RpgLegend is an in-development multiplayer 2D, retro role-playing game that harkens back to the glory days of the 16-bit era. As an adventurer, you will explore a vast world of detailed landscapes, encounter challenging bosses, conqueror dungeons, discover hidden treasures and uncover optional side quests by yourself or with your friends. Are you ready for a retro adventure? Read more about RpgLegend.

Features: Side-view, Turn-Based Battles. Detailed Locations. Engaging Storylines. Group Dungeons and Adventures. Co-Op Multiplayer Combat. Custom Character Specialization

Release Platforms: Releasing first on Windows and Mac OSX Desktops, then Android/iOS Tablet devices.

Development Updates:
Weekly Development Updates: follow @phanxgames on Twitter.
Larger updates: check out the Dev Blog.

If you'd like to be the first to experience RpgLegend, please sign up to become a Beta tester. Note: signing up does not guarantee that you will be selected to Beta Test.

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Over the last several days I have been hard at work creating and wrapping up the Skill Menu. And today I am proud to announce that it is complete.


The Skill Menu is the place where you manage your skills, spells and auras. You do this by equipping different crystals and by doing so you harness the magic contained within the crystal. Each crystal contains several abilities. As you use the crystal and rank it up, even more abilities will be unlocked.


You may only equip a certain number of crystals at once. But you are freely able to swap between them out of combat. This adds a few key decisions you must face: Which crystals do you level up first? and Which crystals will be the most helpful and should you bring into each battle? Thankfully, the first skill on every crystal, which you have access to it immediately, is a decent damage ability in that crystal's school of magic. So even if you don't level the crystal, you will still be able to deal the damage of that school.


Once you are done managing and equipping your crystals, you then can easily review all the skills that they will let you harness in battle. If any of these skills could be cast "out of combat" you would also be able to cast it here, such as a healing ability.


The last thing you will want to do before you are done managing your skills is to make sure you bring some Auras into battle. An Aura is a special ability that you can use even when its not your turn, allowing you to react during your enemy's turn, or help your allies during their turns. Each crystal may have one or more Auras, but you may only bring a limited number of Auras into battle. You can easily switch between which Auras "out of combat" and this is another strategic decision you must face. As you level up you will be able to bring more Auras into battle at once.


The Skill Menu is another key step that is now complete, and a step in the direction of the Battle System being implemented into the game. The only steps that are left that are standing between us and implementing the Battle System are the Encounter System and the Monster Editor. More progress soon on those: Stay tuned, and follow RpgLegend, my online multiplayer retro 2D RPG in development!

2D Tile Based Movement: Key Priority (with Stack)

2D Tile Based Movement: Key Priority (with Stack)

Client Side Coding Tutorial

If you ever are in a situation like me where you are trying to develop your own 2D tile based movement system where the characters walk full tiles at...


The game is dead?

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thephantomx26 Creator

The game is not dead. Expect more updates soon. My apologizes on missing this comment and neglecting this site.

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Would it be possible to purchase early beta access?

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thephantomx26 Creator

Thank you for your interest in supporting our game! We will have funding options available later this year! Please follow us here at IndieDB, www.twitter.com/phanxgames @phanxgames and consider signing up at www.rpglegend.com/beta to stay in the loop!

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This looks like it has a good promise! I'm quite interested!

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thephantomx26 Creator

Thank you for showing interest! If you haven't already be sure to sign up for the Beta www.rpglegend.com/beta

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This game is looking really good. Glad to see it's being posted in more places, definitely deserves more support!

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thephantomx26 Creator

Thanks! Post to all the places! WHOOOH!

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This looks awesome! Don't think I've seen a retro styled mmo like this one before. I really love the old games like FF6 as well so I'm going to keep checking back on this one!

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thephantomx26 Creator

Thanks! I am glad you see the inspiration I have taken in creating this game. FF6 is one of the games that we are striving to play like.

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