Tantum Inventa is a Third Person Action/Adventure. You are Wenai Bluestone, a professional Archaeologist set on exposing the mysteries of the world. Her latest endeavor is unraveling the mystery hidden within an undiscovered native american culture. Wenai is in for one hell of a venture however, as her journey will be filled with horror and a discovery beyond anything she could have expected.

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Part Deux of December Update

Well hello everyone! We hope your having an awesome time! We know we've been hard at work on crunching up new stuff for Tantum Inventa. In this update, we will be showing off some of our monster concepts that we've done.

Anatran Corrupted

CaveRunnerFinal02 1

These things are the meat of our game, you will be encountering these guys when you venture into the darkness below. These things are remnants of the Anatran people, over time they have been corrupted by this dimensional energy that bleeds into our dimension.

These guys are quick and attack with claws, easily identified by a strange breathing noise and occasional cries of agony.

Anatran Cavern Runner


These guys are the more advanced stage of the Dimensional Genesis. They have shed all signs of their former humanity and have begun changing into the unknown beasts of the other dimensions.

These guys are fast and are able to take more damage because of their harder skin. You will hear howls and inhuman breathing.

Anatran Crawlers


These guys are still in the concepting process but, they are planned to be pretty insane to fight. They area primarily quadrupedal and are able to crawl around on ceilings.

They are tough because of their advanced mutation, their skin is changing into a hard metallic chitinous plating.

Anatran Undead


The undead as we call them, they aren't actually undead though.

These corpses are actually being driven by an organism from a dimension of energy, these creatures love residing inside of corpses, feeding off of the residual energy that remains. Because they are more lazy, they generally don't like putting up too much effort for a meal.

The only reason these things are actively fighting you is because it has been a long time since they have had fresh human energy to feast upon. Once they kill you, they will invade your body and eat the energy that is considered your soul.



Think of these guys as a hermit crab with tentacles. They find skeletal remains and slide in, making it their new home. They slide around on the floor or walk on their tentacles.

These Reanimators are beings from another dimension, they are from a world that mirrors ours but, is inhabited by strange creatures.

The communicate telepathically and will often try to annoy you before they kill.


TheOthers 02tease

Otherworldly beings that consume energy. They are often hidden from your eyes and only reveal themselves before they strike.

There is a way for the player to find them before they find you though, and that will require Wenai to use some Antceian technology.

Antceians will be elaborated upon later on, they play a big role in the story of Tantum Inventa and we cannot wait for you to play it to discover their story.

We hope you enjoy this small peak into our monster roster and we will reveal more of them as the game progresses.

Other news

MVIMG 20171218 121921 1

We have got ourselves an awesome composer who will be creating the music for Tantum Inventa! We cannot wait to show off his stuff, which will come later on. XD

Have an awesome holiday! and look forward to more updates from us! We have allot of work to do. If you like what we've got going on, please stop by our facebook page and show us some love with a like!

It's awesome motivation to know that people are excited to see more from us! XD

Update and progress for Dec!

Update and progress for Dec!


Hello everyone! As you all know there is a holiday on the horizon, and its got the awesome feeling of snow! So we figured we'd do a little tease of one...

Part Deux of Nov update

Part Deux of Nov update


Here is the second part of the Nov update, we share some more screens and hope you are as excited as we are.

Update and progress for Nov Part !

Update and progress for Nov Part !


We delve into the latest development on the project. This is a two part special, the second part will be up tomorrow.

Main Menu! and some minor updates

Main Menu! and some minor updates


Well I would say that it is about damn time we've had another update huh?

nemisisbeta Creator

Hey everyone! Check out this awesome little Animation of Little Coyote!

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nemisisbeta Creator

Kick starter live! Check it out! Kickstarter.com

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nemisisbeta Creator

Hey everyone, so we said we would update part two of the news article today but, we've been a bit bogged down by the whole holiday spirit.

We will be doing our best to get something up by tomorrow, hopefully tonight. XD

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nemisisbeta Creator

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of postings lately. We've been hard at work on the game and will be showing off some awesome stuff soon.

Hop on over to our facebook if you want to take a gander at our new cover art, it is in engine and gives a slight glimpse into what we will be unveiling soon.

Also here is a video to check out in the meantime, its a BYOM thing so have fun lol. BYOM meaning Bring Your OWn Music. XD


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nemisisbeta Creator

In case you haven't done so yet, be sure to check out our facebook page as we put updates there too.


Please like and share. XD

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nemisisbeta Creator

Whoa man! In case you haven't gone to look yet, we have uploaded another piece of concept art!

It is a goal to publish one piece of concept art a day until next week, where we will be updating with development posts. XD

So make like a Dutch and "Stick Around".

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nemisisbeta Creator

Howdy Ya'll! So I will be posting some concept art for this first week, as for next week we plan on showing off some development shots.

I hope you enjoy our daily posts of concept and hope that your interest in this project grows! XD

If you've got any questions you can totally message me and I'll get right to you. I try to be as fast as I can but we know that life is life, so sometimes I won't be so fast. :p

Also give us a like and follow on Facebook so we can grow our audience even more. XD Facebook.com

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nemisisbeta Creator

We are just now starting to get information out and it will be semi-gradual as we release stuff for all to see so, stay tuned for future updates. XD

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