A classic gaming experience. Shadowcrawl is a Roguelike that is like no other, an attempt at taking one of gamings greatest and oldest genres and improving upon it with modern design principles.


Fight over 100 different enemy types as you work your way through the dungeon, each with different ranks and roles. Defeat high ranking enemies quickly before they have a chance to amass an army for a counter-attack.

Find secret bosses, rare-spawn monsters, and even replace weak in-game enemies with over-powered hidden enemies to forever change the face, and difficulty, of your game world.

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Shadowcrawl takes a strong focus on maintaining deep yet accessible character creation and development. The versatile character classes can be re-geared to fit any role on the fly, allowing the player to take on multiple roles in a single play-through. Your choices also gain you powers and abilities that will affect the way your character plays.

Worship powerful entities in the game to gain new perks and powers. You can even worship some beings in secret without violating existing pacts, if you don't get caught.

All of the choices you make in Shadowcrawl alter your character and shape your class. What kind of character will you become?

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The game-world is filled with NPC's trying to take refuge from the harsh dungeon in encampments. Try to find them and help them.

Characters you help will reward you and more as you complete quests and reveal each of their fates. Some of them will even unlock you access to forbidden realms.

Bastions of advanced technology and Shrines to Lesser Gods are littered throughout the dungeon.

Use these to your advantage to gain powerful temporary bonuses that will give you an edge in combat. Prayers to Lesser Gods do not violate pacts with Greater Entities either.

Some perks and classes will grant your character the ability to hide in the shadows. This enhances the lighting effects and makes the player hard to detect or even undetectable in low lighting conditions.

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Perform devastating attacks from the shadows. Combine with the Assassin perk for powerful stealth damage bonuses.

Shadowcrawl is a fully actualized world with consistent internal mechanics that can all be discovered and interacted with.

What the dreams are, what the NEXUS is, where each NPC came from, how they wound up in the dungeon, why giant goblins are sometimes accidentally created from the mud and more.

Every question in the game can be answered...if you look hard enough.

Shadowcrawl is powered by technology that creates an actual infinite continuum of static dungeons.

These dungeons have been mathematically folded through higher dimensions to create a structure with a hyper-dimensional co-ordinate system...

...In other words the NEXUS really is a mathematically 10-dimensional space. It's not just lore, the NEXUS is an actual dungeon multi-verse.

Betraying the game-world mechanics can release terrifying secret enemies into your game. Things like killing the Omnipotent, collapsing dimensions in on themselves, or just generally warping space-time will unleash the deadly "Glitch" enemies into your game.

Unlike normal enemies, the "Glitches" can jump between your save files and show up in any universe for any character.

However they can be stopped. Killing "Glitches" you have freed will kill them for good, until you unleash some more.

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