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Solitude (Working Title) is a PSP and PC game using a heavily modified Quake engine, expanding upon the story of Halo: Combat Evolved. Expect a great, brand new single player story and all of the most popular multiplayer modes from Halo: CE! Our team is working hard to bring the game to you as fast as possible so be sure to stay tuned for any new updates. More information can be found on our site at www.halosolitude.com. Note: We are NOT ripping anything from any of Halos! All our models and textures are our own, made by using the original Halo art only as reference.

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UnknownToaster Jul 12 2010 says:

Is this supposed to be underground or flood infested?

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Samuk Author
Samuk Jul 12 2010 replied:


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Ghost_Fang Jul 12 2010 replied:

looks amazing as ever
and the crosshair is at the top left, not right :P

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xalener Jul 14 2010 replied:

We're having the same problem Bungie had. Without the save films.

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Klammy Jul 12 2010 says:

Can't say I'm really liking the texture work. It doesn't seem to fit the Halo style very much. Halo maps usually have a broad array of colors. Just seems too brown.

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Samuk Author
Samuk Jul 12 2010 replied:

Yeah, this is the basics so far. Coloured lighting, with the props we've got planned will brighten the place up.

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SinisterExaggerator Jul 12 2010 says:

reminds me of de dust

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SPY-maps Jul 13 2010 says:

let me start with saying that i LOVE this project and will track if for sure, (love Quake and Halo). that said i am surprised you did choose for the quake engine, and not the quake2 engine. i mapped with that engine a few years ago and it does look better as the older quake engine, what is of course logical.
and maybe it is because i map myself that i am not all that pleased with how the maps look so far, from what i can see from the screens). it's all so blocky and empty. i know the editor of quake is not that good with brushes as editors are these days, still, you can make much more detailed map as what is shown now. they all have a empty mp arena look, and this game will have a brand new Sp game mode.

please don't get me wrong, i love the idea behind this game and i will track it. but wouldn't it be better to take a bit newer engine to make this game. Halo on the quake engine does not match all that well.

hope you guys will finish and release this project, because it is quit ambitious and will take a huge time and effort to complete. and to many people start great projects, just to never hear of them again, what is a real waste. so, please keep posting and surprising us!!


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Samuk Author
Samuk Jul 13 2010 replied:

Well, thanks for your feedback. However, the main reason we picked Quake was because of it's portability, and availability on systems like the psp. I must stress, this is a very early WIP; the final version will be cluttered with mining equipment and debris.

Secondly, Dark places is a jewel of an engine. Which I personally think with good enough of a team, could match now-a-days standard games.

Alien Arena

Jimis Project from Inside3D

Why are those maps far smoother?

We're using the same content for both the PSP and PC build. You can't expect maps like those on the PSP.


A topic which might as well be called Quake vs Quake2. The engine is by no means the issue, the platform is the issue.

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jamman88 Oct 3 2010 replied:

alien arena is built on the quake 2 engine and the quake 2 engine even runs on the ds almost completely smooth and on the psp its very fast you should have used that but then again i do love the dark-places engine myself especially the lighting

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Ark_ Oct 3 2010 replied:

Yea Alien Arena is based off Quake 2s engine but it is heavily modified.
A major plus imo for the Quake 1 engine is that it uses qauke c to control the game logic as opposed to plain c. qc may not be the best language out there but its simple and is capable of getting the job done (and can easy be expanded with builtins if some thing need to be doe in the engine). Plus because it simple its easy to learn.
There is not a huge difference between the engines, it just comes down to preference really as remarkable things can be down with either engine, just look at Overdose or Darkplaces.

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ohnny4 Nov 10 2010 replied:

Hey, don't forget to add a few dead construction workers with what looks like plasma burns on them. Make it rock men! Also! DO NOT RUSH IT! Make it perfect. I'm making a PC game and I take 6 months for polish. Getting everything all the way down to the littleist detail to the point where I do believe and I know it is absolutely perfect.

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xalener Jul 15 2010 replied:

What other engine is there when it comes to simultaneously authoring a game on the pc and the psp for free?

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jamman88 Oct 5 2010 replied:

well the doom engine lol but that aint to great

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The hud is undergoing some changes, hence the crosshair being in the top left.

Jul 12th, 2010
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