"Sleeping with third eye open" is your constructing narrative experience

as You ,the player, taking a vacation checking in at an exotic hotel paradise for a week-stay
within Southeast Asian borderland, In pursue of a unique treatment and natural phenomenon
the hotel can provided. Doing so, lead you to encounter countless crossroad of an situations
that could determine many fates in this eventful week.

Tailoring your experience and re-identifying yourself throughout your stays.
Discovering which chaotic events would you be involving and which truths
and mysteries you would be unfolding.Seeing how your actions will be ,or not to be
determining many fates that could change everything including you just in a week.

Testing your curiosity. How much would you willingly allow or How deep would you let yourself into the unknown, a local conflict of the natives and authorities , the forgotten case of missing guests, the folk lore's Monster tale ,or that strange noise you hear in the late night. all lies behind facade of beautiful elaborated-designed hotel.extravaganza services and activities, sublime scenery, unique relaxing spa treatment, food tasting experience. getting know and be emotionally attached with people from many background. All while you cant help but feeling that this 'vacation' you experiencing
are just the calmness in middle state of chaos. The 'Third' eye of the storm.

  • A Vacation for you! – Playing as ‘yourself' invited to visiting brand new hotel on Southeast Asian Borderland. Full hotel stay experience with facilities ready for you to participating.
  • Please,Disturb – Thrill narrative, 7 days of Noir atmosphere, curiosity case, investigating trails of mysteries, mythical elements and black art.
  • Mingling / Bonding / Manipulating – be involve personally with other guests and staffs. create ripple of impact by your words and relation. get to know main characters with rich stories of conflict, tragedy, triumph, and love.
  • Choice do matter! – Dynamic narrative system of tracking your actions.
    By your words reflect relation. By your solution reflect values. By your choices shows consequence.
    Seeing how all your tiny actions come present your unique experience of your stay and the effect of characters , surrounding and yourself by the end of your week.
  • Trigger All your senses – investigate and explore your isometric surroundings with game-play mechanism ‘senses' allow you to take control of your in-game perception.
  • Enjoy Black Art and Craft activities! – let your curiosity drive you into black art craft. trigger your inner senses. perceive what lie beneath than meet the eyes but at whats price.
  • South-eastern Asian trip! – Refreshing theme of location, Southeast modern aesthetic, traditional music. As well as Thai local-believe and superstition which have been underrepresented.

Malila 'Mali' | A jubilant Front-desk reception stuff who tread this world with a smile
Mali have been warned by her superior for her forgetfulness and clumsiness in duty
But lately, She has reason to come to believe the fault might not come from her own.

Junlapat 'Joon' | With wealthy family background and youth, Joon seek so much more from life,
the reckless thrill. the spark and the spectacular of the moment.
Sent here by his parents to recovering for his condition.

Tanya 'Tan' | A poise botany graduated student. She's on her own travelling for a vacation, a break form her study, and for some personal pursue of interests . Here, she might find more than she bargained fo

Khantiwa 'Khan' | Guest service agent. humble down-to-earth kind of guy with secretly
dream that bigger than himself in somewhere else far far away from here.
Khan found himself getting stuck ,drowning and suffocated from the position he's in

Darlin 'Da' | a caring insightful Scout camper who lead a group of kid scouts on a hike across from the hotel. Claim to be born from this very forest.
Darlin seem know more and be than she let on.

Arttitat 'Artte' | Mysterious discreet friendly freelancer who getting pay
doing Hotel errands. Behind those humorous jokes and friendliness lies network
of connections and his own ulterior motives.

Alisa 'Alice' | A detective Officer on the edge of her career.
taking possibly her last case which she intentionally took specifically for its location
Not due to the struggling of her career, but personal reason of her own.

A quest-based puzzle game-play about solving non-linear story-line of your own
by using Game's mechanism tools. Using your player basic 5 human senses ability
for discovering more information to help weighting your decisions.
Developing skills, perks and items thorough tout your stays
to provide more options for solutions while tracking actions for consequences
of your approach that will have effect on the story ,characters ,environment ,and you.

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Choices architecture

As the game is non-combat, the choice-made will not for tactical or should remotely just for proceeding in game. The dialogue choices will be purely for your expression of character or strategic to your investigation. How would the character/you like to react in the role-play situation. With small-scale narrative as a 7 hotel stays, The controlled-frame timeline help creating intense and rich different paths and outcomes. Choices are providing various of meaningful reactivity which is the main goal here.

this GDC talk by J.E.Sawyer influence me so much in designing RPG narrative ,

GUI : Dialogue wheel

color-coded text dialogue
; help indicate which character speaking / and also to be visually memorable

tiny bubble for character : active when the character's speaking

Important choices : description of choice effect or indicate intention

While the game is text heavy. my intent design is to move away from a isometric CRPG panned-out
tactical view approach with heavy text and in-detail description.
Instead,to be be less for that and be more visualized by enough close up to character with animation
to convey emotion where their situation reaction can be enact like a cinematic scene as something i aim to achieve.

Voices could bring so much life into characters. And,also provide realistic dialogue such as talk over each other.
To have a voice-acting would be a dream. it is something i wish i have, but..well its costly,
but its not something i'd ruled out yet,.

This is another amazing talk by Anna Kipnis covering on dialogue system
and whats to expect on heavy-dialogue game. fantastic stuff!.

Cha-bar : NINTARA's hotel lounge Cafe and bar

the name actually is a pun between Thai and English
as 'Chaba' is a name of a flower in Thai ,and 'Cha' means a Tea.
So It's a Tea bar 'Cha-bar'. witty right ? or..yea pretty dumb dumb.

Location :Cha-Bar is Hotel Cafe | 'Breakfast Buffet is a must add!'

From my anime food obsession, I also have idea on additional tiny feature
that ordering drinks or foods could offer some aesthetic effect filters
but that's definitely not priority.

Chapter #5 : Narrative / Story-wise | 'The third eye on the cross road'

Chapter #5 : Narrative / Story-wise | 'The third eye on the cross road'


On the ideology of RPG/Choice and consequence narrative and story-wise | Take-off that mask you're wearing and relax in the faraway land hotel / Curiosity...

Chapter #04 : Interface : pause // Quest | 'Writing on the palm of your interface hands'

Chapter #04 : Interface : pause // Quest | 'Writing on the palm of your interface hands'


GUI on pause menu and quest on game-play | Calling your friends for some supernatural help / Be a gum-shoe and head banging on notes / Open music-player...

Chapter #03 : Perception & GUI :Interaction | 'Astral perception!'

Chapter #03 : Perception & GUI :Interaction | 'Astral perception!'


Perception! , second-core investigation game mechanism. Open your third eye! / Beware of your surrounding / Seeing beyond the realm, the isometric realm...

Chapter #02 : Your Hotel room | 'Room is where the heart is'

Chapter #02 : Your Hotel room | 'Room is where the heart is'


Your base is an in-between space of the quest events. Its a a area where the game letting you gathering yourself, inspecting, reading codex and preparing...

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