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Next status update is on | 28/01/2016 | and it will be in the form of | an article | . It will focus on | the OmniDrive and crafting | .

The Game

The Legacy is a first-person game that will have you travelling alternatively between the simulation of an open-world style tropical forest and a seemingly abandoned base of operations while relying on the abilities of an intelligent orb-looking companion at your side. To progress in one phase, you will have to progress in the other and vice versa; the game therefore promises to offer two distinctively different playstyles with one being a challenge based survival theme in a natural setting and the other being a linearly progressed story phase that is more slow paced (to a certain point!) with collectables and puzzles.

You can find us on Steam (opens in new window).

Last status update:

A huge change! Having spent slightly over a year trying to develop a truly open-world game, we are not ashamed to admit that we have learned what we are just not yet capable of doing as much as what we are good at doing during this time. Over the -many- past months, we have realized that the universe we have created for our game can not be fully represented in a sand-box type of game just yet. For this reason we have decided to tune down its scale and turn it into a smaller and more linear game that will serve as an entry to the universe we have in mind.

This has allowed us to write the development plan of our newly scaled-down game very efficiently and thus we are now on an exciting and better defined path that we hope you will enjoy!

With that said, here's our first video/teaser for this new journey! :


The gameplay consists of two parts; an open-world type tropical forest that is part of a simulation and a linearly progressed "story" part inside a military/research base that is the real world.
To access new areas of the forest you will need certain abilities for your companion; to get new abilities for your companion you will need to progress in the story part; and to progress in the story part you will need to craft specific items in the simulation. To break it down:

-The Simulation Phase-

Created in the setting of a tropical forest, your goal in this phase of the game is simply to survive until the timer runs down to zero at which point a gate to the real world will open taking you to the story phase.

The survival aspect in this phase is challenging in that the simulation will always be testing your prowess by giving you tasks. These tasks range from not eating any apples to following the trails of a wolf. Failure in these tasks will not keep the timer from continuing, however it will cause the simulation to permanently get more difficult for the rest of your game.

Your companion orb has the ability of "interacting" with the environment of this simulation and therefore has useful abilities at your disposal. These abilities however take their power from the simulation's code itself thus causing many side effects and disruptions so you will have to be careful when using them.

Among the abilities of your companion orb, some will be useful only for accessing new areas of the forest. You will obtain these specific abilities as you go forward in the story phase.

Going through the gate to the story part, you will be allowed to carry only one item with you. Most of the time, you will want this item to be the item that you need to progress to the next level of the story part.

-The Story Phase-

Once you have survived the necessary amount of time in the simulation a gate will open through which you will find yourself in the real world, rendering your companion orb useless. This phase will have many collectables giving hints on the events going on around you.

Discovering your surroundings in this phase for a while, you will reach a point where you will need a certain item to go further. This item will have to be crafted in the simulation phase the next time you are there, so that when you next transition to the story part you will be able to progress more.

When you reach the end of a level in the story phase, your companion orb will have obtained a new ability thus allowing you to access a new part of the forest.

-About the Game-

What to expect(aka. why you may like our game)(aka. what we are about):

An orb looking companion that is much more than just an orb floating around! This thing has utter control over the simulation as it is even capable of creating objects from thin air - but it does not quite know the best course of action in every situation. It may drop down a huge metal door in front of you as it tries to help you get over your hunger, and it may get sad -or angry?- when it sees you are not eating your door.

References and easter eggs! You will quickly realize that this game is born from deeply nostalgic minds that are still stuck on many of the games that got us into gaming in the first place. And we're not even trying to be subtle with it: you will glance at a certain crowbar for instance, or if you follow the upper left part of the UI closely you will come across A LOT of references from A LOT of old time-y things : )

A gameplay that is not claiming to be the something that you have not seen before but rather focuses on bringing together many different elements and meshing them together in an unconventional way. The simulation phase is a survival experience at its core for example, but it is a simulation that gets easier or tougher as you succeed of fail in the many tasks it presents to you such as not eating apples for a certain duration. You will see that the simulation is not always on your side, and as the timer goes down you may see mushrooms turning into forbidden apples as you reach out to them.

Our focus: Our primary goal with our initial state is to have the game saturated content-wise so that it fully reflects what we are trying to accomplish. This means that visuals will be a secondary concern to us for now and we will be focusing more on creating a fresh gameplay and an intriguing story.

Gameplay duration: The story phase is planned to have six levels and the simulation phase is planned to have five areas in total with a planned total gameplay duration of 8-10 hours, if you spend only the required time in the simulation phases.

Language support: The game will be released in English in the alpha version. The first added language is planned to be Turkish since it is our native language and won't require us to have anyone do the translation for us. At this point, we will start looking for voluntary translators for us to support more languages.

-Future Roadmap-

As soon as the prologue parts of both the simulation and the story phases are finished and working, we will start searching for a limited amount of testers.

As soon as the first parts of both the phases are finished, we will expand our testing team and start looking for more people to test drive our game!

When the testing of the first parts lead us to an acceptable stable build, we will be released publicly for an alpha version.

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We took our freshly finished companion orb for a test drive in the simulation phase of the game! Here's how she(yep) looks:

We also did some testing with the first of the available five abilities of the companion orb that is a pressure field, it'll be used for clearing paths or pushing stuff around in general:

She's not looking nearly as good as the concept we have in mind for her, but we're getting there. Our focus right now is more on getting the gameplay ready rather than making the visuals more shiny!

The Orb Explained :

This companion orb will start following you starting from the end of the prologue as you emerge through the first story phase into the simulation phase.

She'll possess five abilities that you will be obtaining throughout the game at the end of each story phase:
- Pressure field for pushing stuff around
- Possession
for possessing the orb and scouting/accessing otherwise impassable areas with her
- Temperature manipulation
for increasing or decreasing the temperature of the simulation
- Teleport
for teleporting back to a location that you had initially set (your base for instance)
- Preserve for making sure that your precious items are intact when you travel between phases (normally all your items are gone when passing through the phase-gates)

You will not be able to make use of the orb in the story phase in any way - she can interact only with the simulation environment.

She'll have a huge part in the story - to say the least, she's much more than she seems.

She will try to help you as best as she can. If you are hungry for some time, she will try to spawn something for you to eat - this however won't always be in your favor as she may as well spawn a huge metal door in front of you for you to eat.

As the game progresses, her consciousness will be revealed more in subtle ways as she tries to communicate with you through your neural interface - the OmniDrive.

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hey im just wondering is this going to come out on consoles to?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JailBirdJenna Creator

we're only planned for pc platform right now. But in the future... Why not! :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Some very impressive visuals you have going there. I'm interested in seeing where this goes. Best of luck on your Greenlight campaign!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
indie.alpha Creator

And we're back, sorry we've been gone for so long everyone! But it ended up being for the better; check out the news post!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

so not trying to b a downerbut im just assuming because i havent gotten a reply in a week, isthis dead, if so i will cry because i am extremely excited for this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
indie.alpha Creator

Oy! It is certainly not dead, we ran into an issue with our visuals that forced us to remake almost all of our models.
I didn't want to post an update until this phase was over and we had new content. In about a week we will finally have finished this remake at which point I will start updating the page again : )
Considering we don't run into anymore issues like this a mini-demo should be ready in 2 weeks.
I'm really thrilled to see that we have your continued interest, so thanks ! Hang in there a couple more weeks and we won't disappoint !

Reply Good karma+3 votes

also will this game be free or cost money?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

any demo?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

is this demo ready yet if so can i get a link

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

looks sick!
want to play it! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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