A lot of people play it still.

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