Small acute social point-and-click adventure. The main character of the game is Masha, a resident of a regular town in 90th. She is a loving mother and careful wife, but her husband, full of different problems, falls down to the alcoholism and domestic abuse. Masha agrees to tolerate, but not when it is about life and health of her child, she is ready to do anything... The game is not recommended for pregnant women and very impressionable people.

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I can figure out Oleh's numbers puzzle. :( (Games : The Kite : Forum : Technical Issues : I can figure out Oleh's numbers puzzle. :() Locked
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Mar 12 2012 Anchor

I could find one of the numbers entirely by clicking randomly (a vertical 892, in the lower left corner of the sheet), but I can't for the life of me to figure out what this puzzle is about, or what I'm supposed to be looking for in it.

Does anyone have a hint to throw my way, please? :(

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Mar 12 2012 Anchor

Warning - spoiler!

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Mar 12 2012 Anchor

Thank you for the quick answer! :D

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