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Game Name: Tales of Adventure 2
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Background Story:
After millennium from the last holy war, a dimension fluctuation suddenly emerged at some place of Dahl continent. This abnormal fluctuation split up a notch in the space, resulting in the situation where the magic power of Darfur continues to be absorbed and became weak. It has causes the climate of Dahl continent to be more severe and monsters become increasingly violent. In order to investigate this phenomenon, an adventurer takes a crystal ball to extradimensional space. After asking some people in this space, he knows that a mysterious witch attempts to break the seven-dimensional boundary that seals the ancient devil. In order to prevent the resurrection of the devil, the adventurer and the witch began a fierce fight.

Game Features:
The game is composed of several blockades. Each blockade has its own specific tasks and puzzle mission. Only by completing the tasks can you reach BOSS. When you terminate the BOSS, you will obtain a large number of SP spars to strengthen your own property.

Game System:
Players can use three weapons as basic attacks. The first one is straight hitting bomb which is most powerful. The second one is shotgun which has the broadest effect area but the smallest power. The third one is penetrating bomb which can penetrate all solid things and power is medium. In addition to the basic weapons, there are eight kinds of skills. Each skill can only be unlocked at a specific blockade. Each skill has its own specific property, such as making enemies confused, still, blind, and defense-decreased. And the combination of one skills and another skill may have a chance to emit more powerful skill.

After eliminating the enemy, the players can get a lot of SP crystal-soul stone and BOSS and experienced monster have the most SP. Crystal-soul stone can strengthen the player’s various properties. The basic properties are enemy’s Max HP, Max MP, physical attack power, magic defense ability, etc. And it can enhance the player’s properties randomly. In addition to enhancing player’s properties, it can also strengthen the properties and status of skills, such as increasing the range of the fireball, increasing movement speed of lightning, increasing the frozen probability of ice.

Game Over

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